Step-by-Step Guide on How to Make the Best CV for Freshers

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You gave your all in university, bagged the best GPA possible, and finally graduated. What now? It's time to put all that you learned in your academic life into your professional one, but before you get a job, you'd need to make a CV. It is often tricky for newbies to understand the best CV for freshers.

We understand that you might be in the same boat and would want help so you can make the best CV for freshers. Well, you are in luck because this article covers just that. Hop on below to understand the best CV for freshers is made and how freshers bag the job they want.

How to Write a CV for Freshers?

When you are a new graduate, we understand that you will only have a few aspects to cover on your curriculum vitae. However, it doesn't matter how filled-up your CV looks as a fresh graduate, but rather how nicely you curate it. Therefore, it is essential to understand what factors or sections you need to put in when making the best CV for Freshers:

1. Contact Information:

 This is one of the most crucial sections for freshers to make the best CV. This section will hold your phone number, email, and other means through which the recruiter can contact you to proceed with an interview. Hence, when making your best CV for freshers, don't forget to add this section at the top.

2. Education and Achievements: 

You are a fresh graduate with little to no work experience. Hence, your educational aspects and achievements throughout your study will define whether you are sufficient for the job. Remember to fill this section with precision and detail when making your best CV for freshers template.

3. Work Experience/Internships:

While making your CV for freshers, we understand you will not have much experience. Don't leave this section empty, though. Fill it up with all the internships you did during your study period. Mention the place you did it and the duration of it too.

4. Skills and Abilities: 

This additional section would be significant when making a CV for freshers. This section would contain extra skills and abilities that you have which can directly incline with the job or irrelevant but something which can help you or the company in the long run. 

How Does a Fresher in Search of a Job Write the Best Curriculum Vitae?

Now that you understand what factors or sections you should include while making the best CV for freshers. The next step is to know how any CV for freshers should be filled or how it should be curated. 

This is extremely important to outdo yourself in the corporate or job sector because of how competitive it is, and a good and simple CV for freshers would help you do just that. Want to know how a CV for freshers can be filled or managed? Here is how:

1. Read the Job Advertisements to Make your Application Relevant

You must have found out about the job from somewhere, right? It can be either an online post or you must have found it in the job advertisement section of the local newspaper. Whatever it is, the key is to read what the company has written thoroughly and jot down keywords before making your CV for freshers.

Understanding what the requirement for any job is and curating your CV for freshers or resumes based on this is essential. This will leave the company with the impression that you did your research and thoroughly reviewed their requirements.

2. Choose the Right Format and Layout

Once you have read through the advertisement section and jotted down all the essential keywords that will be beneficial, it is time to start searching the best CV for freshers examples and making your application.

The initial step to start your CV for freshers would be to choose the perfect format or layout. Your CV for freshers template should be ordered neatly and contain all important and required sections. There are many online CV for freshers templates, and WPS holds some of the best ones.

You can find the best templates on WPS office, which will help you curate the best CV of freshers online.

3. State your Contact Information

The next step, and one of the most crucial ones when making a CV for freshers, is the contact information section. The contact information section will hold all your essential contact details. Add your current working phone number, email address, and other socials or ways the HR or recruiters can contact you.

Failing to add a specific contact information section or putting incorrect contact details accidentally on your CV for freshers can lead to you losing the opportunity for the job. This is because when a company would like your portfolio and educational aspects, they would want to call you for a further interview. They will move on to the next candidate without proper contact information and enlist you in the 'not hired' pile.

4. Write a Personal Statement

The personal statement or summary would be a small but essential section when making a CV for freshers. Fresh graduates or newbies searching for jobs do not have much experience, but they have the will to strive for better and prove themselves in the professional world.

This personal summary or statement would be the first step towards proving yourself in front of the company you want to work at. Make a striking and attractive personal statement defining aspirations, ambitions, skills, and experiences. This might be a small section on a CV for freshers, but it would also be a way to convince your recruiter that while you might be a fresh graduate, you have the will and determination they are searching for. With your CV for freshers and personal statement, leave a mark and give them an impression that you are the asset they need.

5. Provide Educational Information

When making a CV for freshers, your educational information would be your most significant breakthrough to make it to that interview table. This is because the freshies straight out of university don't have much experience when it comes to work, but what they have is an affiliation with the university they went to and the degree and courses they chose.

Your educational information will define you when a recruiter goes through your CV. Hence, make sure to make this section on your CV for freshers simple but well-written.

