Top 10 Free Pay Stub Template[2024]

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Shedding the weight of paper-based systems and manual labor, we're stepping into an age where precision meets simplicity. Pay stub creation, an essential yet often daunting task, can now be uncomplicated with the power of meticulously designed templates. Our comprehensive rundown of the top 10 free pay stub templates will catapult you into a world where professional, accurate, and customizable pay stubs are just a click away. Read on and explore the efficient tools that are set to revolutionize your payroll process and financial record-keeping.

What is a Pay Stub?

A pay stub, alternatively referred to as a paycheck stub, is an essential piece of documentation supplied by employers to workers. It presents a detailed breakdown of the employee's compensation for a defined payment cycle. This invaluable document acts as an official record, showcasing an individual's gross earnings, deductions like taxes and other withholdings, and the net pay received.

In essence, a pay stub epitomizes transparency in the payment process, offering a clear, comprehensive picture of an employee's earnings and deductions.

Why Do We Need a Pay Stub Template?

Below are the reasons why we need a Pay Stub Template:

Efficiency in Payroll Management

Harnessing the power of a pay stub template revolutionizes the traditional payroll process, paving the way for the swift and precise generation of professional pay stubs. No longer do employers need to struggle with manual calculations and formatting.

Time-Saving Tool

The use of a pay stub template is a boon in disguise when it comes to saving time. With a standard format in place, employers can focus on other important tasks, knowing that pay stub creation is taken care of efficiently.

Ensuring Legal Compliance

Pay stub templates are designed with an intrinsic focus on legal regulations, aiding employers in maintaining compliance with statutory requirements. This feature is crucial to avoid inadvertent legal violations associated with payroll documentation.

Enhanced Aesthetics

A pay stub template doesn't just streamline the process, it enhances the final product's look and feel. The structured and professional layout improves the overall appearance of the pay stub, creating a favorable impression.

Flexibility and Customization

One size doesn't fit all, and pay stub templates understand this well. They offer the flexibility to tailor details according to individual business requirements, facilitating customization and ensuring every pay stub is apt for its intended user.

Optimized Record-Keeping

By leveraging pay stub templates, employers can ensure organized and efficient record-keeping. The consistent format of these templates fosters transparency, simplifying the tracking of employee earnings and deductions over time.


WPS is a multifaceted application that significantly enriches the experience of data application with its extensive selection of templates. It functions as a veritable treasure trove of pre-designed formats, enabling you to easily plug in your data and produce striking, organized outputs.

Inclusive PPT Template Collection

When it comes to PowerPoint presentations, WPS raises the bar with its vast library of diverse, themed templates. It caters to all your presentation needs, regardless of the topic, guaranteeing an impressive final product that resonates with your audience.

Seamless Word Processing and Table Creation

Beyond providing templates, WPS shines in its word processing capabilities. It equips users with user-friendly tools to draft and format documents effortlessly. Moreover, it simplifies the process of designing and manipulating tables, making data organization a breeze.

A One-Stop-Shop for Your Office Needs

WPS is not just software, it's a comprehensive workspace solution. From presentations to document creation and data representation, WPS provides a seamless, user-friendly interface that can significantly enhance your productivity. The ease of accessibility and the wealth of resources it offers make WPS an excellent choice for those seeking an efficient data application tool.

Top 10 Pay Stub Templates

Below are the 10 best WPS pay stub templates that will surely help you out.

1. Six-Pieces-Wage-Forms


Taking a deep dive into salary structures, the Six-Pieces-Wage-Forms template provides an extensive view of income allocation, neatly categorizing earnings into basic wages, performance rewards, supplementary income, and bonuses.

Its detailed segmentation equips employers with a thorough understanding of department-wide salary distribution, promoting a balanced and informed approach to wage management.

2. Financial-Salary-Distribution-Data-Analysis


Adding a splash of color to data management, the Financial-Salary-Distribution-Data-Analysis template boasts a clean, purple-themed design. This Excel-based pay stub template streamlines the visualization and understanding of salary distribution across various departments.

Its intuitive design allows for quick data entry and facilitates easy analysis, enhancing your productivity levels and making payroll management an effortless task.

3. Green-Payroll-Form


The Green-Payroll-Form template embodies simplicity, convenience, and elegance in one. With this user-friendly Excel pay stub template, you can craft professional payroll forms tailored to your specific requirements.

Its green-themed design adds a serene touch to your documents, making it an appealing and practical choice for businesses seeking an efficient payroll organization tool.

4. Employee-Salary-Payroll


The Employee-Salary-Payroll template comes in a vibrant red design, adding an element of fun to your payroll management process.

As an Excel-based template, it allows you to maintain a robust system for tracking and controlling your employee payments. It's not just about color and charm; it's about enhancing your financial control and promoting efficient payroll management.

5. Salary-Statistics-Chart


For a comparative view of salaries by job roles, the Salary-Statistics-Chart template is a superb choice. Its distinct feature lies in its graphical representation of data through bar charts, which aids in making comparisons more visually discernible.

