How to Write on PDF on Windows Online and Offline?

July 31, 2023 758 views

Sometimes people want to highlight text in a PDF, edit PDFs to add or remove information or add their signature to a PDF file, and many PDF readers don't make it simple and easy to write or draw on a PDF file. If you want to write letters in a crossword or draw amendments to a plan, you may need help finding the necessary tools. Moreover, there are three methods you can use to write on pdf on windows, which we'll explain in this article.

How to Write on PDF on Windows Using Helpdeskgeek

People can convert the PDF file into a Word document, edit it, and then save it as a PDF file again to preserve their changes in Windows. Follow the steps below to write on pdf on windows.

  • First, by Opening a Word document, choose File> Open, and find the PDF file you need to edit.

  • Choose the PDF file to open it in Word. If you get a message saying that Word will convert your PDF into an editable document, select OK and wait for the program to finish correcting your PDF to an editable format.

  • When the File opens in Word, you can edit the document.

  • Choose File> Save as and then select Save as type > PDF to save the document as a PDF file.

How to Write on PDF on Windows Using INKIT

Follow these steps to write on PDF on windows using INKIT.

  • Find your PDF file using Windows Explorer or "This PC" in Windows Search by clicking on the drive or folder that contains it.

  • Right-click the document, and from the list of options, click Open With options.

  • In the menu which appears, select Word or any other compatible alternatives to open it in Microsoft Word.

  • "How do you want to open this file?" dialogue box appears. Tap on the blue More Apps arrow to scroll through more apps launched on your computer.

  • By finding the Word app, choose it, and tap Open. A dialogue box informs you that Microsoft Word will convert your PDF into an editable Word document. The resulting document might look different from the original PDF. Click OK write on pdf on Windows.

  • Once you've finished the editing, move to File> Save and scroll through the various formats in which you can save the document, including PDF.

How to Write on PDF on Windows Using WPS

Follow these steps to write on PDF on windows with WPS.

  • Open a file in WPS. Move to the right pane to choose the Edit PDF tool.

  • Use WPS editing tools: Add new text, edit text, or update fonts using the format list selections.

  • By giving it a name, save your edited PDF.

  • And pressing the Save button to write on PDF on windows.

Using Tips for WPS

WPS Office's PDF Writer is a built-in light program with excellent PDF editing and converting abilities. By utilising it, you can write on PDF on windows, completely change or replace the PDF text and content rather than converting the PDF file to the appropriate format. People can freely download WPS Office from any app store. Unlike Adobe or Microsoft software, it has valuable free features for writing the PDF font or text.WPS PDF editor free download is an excellent tool for editing PDF files. It has a user-friendly interface, and many features make it a powerful PDF editor.

FAQs about WPS

In WPS, can people write on PDF on Windows free of cost?

Yes, you want to write on PDF on windows without paying WPS; you can use many free tools.

For which Windows WPS is available?

The WPS Office, a free PDF editor, is available for Windows 8, 10, 8.1, 7, Vista, XP, and 2000.

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Create, edit PDF files and write on PDF on windows using the free PDF Editor program. At the same time, the app's name suggests that you can modify PDFs. WPS Edit PDF Free Download for Windows is a simple, unique, and easy-to-use application that lets people create and modify PDF files on the go. While the name suggests that the app enables you to edit PDFs in WPS office software, you get unlimited benefits by installing this software. Some benefits of using PDF editor free download include: it is fast and easy to use, has a wide range of features, and is free. So, download now and enjoy it!

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