Microsoft Word 365 Product Review: Introduction & Alternatives

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Microsoft Word 365 is part of a worldwide-known application named Microsoft Office. This application is used for writing, organizing data, creating presentations, and managing your data in Word documents.

With time Microsoft office word has been giving new and improved applications to people so that their everyday tasks and business information can be managed better.

Suppose you are having problems downloading Office 365 Word. You should go to the official website and download the free one-month trial version, but the fee will be applicable after one month.

If you are having trouble, go through product reviews of Word 365 and get a comprehensive understanding.

Part 1: Overview of Microsoft Word 365

What is Microsoft Word 365?

Microsoft 365 is a service that is subscription-based. It provides its user with Microsoft productivity applications and many other features you pick to subscribe to.

It uses very little one-drive storage space and provides us with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook 365. This is an application that fulfills our everyday needs to create documents that are comprehensive around the globe.

Microsoft Word 365 Version and Features Introduction

You can select the most suited version after downloading Office 365 from the three versions according to your need; these versions are

  • Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003

  • Version 2016

  • Word 2010

  • Word 2007

Microsoft Word 365 has new features when compared to the older versions but not all of us know about these features, so let's know the features and use them to make our work easy; these features are:

  • You can upload the document you are working on share Point or Drive; by doing this, more than one author can work on the document.

  • You can pay a single Microsoft Word fee for a license of Microsoft Office 365.

  • You can save more data easily on cloud data storage

  • It has the option to share the link to your data so that they can review and edit the files easily

  • More 3D animations, a voice in text tools, and laser light in PowerPoint help you to make more impressive presentations

  • In Excel 365, the tool Power Map can make your data into visuals

  • Bookmarking where you left your work is another feature of 365 Microsoft Word

  • Available on multiple devices like phones, desktops, and laptops

  • Microsoft Planner can help you plan your workload; it is a Project Management Tool for your help

  • Microsoft Clutter helps you manage your Google Docs by keeping the most important highlighted



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Part 2: What Is The Difference Between Word 2021 And Word 365?

Word 2021 and Word 365 are for the ease of consumers, and they use them for their office and business needs. However, prices, licenses, applications, internet usage, and other aspects differ.

Word 2021

It starts from 149.9$; you have to purchase it once for one user on a PC or laptop. It doesn't support apps on the web, and you cannot save it online. Updates are available monthly for security and stability. Howebut ver, support is for only 60 days. The applications available are Excel, Word, Outlook in a business edition, Powerpoint, and Publisher; access is available in a professional edition.

Word 365

After the free download and one-month trial, It starts at 6$ per month for monthly and yearly subscriptions. Applications are available on the web, and one user can use it on a phone, laptop, or desktop. Onedrive cloud storage is available in Word 365. The features, stability, and security updates are installed mechanically. Online support is available all the time. Applications are Powerpoint, Word, Outlook, Excel, Teams, Publisher, One Note, and others available in different plans.

Part 3: How Does Word 365 Perform Cloud Storage, Cloud Synchronization, And Cloud Collaboration?

There are two ways to save data in cloud storage.

Method: 1

In the first method, you must install Google Drive for desktop on your computer and log in to the Google account; from the taskbar, select preferences. Then from the computer files, select the folder of your Word Office 365 document and click Select folder. Finally, when saving files, browse and save the files in the Google Drive folder.

Method: 2

In the second method, a Multi-Cloud account can help you to save the documents in Cloud storage from Google Drive. After logging in to the multi-cloud account, add a cloud to the multi-cloud and save your data easily by synching the clouds. Then when you are saving a file, save it in the cloud storage for a backup easily. This process does not involve installing or downloading any program, and it is perfect for slow computers.

Part 4: How to Download Microsoft Word 365?

Downloading Microsoft Word 365 is not very difficult when:

  • You have all the information about what version you want to keep

  • You understand the payment method

However, if you are downloading Microsoft Word 365 for the first time, you may need some time and attention.

When installing for the first time, you need a license, an existing account, or a product key. Next, you need to determine if you need Word 365 for your home or office so that the package can fit your needs.

If you have a product key, download the program and install Office 365. If you are reinstalling the program of Microsoft Word 365, you need to redeem the product key by signing in to the Microsoft account you created. Then you can add the product key and start your Microsoft 365.

Are you thinking about how to download Word from Office 365? I have a solution for using it online. You just need to sign in to the Microsoft account and use Word 365 online easily. It is also very easy to store your data online in the cloud. You can use Word, Powerpoint, Excel, PDF, and One Note easily online.

