Learn How to Edit a Locked PDF?

July 31, 2023 1.3K views

Locking pdf or setting a password on them is a great feature. It really helps to protect your valuable documents. But sometimes there are documents available for use in general but they are locked by the creator. Editing a locked PDF is no child’s play and can cause troubles for the editors while accessing. That’s why the need to learn how to edit a locked PDF is serious. There can be many scenarios where you will need to know how to open a locked pdf. We are here to tell you how to edit a locked pdf for free.

Now we are going to discuss the methods that can be used to unlock a pdf to edit.

How to Edit a PDF Online/Offline

Following are the steps to edit a locked pdf online.

  • Put the secured pdf into any tool, say Unlock PDF tool.

  • Now enter the password after the promotion.

  • The pdf will start unlocking, after it’s done select the Edit option.

  • After editing it, download it by clicking the download button.

Following are the steps to edit a locked pdf offline.

  • Install any pdf downloading desktop app

  • Now place your pdf file here. It can be one or multiple

  • Enter the password when the window appears.

  • Unlock it by clicking on the “open” icon.

Before knowing the ways to open a secured pdf. Know that there are two types of securities that are implied in any pdf. One is the permission password. It means that you can access and edit the pdf if you know the password. The other one is an open password. It means that you cannot open the pdf and edit it unless you are the owner or creator.

How to Edit a Locked PDF Using PDF Tools

Now we will tell you how to edit a secured pdf by using different types of editors, and convertor online tools. You can also download them.

How to Edit a Locked PDF Using WPS Office

Following are the steps to edit a secured pdf through WPS.

  • Go to the WPS office and open your secured file here.

  • Enter the password.

  • On the protect tab there is an Encrypted button. Click it

  • Now a window will appear where there is an option “set the open password”. Uncheck it.

  • After that, set the password for extracting and editing in the same window.

  • Confirm these settings.

  • Now you can use the pdf the way you want.

How to Edit a Locked PDF Using PDFelement

PDFelement is a tool from Wondershare and it is very easy to use when it comes to edit a locked pdf. You can very easily access and edit the pdfs.

Follow these steps.

  • Open the protected doc in PDFelement.

  • Enter the correct password and click send.

  • Now edit the file the way you want.

How to Edit a Locked PDF Using Adobe Acrobat Pro

This is a paid version of the general adobe reader that most people have on their laptops. So to Learn how to edit a locked pdf using Adobe Acrobat, you will need to buy the paid version. You can also use the free trial of the pro version.

Follow these steps.

  • Open your file in adobe pro and enter the password.

  • On the left side of the window, there are an option “permission details”

  • Now click the “security method” box. Choose “security” and then press Ok.

  • Your file is unlocked.

Using Tips for WPS Office

Above mentioned are just some of the best tools to learn how to edit a locked pdf. Different pdf editors and converters also enable you to make more changes. For example, through adobe acrobat you can merge pdfs. You can let other people comment on it. You can also add your signature in a pdf through adobe. You will need to explore the features of all the mentioned tools. There are also many tools available in the market other than these. WPS tools also help to convert your PPT to PDF.

FAQs on How to Edit a Locked PDF Using WPS

How to edit a locked PDF without a PDF editor?

Yes, you do not always have to download a pdf editor as you can do it online. you can do it without using editors like Adobe and WPS. you can edit it through google docs, drive, etc.

How to edit a locked PDF in non-premium WPS?

Simply go to the WPS office and open the pdf file.

You’ll need the password for opening the pdf file.

Once opened, Click on the “Encrypted” button and then uncheck the “set open password button”

Now you can edit it. Save this pdf.

So these were some PDF unlocking and editing tools. Of course, you can choose from them but we would highly recommend WPS Office. This tool is very safe and convenient to use. You can definitely download it for free use. The free version can be simply downloaded from their site. A download button is present here. Install it and your free WPS office version is here. And if you subscribe to it you can get the premium features

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