Microsoft Word Product Review:Feature & Download

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Microsoft Office Word is a word-processing software that enables document creation, editing, and sharing. This application provides every tool needed to create different types of documents. Making impactful business documents such as quarterly reports, individual resumes, and company surveys has never been this easy. Although this application belongs to the Microsoft Suite as a whole, it is available for individual download as well. You can use it on your PC, windows, or Macbook.

One of the simplest ways to acquire Microsoft Office Word 2021 software is to purchase the license and download the app. You can only use this after getting a license. There is no free Microsoft Word version of the software, legally available. Thus, there is a need for a free application that can accomplish all the tasks completed by Microsoft Word. This is where the WPS Office comes into focus. This software has all the features you can find in Microsoft Office Word and more options for your needs.

Part 1: What is Microsoft Office Word?

This is a word-processing application that enables users to create innovative documents. This is used for business, school work, scientific papers, etc. This software is the most popular choice used in the corporate world. Whether you work at the office, are a student, or work from home as a freelancer, you use this software daily. Microsoft Word is a preferred choice over Google docs and other free software.

Part 2: Different Versions of Microsoft Word in the Market

Since its launch back in 1983, there have been updated versions one after the other. Each version precedes the last one in features and options available. You can assume that downloading the most recent version will get you the most advanced options available on Microsoft Word. We will compare and contrast some of the most popular versions released in the past two decades.

Version Name

Release Date

Microsoft Office 2010

June 2010

Microsoft Office 2013

January 2013

Microsoft Office 2016

September 2015

Microsoft Office 2019

September 2018

Microsoft Office 2021

October 2021

Microsoft 365

April 2020

1. Comparison Microsoft Office Word 2010 vs 2013

The application was developed to give users a professional platform to create and edit word documents. The most noteworthy difference we can note in the updated 2013 Microsoft Office word is the addition of saving files to OneDrive. You can even share these documents with selected people by sharing the link and allowing access. You can use your browser to access the website or download the application to view saved files.

2. Comparison Microsoft Office Word 2013 vs 2016

Since the older version already introduced a cloud-based system of sharing files. This new 2016 version came out with the option of collaborative work within the cloud. Two individuals or multiple people could share one file and work on the document simultaneously. You can go to “File” and click “Save as” to save them in “Rich Text Format”. This creates a file that’s compatible with any Microsoft Word version.

3. Comparison Microsoft Office Word 2016 vs 2019

The newer version of Microsoft Office word lets you conduct a word search within the document. All you need to do is right-click on your desired word and go to “smart search”. This will open a new insight window with details of the word. A translator is included in case you want to create a bilingual document or even just a few different words.

This is the first time Microsoft Office has introduced a dark version for people who may want to switch from the bright display.

4. Comparison Microsoft Office Word 2019 vs 2021

The new version introduced the emergency setting of “Autosave” in case your device gets shut down unprompted. You can access your recently opened documents and click autosave to recover the file. One of the biggest differences that came out with Microsoft Office word 2021 was that the license for this version does not expire.

Newer devices use Windows 11 and Microsoft Office Word 2021 is compatible with these windows just fine. More icons and graphics are available to make document creation easier for users.

Transform Word Documents into Innovative Web Pages

You can even transform your word documents into web pages to see how they would look when uploaded as blogs or landing pages. Click “File” then go down to “transform. You can choose themes to transform and click “transform” to create your web page.

Leave Contextual Comments

There is a new updated version of comments where you can make them appear “contextual” in the “Show comments” option. Click “review” and click “Show Comments”. This will show a comment right next to the exact line. This is updated from the previous listicle view of comments.


Read Aloud

You can now listen to your own written text by using the “read aloud” command on the “review” tab. You can even customize the voice to “male” or “female” with the controls shown on the right.

Dictate Your Text

You can even dictate your text in multiple languages for your selected region. This is an improvement from the previous setting. Click “Dictate” and go to settings to access different languages.

5. Comparison of Microsoft Office Word 2021 vs Microsoft 365

The newest version of Microsoft Office Word is 2021 which can be downloaded. If you’re someone that would rather enjoy all these options online, you can get a subscription to Microsoft 365. This is a one-stop software that includes all Microsoft Word functions and tools. This version is accessed online and includes Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, and other apps as well. You need to get a monthly subscription to the different packages available. This is unlike the downloadable version of Microsoft Office Word 2021, where you buy the license and can work offline.

Part 3: How to Use New Functions and Features of Microsoft Office Word 2021

Microsoft Office Word 2021 is the most updated version of the software you can use. The advanced features make it the most user-friendly edition yet. The complexities and customizability of the software have been taken to a new level.

1. Dark and Colorful Themes

The newest version of Microsoft Office Word introduced the option of changing themes and color options for the document background. Simply go to “file”, click “account” in the button on the left corner, and go to “office theme” to change the color to your desired option.

