How To Write On A Pdf Documents Without Changing Format

July 31, 2023 1.7K views

Evaluating a student's homework? Making changes to a design proposal? Taking notes as you read an ebook? Or perhaps you noticed you forgot to include an essential key clause in a company contract. There are various reasons for which you might want to know How to write on a PDF formatted document. If you find yourself stuck in this kind of situation while working or studying, look no farther than WPS PDF, a free PDF Editor to write on a PDF. If you need to make changes to text in a PDF on your PC, you may do it in minutes using WPS PDF Writer.

WPS PDF writing software has all the tools you need to alter/replace text as well as make other formatting changes. This guide will elaborate the easy steps to write on PDF documents for free using the best offline app - WPS PDF Writer, and quick online solution - Adobe online PDF writer.

If you need to leave a comment on a PDF document that you're reviewing for someone else or highlight existing text that you find relevant, the WPS PDF Writer can help. It provides a variety of markup tools for quickly modifying PDF files such as;

  • Type or write the text that you want to display in a text box and place it in the file. 

  • Freehand Provide your own notes to highlight concepts or make recommendations. 

  • Insert photos into PDF pamphlets and manuals. 

  • Shapes and straight lines can be added. 

  • Emoji stickers can be added to evaluate assignments.

1. How To Write On a PDF Using WPS PDF Editor

Best offline option you have to write on a PDF is WPS office - PDF Editor which provides complete features of editing PDFs including from changing the text of PDF to drawing shapes on PDF and changing entire content.

  • Launch WPS Office app and click on the open button to open your PDF document in WPS PDF Editor. PDF Editor is a pre-installed app in WPS Office, Office app can automatically fetch your file format and open it with software accordingly.

  • Click on the “edit” tab from the top menu-bar. From this menu, click on “edit content” to edit the text of the document.

  • After this, double click on any of the text content to change. You can also make other changes like erase some data/tables, draw different shapes or lines and add or remove pages.

2. How to Write on PDF Online Quickly for free

If you want to write on PDF in no time then an online editor is the most suitable pick for you. So forth, Adobe online PDF editor is the best option to write on PDF, change text and graphics online in seconds.

  • Search in your browser and find “Adobe online PDF editor”. Upload your PDF document by drag and drop into the online writer. 

  • Click on the font size control at the top of the page with an icon of small capital “T”.

3. How To Write on PDF Using Preview on Mac

  • Launch the Preview app and open a PDF file. This could be performed by double-clicking the PDF's icon. Otherwise, go to File > Open, choose the PDF, and then click Open. 

  • On the toolbar, select the pencil icon located at the top of the window. This brings up the Markup toolbar. You may also access this toolbar by selecting Show Markup Toolbar from the View menu.

  • On the Markup toolbar, click the T button. This switches to text mode. You may also execute the additional editing activities shown on the markup toolbar.

WPS Office’s PDF Editor - Easily Get Your Hands on The PDF

This blog has discussed how to write on a PDF document using both offline and online methods. WPS Office's PDF Writer is a light built-in program with excellent PDF editing and converting abilities. By utilizing it, you can completely change or replace the PDF text and/or content rather than converting the PDF file to the appropriate format. WPS Office is free to download from any app store. Unlike Adobe or Microsoft software, it has free useful features for writing the PDF font or text. Download WPS Office - To utilize PDF Writer right now.


How to Write PDF Text?

Open your file in WPS Office or WPS PDF Editor> From Edit tab, choose Edit Text> now change or replace the phrases.

How to Write in a PDF Document?

To edit or write on/in a PDF, open it in WPS Office or WPS PDF Editor> From Edit tab, choose edit text, or comment/notes to add annotations. Also, you can convert your PDF to editable Word format using WPS Free PDF to Word converter.

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