With this Excel template, you can ensure a highly organized payroll system and stay on top of your payment schedules.

6. Simple Popular Proforma Invoice

Simple Popular Proforma Invoice

The Simple Popular Proforma Invoice template is designed for those who prefer a minimalist design. This Excel pay stub template, with its simple yet fresh design, helps you craft professional payment receipts, ensuring your business exudes a professional image while effectively handling payment processes.

7. Invoice with Hours and Rate

Invoice with Hours and Rate

The Invoice with Hours and Rate template provides a platform for creating professional invoices for clients or employees, specifically featuring hours and rates. This Excel template simplifies commercial billing, saving valuable time, and improving work efficiency, thereby contributing to overall business growth.

8. Gray Performance Payment Statement Form

Gray Performance Payment Statement Form

If modern and sophisticated is your style, the Gray Performance Payment Statement Form template will cater to your needs. It offers a contemporary, professional design in a muted gray shade, providing a platform for presenting performance pay declarations elegantly.

9. Simple Commercial Invoice

Simple Commercial Invoice

The Simple Commercial Invoice template is a valuable resource for small and medium-sized businesses. It enables the easy creation of commercial invoice forms, providing professional proof of payment and invoices. The simplicity and editability of this Excel pay stub template make it a must-have tool for businesses aiming to streamline their billing processes.

10. Red Pay Schedule

Red Pay Schedule

Adding a touch of vibrancy to payroll processes, the Red Pay Schedule template is an Excel-based tool that offers effective payment control in a fun and dynamic design. Its best red color theme and easy-to-use design make it a popular choice for businesses seeking to combine functionality with a visually pleasing experience.

Other Alternates



Microsoft, known for its robust suite of software applications offers a multitude of free templates to help users create professional and visually appealing documents. Whether it's a project in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or Publisher, Microsoft ensures that your needs are met with pre-designed layouts.

These layouts span across various sectors and themes, allowing users to tailor their documents for a variety of purposes, be it a business proposal, a financial report, or a vibrant presentation.

What makes Microsoft's templates noteworthy is their seamless integration with the applications, providing users with an effortless document creation experience.

Spreadsheet123 is a hub of Excel templates, making it a go-to platform for users who rely heavily on Excel for their daily tasks. With a rich repository of professionally designed and aesthetically pleasing templates, Spreadsheet123 ensures that users have a template for every possible need.

Their collection is frequently updated, keeping up with contemporary design trends and user needs. Templates are sorted by category, ensuring an easy and intuitive browsing experience.

Moreover, Spreadsheet123 offers comprehensive guidance on using these templates, making it easy for beginners and advanced users alike to make the most out of their chosen template.


Template.Net has made a name for itself in the realm of digital templates by providing a massive selection of customizable designs to cater to a wide array of creative and professional needs.

This platform does not limit itself to standard document templates; instead, it encompasses a broad spectrum of categories, including presentations, resumes, brochures, logos, flyers, and even social media graphics. The primary aim of is to streamline the design and document creation process for its users.

Providing pre-designed, customizable templates, saves individuals and businesses countless hours that would otherwise be spent on designing from scratch.

Whether you're a small business owner looking to design a new logo or a social media manager in need of engaging graphics, is a reliable alternative for your template needs.


What Are the Best Pay Stub Generators for Quick and Professional Pay Stubs?

Here are some of the best pay stub generators for quick and professional pay stubs:

  • Shopify Pay Stub Generator

  • Wix Pay Stub Generator

  • Wave Financial Pay Stub Generator

  • ClickFunnels PayStubs Maker Tool

  • 123 PayStubs

  • Form Pros Pay Stub Maker

  • ThePayStubs

How to Make a Pay Stub?

Here are the steps on how to make a pay stub:

  • Gather all of the necessary information, such as employee name, pay rate, hours worked, deductions, and net pay.

  • Choose a pay stub generator or template.

  • Enter the information into the generator or template.

  • Review the pay stub for accuracy.

  • Print or save the pay stub.

What Information Should Be Included On A Pay Stub?

The following information should be included on a pay stub:

  • Employee name

  • Employer name

  • Pay period dates

  • Gross pay

  • Deductions (taxes, insurance, etc.)

  • Net pay

  • Other relevant information (such as vacation time or sick leave)


The digital era has transformed the way we handle payroll management, making it more efficient and accessible. By utilizing pay stub templates, businesses can not only ensure accurate payroll calculations but also maintain statutory compliance, enhance the aesthetic appeal of pay stubs, and facilitate customization. The availability of numerous free pay stub templates like those found in WPS, Microsoft, and others makes it even easier to transition to this efficient method of payroll management.

Indeed, WPS is a valuable application for finding and utilizing relevant templates. With an extensive library of PowerPoint templates catering to a wide array of topics, WPS can significantly enrich your presentations. Moreover, it offers seamless word processing and table creation functionalities, making it an all-in-one solution for your office needs. So, if you're looking for a comprehensive tool to handle all your document creation and data application tasks, WPS is an excellent choice to consider.

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