Microsoft 365 E5 Review: Features, Comparison and Alternatives

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Microsoft 365 E5 is the member of the family of Microsoft 365 suite. In the ever developing landscape of technology, Microsoft 365 E5 can be called as the pinnacle of creativity, innovation and productivity. Microsoft Office 365 has been serving people for quite a long time. It has changed the dynamics of communication and productivity within organizations, but the introduction of Microsoft 365 E5 has taken communication and productivity on the next level by advanced and additional features.


Microsoft 365 E5 is part of the Microsoft 365 suite, and it includes all excel, word, teams, and outlook, but in addition, it includes a package for families, schools, organizations, and enterprises. Microsoft 365 E5 is not just for personal use but it is for organizations, businesses, and enterprises. Organizations can enhance productivity using Microsoft 365 E5.


It cannot be denied that 365 E5 is one of the most feature-rich plans in the Microsoft 365 suite, that is specifically designed to cater the organizational needs. While this is a seamless solution for all needs, this can be much costly for small businesses and organizations which have a smaller budget. The question is what are some unique features and advantages of Microsoft 365 E5 that small organizations and businesses should be spending on this.This article discusses in detail the benefits of Microsoft Office such as its license, feature, benefit,cost, etc.e5 and the benefits of its alternatives.

What is Microsoft 365 e5?

In the contemporary world, businesses must keep themselves aligned with ongoing evaluation in the digital world to maximize productivity along with increasing the level of security against ongoing cyber security threats. However, this is not an easy task as with the trend of remote working, it has become ever more complicated to maintain the same level of productivity and security. In that regard, one of the most safest and reliable options is Microsoft 365 E5, which is a part of Microsoft Office 365.

  • License

Microsoft 365 E5 is defined as an enterprise which is a cloud-based license. This allows all businesses to have access to all features and tools of Microsoft 365 E3 with production and other additional tools and features along with the enhanced level of security. The charges of the subscriptions are charged per month and per user. Microsoft 365 E5 is a beneficial investment for any business, and with the benefits, the cost for an organization or business can be compensated. Microsoft 365 E5 can be easily aligned with the requirements of any organization.

  • Features:

  • Microsoft 365 E5 is a package of productivity. It offers many collaboration tools that can significantly enhance productivity. It allows access to the latest applications of Microsoft Office including MS Word, MS Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook along with cloud based collaboration tools that include Sharepoint, Teams, and OneDrive which are specifically designed for team work.

  • It also comes with advanced security features that can offer great protection to all the users and businesses against cyber threats or attacks. One of the most important security features is Advanced Threat Protection (ATP). This helps in detecting and responding to various attacks across different platforms.

  • Microsoft 365 E5 also comes with a cloud-based phone system through which organizations can attend their business calls in business. This feature streamlines can increase productivity by enhancing the communication process among all employees by allowing them to participate irrespective of their location.

  • This package has also included Power BI Pro to empower organizations to transform their data into rich visuals and reports, gaining insights for better decision-making.

  • Benefits

Microsoft 365 E5 offers the following benefits to all its users.

  • Microsoft 365 E5 includes advanced AI and machine learning tools to facilitate human expertise which helps in automating content processing, and thus transform the raw data into knowledge.

  • It has the additional feature of AI driven content and data organization that specifically helps the employees to have a better control over the organization of data.

  • Through this, the employees can have access to any learning material easily.

  • Microsoft 365 E5 does not compromise on the privacy of its users, thus it has strict privacy policies.

How to download Microsoft 365 e5

If you want to boost the productivity of your organization or your small business, you can easily download Microsoft 365 E5.

In order to downloadMicrosoft 365 E5,you are required to follow these steps:

  • First, you need to visit the official Microsoft 365 website. Simply go to the official Microsoft website or the Microsoft 365 product page.

