Microsoft Word Online Review: How to Use and Alternatives

March 31, 2023 2.0K views

When Microsoft Word is so expensive on Windows or Mac, the Microsoft Word online provides a free and convenient way to edit Word files.

The online Word version has almost the same features as Microsoft Word on desktop. It enables us to create, edit, and even share Word documents for collaboration with ease.

Sounds good? 

Take a closer look at Microsoft Word online and its free alternatives from this article. Learn how to easily use it with the step-by-step instructions.

The Concept and Function of Word Online

Microsoft Word online is a software used by millions for resumes, writing, reports, and the creation of documents. 

You can use this software whether you are a school teacher, student, or business professional. This software is trusted and preferred by many in the corporate world. Many people prefer it over Google Docs and other free softwares.

The functions of ms word online software include the easy creation of documents of any type, be it business, formal, informal, reports, or surveys. Moreover, the software enables editing and adding comments, notes, and references to documents. Microsoft word online software has various functions that are sufficient for every document type and easy to use. You can create a school assignment, a legal contract, write a story, write articles if you are a freelancer, and do more.

What are the Features of Word Online?

Microsoft Word online software enables you to create quality documents, edit them with a range of available tools, and save and share documents instantly. 

If you are a regular user of ms word online software, you’ll love its automatic save feature that saves automatically every time you make a change to the document.

Ms word online software also enables users to insert images from the web, keep or change formatting, highlight texts, change fonts, add comments, notes, and references, add hyperlinks, headers, and place footnotes. You can make covers, add a bibliography, create a table of contents instantly, and add a watermark to your documents. Moreover, the software allows you to insert tables, shapes, and figures. However, the software doesn’t offer password protection for documents.

The software is associated with Dropbox, and you can easily save your documents. Originally ms word online software offered saving documents only in Doc format; however, now you can save your documents in DocX format in PDF so that you can easily print or compress your documents.

Compared to desktop Word software, Word Online has the following advantages:

1. Free to use

Microsoft Word online software is free, unlike the desktop version of Microsoft Word. Free ms word online software means you don’t need to purchase a license and install the software. Anyone can use the software on their PC, Windows, and MacOS.

2. Cross-platform use

Microsoft Word online software can be used on any device, no matter its model or OS. The software can run on IOS, Android, MacOS, Windows, and Linux. The only requirement is a browser and a stable connection.

3. Realize multi-person collaborative editing

Microsoft word online supports multiple people viewing, reading, and editing a document simultaneously. This improves efficiency and saves time. Multiple people can edit the document and improve collaboration efficiency.

4. Realize cloud storage and automatic saving

Ms Word online offers an automatic saving feature that saves your document after every change you make. This saves you from loss arising from unexpected power outages and system crashes. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about the size of documents as the software offers free 5GB cloud storage. The documents will be saved safely in the cloud so that you can view them later.

5. Convenient and fast sharing and collaboration

Word online enables users to add comments, suggestions, and revisions; thus making the software convenient for collaboration. Users can share documents through emails and links instantly.

Some of the disadvantages of Word online are as follows:

1. Offline use is limited

Word online is limited for use as users need a browser, and a stable connection to view, edit and share their documents, whereas users can view, edit and share without browser and connection through the desktop version.

2. Few functions compared to the desktop version

Word online functions are limited compared to the desktop version of the software. This is a big difference between word online and the desktop version as many people use the software for professional documents and might need various functions not available on Word online.

How to Use the Free Microsoft Word Online?

Using Microsoft Word online is easy; all you need to do is follow the above-mentioned steps.

Step 1

You have to visit the official website of Microsoft Office and click on the Word online section.

Step 2

Log in to your Microsoft account. Word online login is simple; all you need to do is write your email or user name, write your password, and press the sign-in button. Word online login can take a minute to process depending on your connection speed.

Step 3

After Word online login, you must choose a template. You can choose a blank, notes, A4 size, report, survey, or any other template.

Step 4

Choose a template, and then ms word online will successfully open.

Step 5

Now you can access word online; you can add texts, images, and comments, highlight texts, change fonts, and save and share documents.

Word Online Provides an Easy Workflow

Microsoft Word online offers an easy workflow. Unlike the desktop version, Word online doesn’t have full features. The online versions of Office applications are not full-featured as the desktop version and offer an easy and smooth workflow. The online applications don’t have powerful tools such as Word’s advanced formatting and Excel’s detailed graphics. This ensures that Word online runs smoothly and provides an easy workflow.

What are Free Alternatives to Word Online & Desktop?

Some alternatives to ms Word online are listed as follows:

1. Google Docs (Online)

Google Docs is a great alternative online word-processing software. It enables users to easily create, edit, collaborate, and share documents. It offers a wide range of features and options that are the same and even better than word online. 

As it's online software, it can be used on any device, anytime and anywhere. The software enables users to edit texts, add comments, highlight texts, add tables and shapes, and do more easily; moreover, users can track changes.

2. WPS Office - WPS Doc ( Online&PC)

WPS Office is a free all-in-one office suit and it also provides PC Word processing - WPS Writer and the Online Word tool - WPS Doc, which is a multi-purpose and creative software. The software is the perfect alternative for Microsoft Word online as it has better features, more functions, a friendly user interface, and a translation and conversion tool. 

The software lets you view, edit, add comments, add images, tables, and shapes, translate, add comments, draw, and do more on your documents. 

WPS Doc is free and can be used on any device; moreover, it has an application that can be downloaded on Windows, MacOS, IOS, and Android.

Maybe you have searched the internet for free Microsoft Word desktop software, but it is difficult to find one. To acquire the Microsoft Word desktop software, you need to purchase a license and then download the software. However, you can use WPS Office as a free MS Word alternative on Windows and MacOS.

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3. Zoho Writer

The software is straightforward and easy to use; you can easily view, edit, and save documents. Zoho Writer is simple to log on to; you can log in using your Facebook or Google account. 

The software is great for collaboration as it lets you track revisions. Further, it lets you autocorrect mistakes and save documents as DOCX or PDF on your device. The software can be used on PCs and mobile devices.

Advantages of Documentation

Documentation can ease down your work as documentation saves time and energy, specifically if you are working with a team. 

Additionally, if you are a regular worker, documentation will help you maintain quality and is essential for process control. 

Documentation promotes knowledge sharing, and it's a great option if you love to spread knowledge. Further, documentation makes teamwork easy, ensures no duplication, and makes hiring easier by providing guidelines in documents.

Limitations of Documentation

Documentation have challenges, such as anyone can make unauthorized content changes and amend the document; moreover, there may exist a lack of accessibility. 

Further, documentation requires skills to use. Documentation on the wrong template or process can be a failure. 

Additionally, documents require amendments, and managing documentation revisions is complex. There can also be inconsistency and modification problems which might be discouraging.


Microsoft Word desktop application is a famous software used by millions for their daily work; however, the software required a paid license; hence Microsoft came up with an online Word software. Word online is an excellent alternative to its desktop version, but it misses out on functions and accessibility. That’s where WPS Doc enters the game. WPS Office is an alternative to Microsoft Office.

WPS Doc is the best alternative to ms word online; it enables users to multi-task, edit, view, translate, convert, and more. The incredible feature of WPS Office is that it’s free and has more and better features than word online. The software also has an application that can be downloaded on Windows, MacOS, Linux, IOS, and Android. Download yours here!

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