Learn How to Save a File as a PDF Using Different Methods

July 31, 2023 3.2K views

PDF, a Portable download File, is widely used to save a word document. A PDF document is a format that retains the file format in terms of text, layout, images, and fonts; this is the only reason this format is widely famous. While a large number of people are moving towards working options remotely and choosing to opt for online work, PDF files have been a need of the time as sharing forms, signing a document, and filing documents without the problems of the original format being changed is one of the essential benefits of this file format. Different file formats can be saved as PDFs using various tools and methods. Some of these can be used offline, and others are available offline and online. This article will introduce you to some top methods to save a file as a pdf. So, if you are eager to learn how to save a file as a pdf, continue reading!

How to Save a File as a PDF Using Microsoft Word?

 Microsoft word is the most widely used Option to save a file as PDF, as it's free. Not only can you save a file as a PDF in this format, but also, already-written documents can be saved as PDFs. Follow these steps 

• Once the document is complete, Go to the File menu

• Click on the "Save as" Option from the menu

• A window will appear with the file name and save as type" Option.

• Name your file and select PDF format from the "save as" type drop-down menu

• Finally, Click "save," and the file will be saved as PDF

How to Save a File as a PDF Using Google Docs?

This method to save a file as a PDF is straight from your Google Docs page.

Google docs not only helps save a file as a PDF format but also allows it to be used as an online

editor for your files. 

• Open the file you want to save as PDF in Google docs

• In the File menu, click Download and select the PDF option 

• In Google Docs, this download option will save your file as PDF

• In a few seconds, your file will be downloaded and saved on your PC as a PDF file

• You can also share the file in the same format.

How to Save a File as a PDF Using WPS Office?

The basic version of WPS is available as a free download. WPs is one of the most popular choices in its ability to be used as an all-in-one solution to save a file as a PDF; not only it integrates all office functions like Word, spreadsheet, and presentation it is fully compatible with PowerPoint, Word, and Google doc and can be used as an editor for these files as well. 

Follow these steps to save a file as a PDF with WPS once you finish writing your document.

• Open Menu and click the "Save as" Option. 

• a window will appear with the file name and the "save as type" Option in it

• Name your file and select PDF format from the "save as" type drop-down menu

• Click save, to save a file as a PDF.

Using Tips for WPS Office

While having WPS as your one-stop office solution, with the benefit of everything integrated into one Suite, you can download a variety of software to fulfil your work requirements. It is a comprehensive solution as it lets its users edit documents, edit or save a file as a PDF, make presentations, or prepare spreadsheets all in one go.

Apart from editing options, users can use thousands of templates to create resumes, prepare project tutorials, and more. Your productivity levels can instantly be improved using WPS office SUITE. A complete set of tools not only for professionals but students as well. With all the functions ranging from basic to advanced, WPS is a free and best alternative to office software.

FAQs about WPS Office

Why WPS is more convenient to use?

WPS offers more convenience in terms of features such as Document, PowerPoint, Spreadsheet, or excel sheets; all formats can be saved as PDF easily. For further details, Log on to to get more info about other features of WPS.

Why choose WPS Office Suite? 

The concise user interface with an easy categorization of multiple features in WPS helps locate the desired function quickly and conveniently. Numerous categories of elements for writing, making, and editing presentations and many templates available meet all your demands for a high-performance tool.

WPS Office is the most competitive document processing tool you can ever get your hands on. And its 7 days free trial is a cherry on the top. So, put a full stop to all your document processing queries, download WPS now and enjoy 7 days free trial before purchasing the subscription.

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