How to View Notes in PowerPoint While Presenting on Zoom? (In Easy Methods)

August 26, 2023 1.1K views

Whether you are a host, co-host, or participant in Zoom, it has become necessary to share your needs with your colleagues, students, co-workers, and seniors to present your ideas during the meeting.

During your presentation, people may not want to share the entire screen of their monitor with the Zoom participants. And many don’t know how to view notes in powerpoint while presenting on Zoom, which can make you capable of giving a professional PowerPoint presentation to everyone.

This article will help you to know how to view notes in powerpoint while presenting with one monitor, adding ease to your work – making a comprehensive and convenient path to collaborate with your team professionally.

Part 1: How to view notes in powerpoint while presenting on Zoom? (In Easy Steps)

It is necessary to know how to view notes in powerpoint while presenting on Zoom, which helps your audience view your powerpoint presentation slides, but you can only view notes on Zoom, not your audience.

Here are a few easy steps that will help you to understand how to use the presenter view on Zoom without showing notes to the participants of Zoom meetings. Keep reading!

Step 1: Open Zoom, Organize a Zoom Meeting, and Click on Share Screen.

Step 2: Click on Advanced option at the top.

Step 3: Click the very first section called Potion of Screen.

Step 4: Now Click on Share.

Step 5: Go to select PowerPoint presentation to share.

Step 6: See the presenter view option and place your PowerPoint slides in presenter mode.

Step 7: It’s time to make little modifications by placing the top of the green bar over the top of the slide by aligning it with little adjustments of edges.

Step 8: Now go to the lower right corner of the slide’s frame and resize it with the right edge from the bottom.

Once you get done with the slide adjustments in the presenter view mode, it helps you to share only what you are sharing, and the audience will only see what appears on the screen inside the green frame under which you have your slides. Only you can view notes on Zoom enables you to present your PowerPoint presentation in a professional way.

Part 2: How to Edit Your Presentation for Free?

Powerpoint presentation is the reliable and easiest way to create and present your ideas productively by saving precious time and energy. Your PowerPoint presentation will become way more engaging if it is created on WPS Office software.

It is the most reliable and free tool, increasing the chances of updating or modifying your content presentation easily. Further, WPS PowerPoint has essential tools and advanced features that make your presentation slides look nice and compelling to your audience.

WPS PowerPoint can support and is compatible with all formats and platforms, increasing the chances of making PowerPoint presentations credibly. It allows you to create your PPT professionally by converting it into many other formats, such as PDF files, that make it easily portable and shareable to all other devices. You can also convert online through WPS PDF tools that ultimately improve your work efficiency.

1. Download WPS Office for Free (Easy Method)

If you want to know how to view notes in powerpoint while presenting on Zoom and also how to edit your PowerPoint presentation, Excel, and Word in WPS, first you need to download the WPS software on your PC. For this purpose, you should follow the easy and quick steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Just go to the official site of WPS Office:, and click on the Free Download option.

Step 2: Clicking on Free Download will redirect you to another web page showing the WPS is downloading.

Step 3: Once the download is completed, it leads you to the box where you have to agree with the privacy policy of the WPS office suite and click on Install Now.

Step 4: The WPS office will start installing on your device. Make sure you will get offline as it stops the installation of the WPS office.

Step 5: Enjoy your free WPS office suite with advanced features.

Step 6: At the side of the homepage of the WPS office software, there are options for Excel, Powerpoint, and Word, enabling you to open your file and make as many edits as you want.

Step 7: When you see the main homepage of your WPS office suite, there are advanced tools you can also avail to make changes in your PowerPoint, Excel, and Word.

2. Edit PowerPoint Presentation (Easy Method)

The most common thing that happens to everyone after they are done creating a PowerPoint presentation is to update, edit, or modify something in the entire content. Therefore, you need to learn how to edit your PowerPoint presentation for free by using the WPS office.

Here are a few easy and quick steps that you should follow to edit your PowerPoint presentation for free in WPS with advancement in creation, modification, and updating features.

Step 1: Open your installed WPS software and click the Slides option to open the desired document you want to edit.