However, if you want to download it on your PC for free, the following is the step-by-step guide to downloading Microsoft Word 365.

Step 1

Open the official Microsoft Word product page in your web browser by clicking this link:

Step 2

You can try MS Word for 30 days by clicking the ‘Try for Free’ tab.

Step 3

From the drop-down choices, select ‘For Home.’

Step 4

Choose ‘Try 1 Month Free’. It will provide you with a free 1-month trial before making a purchase.

Note: The trial is free, but you must enter your credit card details to get started. However, your card wouldn’t be charged until the trial time ends.

Step 5

Now follow the on-screen instructions to sign in or create a new Microsoft account.

MS Word trial sign in

Step 6

Enter the payment method and details by following the on-screen instructions.

MS Word trial payment method

Step 7

After entering the payment details, you can download and install MS Office 365 on your PC.

MS Word triall

MS Word subscription
Pro Tips:

  • If you don't want to continue using MS Word 365 after the trial, you can cancel the subscription before the month ends by clicking on the -> cancel and follow the on-screen instructions.

Part 5: The Best Alternatives to Microsoft Word 365

Microsoft Word 365 is used everywhere, but sometimes it is not your cup of tea, and you need an alternative. In this case, the WPS office is a good choice for you. It has many benefits, and it is very easy to use. There are some other alternatives also described below.

1. WPS office

WPS Office can convert pdf in Word and Word to pdf. You can use this lightweight software for editing presentations and documents easily. It is free, so it is a huge benefit for students studying with a low budget. You can create and edit the documents and edit them.

WPS office can be compatible with all formats of Office components Word, Excel, PPT, and other files. It helps improve work efficiency, and the WPS office currently has more than 500 million active users worldwide. Its ability to convert pdf documents is a huge plus point that helps many users.

How to Download WPS Office?

Following is the step-by-step guide for downloading WPS Office on your PC.

Step 1

Type on your web browser. This is the official website to download WPS Office. Now click on the ‘Free Download’ button.

WPS Office-Free All-in-one Office Suite!

Step 2

Once the download is completed, open the file wps_office_inst.exe. from the download list.

Step 3

A WPS wizard dialogue box will appear. From the top right corner, choose your preferred language. Then, after reading the WPS Office License Agreement and Privacy Policy, click on 'Install Now.'

Step 4

To start working on WPS, you can create an account by signing up with your email.

Step 5

Furthermore, QR code scanning is available for the easy signing-in process for Android users to use on their phones conveniently. So scan the code and enjoy the quick and easy working on your WPS Office.

2. OpenOffice

Open Office is also a free application for working in offices and businesses for people who cannot afford the subscription fee of Word 365. It has six writers, draws, impresses, calc, math, and base applications. These are just like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Once you are familiar, you can work easily.

An open office is also a good way to write documents. They are improving daily in their programming; people using it can customize it.

3. LibreOffice

When we are talking about alternatives, LibreOffice is a good alternative to traditional Microsoft 365. It is free, which is a blessing for those who cannot afford the cost of Word 365. It allows its users to edit their files and easily help create documents in simple formats. You can also export pdf in LibreOffice without any charges.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

How To Cancel Microsoft 365 Subscription?

It is very easy to cancel the subscription; you can sign in and check the manage subscriptions option; if you are already signed in, just check the cancel subscription icon. If you are not signed in, you must first sign in from your Microsoft account and cancel subscriptions.

Can I Download Word 365 On Windows And Mac Computers Simultaneously After Subscribing To Microsoft 365?

Word 365 is an application of Microsoft 365, and you can easily sign in using your id from five devices when you have a subscription to Microsoft 365. It can be on your phone, laptop, desktop, or MacBook.

Is There A Free Trial Period For Microsoft Word 365?

Yes, there is a free trial period of 30 days; during this time, you can use and check if Word 365 is according to your needs, and then after one month, subscription fees will be deducted from your given account information.


Word 365 is a state-of-the-art application that helps students, businessmen, and data keepers in many ways. It can be downloaded and paid for the subscriptions easily online; you can easily store your data in Google Drive and cloud storage. It is free for a month, and then the charges apply, but people who cannot pay subscriptions can use alternative options like WPS Office software.

If you consider downloading the WPS Office, it is very easy and compatible with Windows 10. Furthermore, it is free software; you can easily download it from

Select the free download button, and the WPS office will start being downloaded. Then, you have to run, and the WPS Office is installed for you to use; you can now easily edit or convert documents such as Word, Excel, PPT, and pdf with the help of the WPS Office.

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