Make Professional Looking CV – Best Resume Format for Freshers with No Experience

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Creating a solid impression is essential when submitting a resume for your first job. Your CV or resume acts as a golden ticket that can make or break your image in the eyes of recruiters. Recruiters often judge whether you are a good match for the role after just one read of your resume. You are good to go if it is the best resume format for freshers. So If you like what we said so far and want to create the perfect resume and what to include, continue reading our article for an attractive best resume format for freshers design.

Key Elements of the Best Resume Format

Here are some critical elements for making the best resume format for freshers below:

Personal Introduction

The personal detail section is an essential part of the resume, and you should place it on the top of the documents because hiring managers or recruiters can easily find it. The personal introduction contains the name, home address, telephone number, and email address, at least in the best resume format for freshers. It is important not to add personal details like date of birth, gender, marital status, nationality, and national insurance number on your CV. These details are considered to be old now.

Profile Summary

A well-organized professional summary provides brief information about your skills and achievements. The hiring manager can review your entire resume by reading your profile summary because this section comes below the personal information. The simple best resume format for freshers summarizes all the skills and experience that impact your resume. The summary should be between 3 to 5 lines or in bullet points.

Qualification and Certificates

The education section of your CV includes all your academic years, including degrees and certifications. Its main objective is to show the level of education you have passed, your field of study, and any different recognition or awards you have received. Therefore, it is essential to find the best resume format for freshers.

The primary purpose of this part is to establish your knowledge and expertise in specific sections and to establish that you have passed the necessary qualifications to fulfil the job requirements. This well-written section also creates the best resume format for freshers, which is an easy task.

Basic Experience

Suppose you are fresher and don't have any professional experience. In that case, it is simple to include any personal projects you have completed making it a primary requirement for the best resume format for freshers. It can also be beneficial to mention any internships or part-time jobs you have done, such as working at a fast-food restaurant or a retail store in a mall.

Developed Skills

The skills section in your resume is essential in representing to the employer that you have the necessary abilities for the role you have applied for. Hiring managers frequently prioritize this section to check whether you can do this job. The best resume format for freshers has all the essential skills for applying for a job.

How Can Freshers Create the Required Resume?

These steps will help you to create the best resume format for freshers.

1. Choosing the Best Type

The best resume format for freshers template type is an organizational guide and design that peoples use for their resumes. Graphic designer experts produce templates that are pleasing to the eye and simple to read and understand. They combine many layouts, format kinds, and unique characteristics. The best choice will make the best resume format for freshers to obtain their dream job.

Types of Resumes

There are three simple best resume format for freshers, given below:

  • Chronological

  • Functional

  • Combination


The chronological resume type is the best resume format for freshers, which lists your work history chronologically, starting with your most recent position. This best resume format for freshers template is ideal for job seekers with a strong work history. A different resume structure, however, can be ideal if you are fresh to the job or switching to a different job.


Functional resumes highlight your skills and experience rather than your work history for the best resume format for freshers. Instead of a work history section, a professional experience or accomplishments section highlights the skills you have developed over time. This format may include a resume summary or headline describing your skills and achievements. Those shifting jobs or have gaps in their employment history frequently use the sample best resume format for freshers functional resumes.


Combination resumes use both historical and functional resume features. Your abilities and qualifications are listed in the first section of the resume, and then your employment history is included. A resume focuses on your skills relevant to the job you are applying for, including a short list of work history. Even if your job experience is small, this best resume format for freshers combination type enables you to highlight your abilities and give companies a chronological overview.

2. Writing Professional Objectives

Resumes may also include a career objective that perfectly describes the applicant's qualifications in a few lines. Usually, an applicant places their career objective at the top of their resume, after their name and contact details. A general guideline should be in two or three lines. A hiring manager might quickly look at each CV due to the number of resumes they usually get. The hiring manager scans the page from top to down, and he first notices the Professional objective.

3. Write Your Resume Header Information

The resume header is an essential element of your job application and makes the best resume format for freshers by providing your personality and contact details. This is comparable to a business card at the top of your resume, and it should include at least your full name, phone number, and email address. However, including your address is essential as most companies wish to know your location.

4. Educational Achievements

Your academic achievements include various factors that show your academic brilliance, involvement in an institute, community contributions, and resilience. These factors may include your grades, honors, awards, competitive accomplishments, and experiences that highlight your academic ability. Moreover, finishing a degree, certification, or standardized test can also be considered your achievement. The Project and Certifications also help write the simple best resume format for freshers.


Professional projects state the projects you have chosen throughout your career, whether as an employee or freelancer. It is important to choose projects relevant to the job you are applying for and add value to your resume. Therefore, assessing each project's significance before adding it to your resume is essential.


