Learn How to Convert Word to PDF in Office 2007 for Free

July 31, 2023 3.5K views

Written your document in MS Office 2007 and want to find a way to save its PDF copy in the same format and structure? Microsoft Office 2007 also offers a free “Save as” PDF built-in feature that allows you to create PDF copies of the original word file but you can convert your Word file quickly using WPS Word to PDF converter in no-time without opening the file for free.

We will be shedding some light on how to convert words to PDF in MS Office 2007.

How to convert word to PDF in MS Office 2007 Offline

Steps to convert word to PDF in Office 2007 Offline

1-Open The File - This method will only work if you have opened your word file in MS Office 2007. Otherwise you have to open your targeted file by clicking on “File”. Then click on “open”.



2-From the same “File” Tab, click on the “Save As” option. It will pop-up when you click on the “Save As” option.


3-Choose the “PDF” option from several others available in the pop-up.


4-Click on the “options” box. Here you can choose any option according to their application but we will choose the “PDF/A complaint” to preserve the structure, format, and visual style of the original file.



5-Click “Save” your customized PDF file.



If you have written your file on old version of MS office i.e. MS Office 2007 and want to know how to convert word to PDF in 2007 Office, you can simply do it with the help of built-in “save as” option after opening it. But if you want to convert a word file to a pdf online without opening it, WPS online Word to PDF converter is the best and quick option.

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