Let’s Learn How to Edit Text in PDF

July 31, 2023 999 views

At some point in their lives, every person who uses a computer and has ever worked with documentation has been required to edit the text within a PDF file. This is true regardless of how long they have been using computers. However, it is more challenging to change particulars, such as the date on which a contract was signed, or add any new figures to the reports pertinent to the discussion. There are some online editors, as well as some professional offline editors, who need help to correctly recognize the font and size of text content contained within a document. These editors may or may not be able to recognize the text content at all.

In the tutorial that can be found further down on this page, you will see a comprehensive and in-depth walkthrough showing you how to edit PDF text online for free. It will be helpful for people who work with electronic PDF documents in any capacity, such as lawyers, clerks, accountants, and anyone else who works in a line of work that is comparable to theirs.

How to Edit Text in PDF Using PDF Editor Online

  1. Launch the online PDF editor in a web browser.

  2. Upload a file to Edit Text In PDF. "Add file" does this. Upload Google Drive or Dropbox data. Keeping PDFs in the cloud frees up space on your computer.

  3. Uploading a document opens the PDF editing menu. Click the right "T" icon. The "Text tool" appears when hovering.

  4. Text replacement, font size, color, and writing style are available (bold, italic). Click anywhere in the PDF to edit text. Like any text editor, add or edit text.

  5. After editing and checking the PDF text, save it. To do this, click the upper right "Export" button to export the file with edited text in pdf.

How to Edit Text in PDF Using SodaPdf

  1. Upload a PDF from your computer, Google Drive, or Dropbox, or drag and drop it into the box to edit it.

  2. Online PDF uploads automatically launch Soda PDF in your browser. Discover our PDF editing software and simple features!

  3. To start your free trial, create a Soda PDF account online. Customize PDFs with text, images, and editing. Convert PDF files, secure PDF documents, and more with our desktop app or online tools!

How to Edit Text in PDF Using WPS Office

  1. To edit text in Pdf content of a frame, go to the text editor panel, select the edit option, and then select the text content you want to edit.

  2. You are now able to make changes to the text that is displayed in the frame. You can add, remove, and change the font size, style, and color.

  3. You can edit the text box, changing its size and moving it to a new location.

  4. Select "done" when you are finished making changes to be able to view the revised version of the PDF.

Using Tips for WPS Users That Want to Edit Text in PDF

The user-friendly and feature-rich WPS PDF Editor is available on various platforms, including mobile devices, Macs, and Linux computers. Visit the website for the WPS Office software to obtain additional details, and then download WPS Office for your personal computer. Purchase the WPS premium package or the WPS professional package. You will also have access to the additional premium features offered by the WPS Office software or PDF editor.

FAQs about WPS Office

This tool unquestionably makes both daily life and one's professional responsibilities simpler.

What can you do with the WPS Office?

By using WPS Office Suite or our PDF editor, which is entirely free, you can now easily and quickly edit, merge, split, compress, and perform various other operations on your PDF file. You can convert a PDF file into an Excel spreadsheet, PowerPoint slides, an image, or a word document. Additionally, you can merge or split any PDF pages and edit text in pdf. Now is the time to edit your PDF files online by visiting the WPS Office website.

What features does WPS Office offer for PDFs?

WPS Office software offers its services to edit text in pdf files and it consists of many features such as the ability to convert PDF to word, presentations, images, and spreadsheets; to merge or remove PDF pages; to edit any text content for free online and offline in your windows, PC, Mac, Linux, and mobile devices; and more. Downloading the WPS Office software will give you access to additional features.

In a nutshell, WPS Office has simplified our lives by providing various features that can be used to edit text in pdf files. You can merge or split PDF pages, edit text content, and digitally sign your documents. Additionally, you can convert PDF files into spreadsheets in Excel or PowerPoint, images, or word documents. Now is the time to edit your PDF files online by visiting the WPS Office website or download the tool to get a 7 days free trial without adding payment details!

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