Include the name of your alma mater, and all courses that you took that might align with the job you are applying for. This will give your portfolio a stronger look and help you leave an impression on the recruiter.

6. Give Work Experience Details

This might be a hard forte for freshies when making their CV for freshers. This is because this would most likely be your first professional job after graduating, which means you do not have much experience. However, don't leave this section empty, and avoid ignoring it.

While you may not have had a full-time job before, you must have done internships during your study period. Put those internship details in your CV for freshers' work experience section and give the recruiter an idea that with your educational qualifications and internship experience, you might be an excellent pick for the company.

7. List Down your Skills and Abilities

The next step would be to add your skills and abilities to your CV for freshers. While it isn't the most necessary section on all resumes or curriculum vitae, you need to prove yourself more than others as a fresher. Adding elements and attributes in this section would help the recruiter understand that you are more than your educational qualifications and possess skills relevant to the job, which might benefit the company. 

You need to remember that other applicants would be writing about their skills and abilities too. Hence, instead of casually boasting about your skills, try backing them up with examples of how they helped you in the past. This would elevate your CV for freshers and give you an edge over other applicants.

How Does Writing a Good Curriculum Vitae Help you with the Job Interview?

As a fresher, you do not have a lot of things to present to the company you are applying to, but you will have an excellent CV with a fresher's layout and format. There is no denying that your CV would make it to the recruiter's table long before you do, and it would be an exclusive representation of you as a person. 

This piece of paper is based on which your recruiter would decide whether you would be a great pick. Do you want to know more reasons why a good CV for freshers would be your one shot at the interview table? Learn below.

1. Speaks of your Skills and Career Plans

A perfectly curated CV for freshers which jots down fine details and is well-written speaks highly of an applicant's skills and potential. Make sure you give enough time to perfect your CV for freshers because it will represent you in HR while you are home waiting for an interview call.

Applicants can include their present skills and career plans which align with the company's demands. This will showcase the applicant has potential and would prove to be an excellent fit for the company.

2. It Makes an Impression on Potential Employers

A simple and perfect CV for freshers would make your job search so much easier. This is because the HR or recruiters often take time to go through each CV manually instead of relying on automated technologies.

To such HR professionals, one of the most crucial aspects of your CV would be the impression they get from it at first glance. Here are a few tips to make the best CV for freshers to leave a lasting impression:

- Attach a high-quality professional photo of yourself on the CV

- Tidy up your socials if they are public and make them look professional and clean. Many HR departments love to do social diggings.

- Provide up-to-date contact information so it is easier for them to contact you.

3. Will Help you Land that interview

Once all the essential points mentioned above are followed, it isn't hard to decipher that you will expect a phone call for further interviews with the company head.

The Best 3 CV for Freshers Examples

While as a fresher, this article must have helped you understand all the essential aspects and sections that must include in your CV for fresher. However, many freshies are often hesitant when making this life-altering paper and need help.

WPS comes to the rescue for all such hesitant freshers. The site offers users some impressive CVs for freshers online, which they can download and use to ace the job. Want to know some? Hop on below:

1. CV Penata Busana

This CV's white and black color coordination gives off a very professional approach. The sections are neatly aligned one after the other and cover each area in a precise and well-written manner.

The best part about this is that when you download CV for Freshers from WPS, it will provide you the ability to fill in the sections and edit them later on too.

2. CV Penata Musik

If you are a music graduate searching for a job, this CV Penata Musik is the right one. Given what a phenomenal aspect of art music is, this CV represents the same essence in true colors.

With the perfect background shade and prominent white text, this CV is every music prodigy's dream when searching for a job.

3. CV Penata Ruang

Next up on the list is the CV Penata Ruang. This CV for freshers has a great template covering all essential sections that a company would require in your CV in a well-written and precise manner.

The white background with the dark blue text will give the CV an attractive look making the recruiter immediately spot it in a pile too.

Get Impressive CV for Freshers Templates from WPS!

Creating a CV for freshers can be daunting, but we hope that the above tips have made it easier for you. If you are someone who still feels like they could use some further instructions, then hop on to WPS Academy and make use of all the help, it offers young graduates.

If you get the gist of how one should fill a template and want to download a CV for freshers online, then WPS Office is the place you should go. It contains some impressive CV for fresher samples and helps users by supporting Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, MS Excel, etc. We hope you make a great CV, and good luck with the job!

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