  • The next step is to select the right subscription plan according to your needs.Then go to the Microsoft 365 E5 subscription page. You need to make sure to select the Enterprise or Business section because Microsoft 365 E5 is specially designed for larger organizations and businesses.

  • You can get Microsoft products through two ways. One way is to directly contact Microsoft sales, and the second Microsoft offers its products through various channels. You can either directly contact Microsoft Sales or get in touch with an authorized Microsoft Partner to discuss the purchase and licensing options.

How To Get Office 365 E5 30 Days Free Trial Subscription

If you cannot afford to buy the premium subscription, then do not need to worry, as you can get Office 365 E5 30 days free trial subscription. To avail the free trial, you need to follow the following steps:

”Office 365 E5 Homepage”

  • Then enter your Dynamics 365 CE email ID.

  • After providing the ID, click on the sign-in option.

”selecting the mode of verification”

  • The next step is to choose the mode for verification and offer your mobile number for verification.

  • After receiving the OTP, go on to the next step.

”confirmation message”

  • Then click on the option of Continue.

”clicking on continue for getting a free subscription”

  • You are ready to use a free subscription for 30 days.

The Difference Between Microsoft 365 E3 vs E5

Choosing the right plan for your family and business can be tricky, so it is important to know the difference between E3 and E5 to get the right package.

  • They both offer the same productivity items which are the best apps for collaboration.

  • E3 offers security, but E5 offers superior security as compared to E3.

  • E5 offers advanced analytical and AI tools that are not available in E3.

  • The main difference is the price of a per month subscription.

  • Microsoft 365 E3: $35.00

  • Microsoft 365 E5: $57.00

WPS OFFICE: Best Alternative to Microsoft OFFICE

Microsoft Office has become the need of the hour. Microsoft's PowerPoint and Excel have taken the central position in the digital world. However, if you are looking for an alternative to Microsoft Office, then one of the best options is WPS Office. WPS Office is a complete office solution, not just a stand-in. It has a variety of crucial tools that are suitable for both professionals and students. Word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations are all combined into one package by WPS Office.

The most significant aspect of its user interface is that it is free. Those who have used other office suites before will find the transition to WPS Office to be easy and natural. But where might one find this free tool? A guide to using WPS Office is provided here.

How to Download WPS Office?

Step 1: Navigate to the official WPS Office website. The address is

Step 2: On the homepage, you will find an option to download the software. Given that there are versions for various platforms, make sure to select the one compatible with Mac.

Step 3: Once you click the download button for Mac, the download process will initiate. Wait for the download to complete.

Step 4: Locate the downloaded file, usually in the "Downloads" folder unless you have specified another location.

Step 5: Double-click the downloaded file to begin the installation process. Follow the on-screen instructions, which are straightforward and similar to installing other Mac applications.

Step 6: Once installed, you can find WPS Office in your Applications folder. Launch it, and you are all set to begin creating presentations on your Mac.

WPS Office- Free All-in-One Office Suite
  • Use Word, Excel, and PPT for FREE, No Ads.

  • Edit PDF files with the powerful PDF toolkit.

  • Microsoft-like interface. Easy to learn. 100% Compatibility.

  • Boost your productivity with WPS's abundant free Word, Excel, PPT, and CV templates.

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Can I switch to other office 365 plans?

Yes. If you need to upgrade, you can change your account to a different plan. For example, you can upgrade from an Office 365 E3 plan to an Office 365 E5 plan.

Is Internet access required for office 365

Internet access is required to install and activate all Office 365 plans and to manage your subscription account. Internet connectivity is also required to access Microsoft 365 cloud productivity services, including email, conferencing, IT management, and other services.


Microsoft 365 E5 is the complete package of productivity and creativity that can help in resolving issues of communication in an organization and business. One can easily download Microsoft 365 E5 and take advantage of all its products and features. However, another alternative of Microsoft 365 E5 is WPS Office. WPS offers all products of Microsoft 365 E5 including Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. With WPS Office, you can use all products without any cost.

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