Step 2: You can click on any slide on which you want to make changes at the home bar option, having sections for changing style, size, and look of text easily.

Step 3: Next to the Home, you can see the Insert option, which is filled with rich features for making your presentation creative by adding pictures, whether online or screenshot, audio or video of any format, comments, and hyperlinks on the selected text of your PowerPoint content.

Step 4: Next to the Insert option, you can see the Design option, which makes your presentation more appealing with customized strategies by editing the color scheme of the entire slide and layout.

Step 5: Further, you can change the way your slides play during the presentation. Simply go to the transitions options and make edits as per your needs on your desired slide.

Step 6: To make your presentation visually more appealing, you can edit its video mode by going to the Animation option, modifying whatever you want to easily.

Step 7: If you want to edit the text of your powerpoint slides content, you can make instant changes from the Home section, but to avail of more features at an advanced level, you can click on the text, and the Design Tools + Text Tools section will appear.

3. Edit Word Document for Free (Easy Method)

With the help of highly accessible WPS software, you can easily edit your Word document file, which is rich in features and filled with advanced tools. Here is a comprehensive guide to editing your document for free in the WPS office. Keep reading!

First, Open your WPS office software and click on the Docs option in the left-side corner. You can choose the required Word document file you want to edit. Once you open it on WPS, you can see at the top there is a bar that contains Home > Insert > Page Layout > Reference > Review > View > Tools options.

You can freely avail these options to edit the font, styling, formatting, layout, picture, video, audio, hyperlinks and references. Hence, the WPS office is significant in giving you space to present yourself and your work-related niche professionally.

4. Edit Excel File for Free (Easy Method)

Likewise other documents, you can easily edit Excel document files in no time. When you open the Excel file in the WPS office, you can get a lot of options at the top of its interface. Similar to others, the top bar of Excel contains Home > Insert > Page Layout > Formulas > Data > Review > View > Tools > Smart Toolbox.

WPS spreadsheet is used to make changes in the calculations and numerical values. Therefore, WPS Excel contains extra sections on the top ribbon, which is Formulas, helping you add formulas for large data calculations.

Secondly, the Data section helps you edit your entire data per your needs; thirdly, it has a Smart Toolbox section that helps you edit, update, and modify the text, numerical values, formatting, and much more efficiently.



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1. What if my slides contain animations or videos – Will they show up in Presenter View?

Mostly, PowerPoint presentations contain animations or videos that make it creative and unique so your audience can easily decipher – a crucial part of a presentation. Hence, when you turn the mode of your PowerPoint to Presenter View, it will support your slides containing animations and videos.

Hence, it will help you view notes on Zoom and learn how to use presenter view without showing notes by controlling multimedia elements.

2. Why can't I see my notes in the Presenter view?

Sometimes notes of your powerpoint presentation get invisible in the Presenter View. When you view your slideshow on your computer's monitor, you can see the speaker notes easily showing on every slide.

But when you find trouble where your speaker notes are not visible in the presenter mode, you should swap the presenter by allowing slides themselves. You have to go to the taskbar simply, the top ribbon of PowerPoint in the WPS office, and select the Display Settings, where you can select the option of Swap Presenter View and Slide Show.

Once you are done with this option, your notes will automatically be visible to you and your audience, especially enabling you to know how to view notes in powerpoint while presenting on Zoom, whether at one or another monitor.

Be at the Helm of Superlative Technique

Whether you are speculating to create, edit or modify a PowerPoint presentation or learn how to view notes in powerpoint while presenting on Zoom among your colleagues, classmates, senior boss, or team – WPS enables you to be at the helm of excellent technique to use it professionally. in this article, you are guided by the comprehensive strategies and practices helping you to view notes on zoom, edit powerpoint presentation, excel and word document efficiently.

No matter whether you are working at an individual or professional level, WPS Office is a helpful tool that adds convenience and ease to your daily routine work-related tasks. It is one of the greatest alternatives to Microsoft Office, which is gaining popularity, having more than 494 million monthly active users – believing and relying on WPS Office.

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