How to Download PDF Reader (Free for Windows)

July 31, 2023 1.9K views

Whenever we download a PDF we must need a PDF reader with it so that we can open the file. Some of the software in the market don’t have the facility to read and open PDF files. Sometimes the pages get wrapped while opening and images get blurred for not being the perfect PDF reader. For this reason, you need a dedicated PDF reader which can open and edit PDF documents. I personally recommend using the WPS PDF Reader as it is one of the best tools to read, edit, and convert PDF documents.

In the following, I have shared 2 quick and best tools to download free PDF readers to work both online and offline. The following tools are supported for Windows, Linux, Mac, and iPhone users. Follow the instructions below to learn the techniques.

1. WPS PDF Reader

Thinking about the best tool for PDF reader, the first tool which came to my mind is the WPS PDF reader. With an excellent user-friendly interface, this tool is attractive to both beginners and expert users. All in all can be named the WPS PDF tool because you are getting all the features under one roof. Starting from converting documents this application has editing, annotating, signing, compressing, and many more features for users. The main reason behind choosing WPS Office as a PDF reader is that it has all office programs like word, spreadsheet, and PowerPoint. It is also supported by Windows, iPhone, and Mac users and absolutely free to use. Let’s learn the steps to download the WPS PDF reader.

Useful tips: 

Some PDF readers don’t have all the powerful features like viewing, zooming, and page dividing features. Thus I recommend using the WPS Office which is enabled default with all these PDF reader options.


  • First, start by opening your browser on your device and typing “Download WPS Office” in the search bar. 

  • Second, from the search result choose the first output to visit their official page for downloading.

  • Next, reaching to their official page click the “Free Download” option to start downloading the software. 

  • After the download is completed open the downloaded file to install.

  • Hence, install the file and click on the “Open PDF” option from the “PDF” tab. 

  • Thus you can easily use WPS for reading PDFs. In addition, you will get to use their other features too.

  • Check out the features from the following images.

2. Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader

In order to get the best viewing and reading experience adobe acrobat comes first on the list. It is well-known worldwide and one of the oldest PDF reader tools where you can read, store and share PDF files. But being an old PDF tool it hasn’t upgraded with time passed by. You won’t find the editing, converting to multiple extensions, or compression document features inside this PDf viewer. While commenting and sharing sometimes the PDFs get changed. It's mostly used as a PDF reader rather than editing. Don’t forget to decrypt your PDF documents before opening them with adobe Acrobat reader. Otherwise, it won’t open. Follow the instructions below to learn the downloading steps. You can read PDF files while in offline mode.


  • To start with, open your browser and search with “download adobe acrobat”. 

  • From the search result, choose the first result following the image below.

  • Next, click on “download adobe acrobat” to start downloading.

  • After the download is completed double click to open and install it. 

  • Therefore, drop any PDF documents into the tool to view it. Simple isn’t it?


1. Will the PDF reader tool work for my iPhone and Mac devices?

Well, WPS  Office is a PDF reader tool that is supported by Windows, Mac, iPhone, iOS, and Linux devices. Make your PDF reading experience simple and easy with WPS PDF reader.

2. Is a PDF reader safe for sharing PDF documents?

If you want you can share your documents with friends, and colleagues with a PDF reader app. It’s completely safe. Rather you can encrypt the file if you want to ensure more security.

Free Download WPS Office Suite

In the above article, I have described all the ways to download PDF readers for windows, Mac, and iPhone in a simple way. I have also shared the best tools for editing work for both online and offline users. Last but not least don’t forget to download the WPS Office suite as this is the best tool to read, convert, and edit any type of document. It is compared as an alternative to Microsoft office due to its multiple features and is used by 300 million people all over the world. It’s absolutely free for windows, Mac, and iPhone users. Below I have shared the latest version of WPS Office Suite. Just click and enjoy. Thanks!

Free Download WPS Office Suite

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