Learn How to Print as PDF Using Different Tools

July 31, 2023 1.8K views

In today's era of the remote working system, it becomes an important factor that we must rely completely on to print our data seamlessly. For this purpose, portable device formats or PDFs are the best options. PDFs are designed to independently share and print your document without changing the original formatting, such as font size, colors, margin spacing, and more. It flattens the components of the file and creates the final document in picture form. It can be done much easier with the help of proper tools. Here, this article will show you how to print as PDF using some popular tools.

How to Print as PDF with Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is famous for offering various PDF-related features. You can print as PDF using Adobe Acrobat by following some steps mentioned below.

  • Install Adobe Acrobat on your device.

  • Open the file you want to print as PDF in the desired application.

  • Select the File option and then Click on Print.

  • Now select Adobe PDF from the dialog box that appears on your screen.

  • Now click the Print button, press OK to complete the process, and then name your newly printed PDF file.

  • Finally, click the Save button to save your file wherever you want.

How to Print as PDF with doPDF

You can print as PDF by using another free converter that is doPDF. It also doesn't make you download any additional add-ons. It is a bit trickier, but following the given steps, you can print as PDF.

  • Install the app and open it.

  • Now click on the Create one document option and choose to Create PDF immediately. It will make the doPDF printer appear automatically.

  • Here, selects the file by clicking on the Browse button. Select Open it to open the file.

  • After selecting the file, click on Create tab. Click OK to make this printer default.

  • Now choose the Save PDF file option, and after adjusting it according to your preference, select the option OK.When the file finishes printing as PDF, it becomes visible on your screen as a new PDF file.

How to Print as PDF with WPS Office

      WPS Office is the best PDF converter and editor of all time. You can easily edit, create, merge, convert, and print as PDFs with WPS with very few steps. Follow the step described below.

      • Open the desired file that needs to print as PDF in the WPS Office.

      • You can either click the Print button or press Ctrl+P in the Customize Access toolbar.

      • Now select the setting in the pop-up box and make the changes you want.  

      • Finally, click the Print button, and your new file is ready.

      Pros of Using WPS to Print as PDF

      WPS Office is undoubtedly the best alternative for any other PDF converter. It is free to use and has a very simple interface for professionals and beginners. It can print your PDF hassle-free with some easiest steps in no time. Plus, you also do not have to worry about the quality of your original file. You can print with WPS on any device like Windows, Mac, and android mobile.

      Moreover, you can edit, create, convert, and print PDFs with WPS, as it is an all-in-one PDF editor. It can be used online and offline to share, merge, and edit multiple files. The newest version also includes many advanced features with a simple and easily understandable interface.

      FAQs on How to Print as PDF

Why should you need to print as PDF?

Printing any file as PDF means it can flatten the document in a picture format by removing any special feature from the file.

How is the WPS Office the best option to print as PDF?

WPS Office is a free-of-cost and the most advanced and user-friendly app that can easily print PDFs in seconds with only some clicks, thus saving your time and energy and providing quality simultaneously.

Get Your Hands on the Free Version Now!

Now it is your call to understand the difference between normal and excellent software. We recommend you try WPS Office as if you are not given a chance, and you can never know the advanced features that WPS offers you.

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