You can change the background of the entire document. This will work for those late-night submissions and deadlines to not put a strain on your eyes.

Transform to Web Page.

2. Embed Links

Go to the desired link you want to embed in your document. Copy it and paste it into the word file. This will automatically embed the video and you can play it right there. The documents you can embed include surveys and reports, research papers as well as videos and visual aids. This feature lets you compile entire multifunctional documents eliminating the need to make separate Powerpoint presentations.

3. Table of Contents

You can insert an automatic Table of Contents in the word document by clicking “references” in the top ribbon. Go to “Table of Contents” to insert and update a table of contents. Each heading you put in your document can be formatted to “heading 1” “heading 2” etc. These headings will automatically show up in sequence in the TOC.

4. Ruler for Web

Go to the “view” button in the top ribbon and you’ll see a “ruler” button. You can click on it to access the new and improved ruler for the web. You can use this to customize margins and page sizes. The update in this feature is the selective margins you can use. You can select part of a paragraph and only change the margin settings for that part. Highlight the part of the paragraph and move the ruler limits. Only that part will squeeze or expand as much as you want. The rest of the document will remain undisturbed.

Part 4: How to Download the Full Version of Microsoft Office Word?

There are many ways of acquiring Microsoft Office Word. The simplest and clear-cut method is to go to the Microsoft office store and click the search bar. Type “office” in the bar and look for the free version.

You will be redirected to a page with multiple options in terms of paid and free versions. Click “shop” to go to the “free office” option by clicking “show all”.

Click on Microsoft Office 365 “free” to get started.

Click “Get In-store app”.

The app will start installing and after it’s finished, you will see a window to click “open” and start working.

A new window will open and you can click “Word” in the sidebar. You can enjoy this free version of Microsoft Office online.

All Done!

Part 5: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I access Microsoft Office Word for free?

A: If you want to use the simplest version of Microsoft Office word, you can use it in your browser. Otherwise, you have to pay for the license and only then can you access the more advanced settings.

Q: How much does it cost to get Microsoft Office 2021 license?

A: It costs around 250$ to get a license as a one-time payment. This license does not require renewal so this is the cost you will be paying for a lifetime of use. You can get a monthly plan of around 8-9$ monthly with Microsoft 365.

Q: What free software can I use instead of Microsoft Word?

A: The best software on the market that’s available for free is the WPS Office. This is comparable to Microsoft Word in features and has more options for your documenting and editing needs.

Q: Do the free Microsoft Word versions have the same as the updated newer version?

A: No, You need to buy the license or access to get the updated features. The free versions have limited features.

Part 6: Comparison of Microsoft Office Word and WPS Office Free Versions

Microsoft Office

WPS Office

Fully compatible with Windows and MacOS

Fully compatible with Windows, MacOS as well as Linux, HarmonyOS, iOS and Android devices

Word, PowerPoint Presentations, Excel Sheet and OneDrive all need to be installed separately for free.

WPS is a single-platform software you can install to access

➔ Word documents

➔ Presentations

➔ Spreadsheets

➔ PDFs

➔ PDF Editors.

You can export files to PDF and need a separate file editor and viewer for PDF

You can import and export PDF files and edit them right there in WPS Office for free

You can store your documents on your computer device or OneDrive. You have to download OneDrive separately to use it.

You get 1GB of free storage when you download the free app to store your documents online

The premium version can be used by 2-6 people at 9$ per month

Office Word, Spreadsheets, PDFs and Presentations are all available for FREE. You can Screen record, merge files, and batch print PDFs with the premium version for 3$ a month for 9 users.


The fonts, texts, formatting, embedding, headings, and proofing options are comparable in both software. You can see from the comparison that WPS offers the same if not more features and options as Microsoft Office. Even if you have to get the premium version, it costs less to get WPS Office premium. WPS Office not only provides Word but Presentations and Excel sheets as well in the free version.

Part 7: How to Download WPS Office?

Step 1: Go to the official website and click on “download” to get the free version of WPS Office.

Step 2: Click the “Run” button and begin the installation process for WPS Office.

Step 4: Click on “Get started” to begin your journey with WPS Office, leaving behind the days of downloading 5 different Microsoft Office apps.

Step 5: Open WPS Office Homepage and begin creating, editing, and proofreading.

Part 8: Why Can WPS Office Easily Replace Microsoft Office Word?

Seeing the comparative analysis of both software, we can easily conclude that it makes more sense to download WPS Office instead of Microsoft Office to create documents and presentations, spreadsheets and PDFs, etc. WPS Office is accessible through your cellular device and holds its own 1GB of free storage for files. WPS Office is a smaller file in terms of space than the entire Microsoft office so it’ll take up less space on your phone. You can get the premium version of WPS Office so much cheaper than that of Microsoft Office. The features and functions available for free versions are more versatile for WPS Office. Go to WPS Office and begin your journey today.

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