Learn How to Split PDF in Half - Pages and Entire PDF File

July 31, 2023 2.2K views

Even though PDFs are recommended for sharing and presenting documents, there may come the situation where we need to split the pages. This may be because all pages of a PDF file do not make sense to be kept for records or only fewer ones look to be saved for the further proceedings. Sometimes we want to split pages from a PDF to organize the information properly. So you will be looking for a guide on how to split a PDF in half OR how to split pages of a PDF file.

WPS PDF Editor, a built-in Editor in WPS Office, is the best tool or software to split one or more PDFs into multiple pages, files or documents by simply specifying the number of pages. It is not only great for splitting pages but gives you more PDF Editing options which others do not. This software is also lighter in size and can be downloaded from any app store either Google app store or Apple store. This blog will discuss the following topics to better guide you on How to split PDF in half;

  • How to split PDF file in half
  • How to split a page of a PDF file in half

How to split PDF file in half using WPS Office

With the help of WPS Office you can split the entire PDF file as well as a single page of that PDF file. Follow the steps to split your PDF in an effective manner.

Steps to split PDF file in half using WPS Office

1-Open your PDF file by tapping on the “open” button.


2-When your PDF is opened, click on the “Page” tab and then click split page.


3-Now you can split the single page from wherever you want and do this editing by pressing “Split now”.


4-To split the whole PDF file you will need to click on “split setup” and then choose how many pages you want to split. Press split now to complete the process.



This blog has discussed the effective steps to split a PDF file in half OR how to split pages of a PDF file in half. Best software that you can pick for this purpose is WPS PDF Editor, a built-in Editor in WPS Office. WPS Office is available for any operating system for free. You can use many other PDF editing services like adding signatures and editing complete text regardless of just splitting pages of PDF. Download the WPS Office now.

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