In many cases, a certification is a formal document showing your completion of professional training, education, and preparation, representing your ability to meet specific criteria for a particular role.

5. Skills Related to the Job

When applying for a job, you must read the job description and try to figure out the necessary skills and qualifications that are employer required. Tailor the skills in the resume with the skills required by the employer.

Using industry-specific keywords in your best resume format for freshers would be best. This will help your resume to stand out and get noticed by the applicant tracking system. It will also show you the knowledge of the industry. Focus on the skills most relevant to the job and use specific examples from your past experiences of these skills.

Tips for Making the Best Resume for Fresher

Now that you understand what constitutes an excellent CV for freshers. Let's share some critical tips presented here from some experts in the hiring field.

Highlight Your Education

For freshers who are just starting their careers, it is a crucial step to highlight their education because employers mostly prefer candidates with solid educational backgrounds, especially if they are fresher. The prime reason for mentioning this is that you don’t have much relevant experience, and your education, including certification and courses, helps you stand out.

For example, if you are applying for admin work, highlight any admin-related course or project you completed during your studies. This will create a good impact on the employer.

Showcase Your Skills

Skills in the resume will help you to stand among other candidates in front of employers, especially if you are a fresher. When you don't have any work experience to highlight, your skills will show your abilities and qualities to make you a strong candidate.

Emphasize Your Work Experience

When you are a fresher, you only have a little work experience to show in your resume. However, if you have ever worked in some part-time or internship roles, it helps. To make your work experience section the best resume format for freshers practical, use bullet points to break down your work experience and focus on the skills you gained during your time in each role.

If your role is unrelated to the job, you can still add your soft skills to your resume, such as teamwork, communication, or problem-solving. You can also add any achievement in each role, such as meeting sales targets or completing any project on time during your internship or part-time role.

Include Volunteer Experience

Including any volunteer experience in your resume will show your skills and commitment to community service. If your volunteer experience does not meet your job description, you can still highlight your work ethic and insight into your character as a volunteer.

When writing your volunteer experience, add the name of the organization you volunteered for, the dates you worked as a volunteer, and your responsibilities in the volunteer role. Adding volunteer experience will show your willingness to learn and gain experience outside your job role.

Proofread Carefully

After writing your resume, you need to proofread it carefully to ensure it is error-free and presents you in the best possible way. As a fresher, a resume may be your first impression to an employer, so it should be professional and error-free.

Look for any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors while proofreading your resume. Pay special attention to dates, contact details, job titles, and institutions or organization names.

Try to have the help of a family member or friend in proofreading and provide some feedback. Also, ensure your resume is easy to read and well organized, and bullet points and headings are clear to break up the text and make the most crucial information stand out. The fonts of your resume should also be professional.

Be Honest

You should be honest in your resume to build trust with your employer and show integrity. It is essential to be transparent and truthful in your resume. Don’t try to add any fake experience you don't have, and only focus on the skills, education, or any volunteer or coursework experience you gained as a fresher.

Honesty also means being honest and truthful about gaps in your academic or work history. Don't covers up these gaps. Be honest about these gaps and explain them with any relative context.

Top 3 Resume Templates for Freshers

If you are looking for excellent CV format and templates, there is no better place than WPS Online, as they back up these formats with their unique and intuitive Office Suite of apps. WPS is a fantastic office suite with lightweight and intuitive apps for any level of user. Best of all, this suit is free to use if you register with an email.

1. Simple Blue Resume

The Simple Blue Resume template is the best online best resume format for freshers that shows all your professional information in a good, clear, and concise manner. Its unique layout makes it easy to understand and follow. It has two columns to add all your details.

The top blue section of the example best resume format for freshers allows you to enter your personal information like name, personal details, summary, and image.

2. Free Brown Resume

The free brown resume sample template will be the best choice for those seeking a simple best resume format for freshers. This template has a brown gradient pattern that gives a distinctive touch. It has separate boxes to enter your picture, contact, address, about me, and last, the certifications.

The left side of the template is reserved for your essential or professional experience, expertise details, and education. This Free Brown Resume template is ideal for those looking for an eye-catching and straightforward best resume format for freshers.

3. Creative Internet and Technology Resume

Suppose your background in the study is in the internet and technology, and you are looking to download the best resume format for freshers. In that case, creativity on the internet and search technology resumes will be your best option.

It shows a unique way to show us our skills. The white and blue color scheme gives us a professional look and feel. You can add your profile, experience, education, certificate, and skills details to this template, offering a decent layout highlighting your abilities.

Explore More about the Best Resume Format for Freshers with WPS!

In this article, we cover the best resume format for freshers. We have discussed what to include in your resume and provided freshers best templates to help you create an attractive-looking resume. If you are looking to achieve goals in your career, make sure to read this above article.

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