The best free alternative to Microsoft Office Word

July 31, 2023 3.4K views

Microsoft Office Word performs well in the office field, no matter in terms of functionality or services, achieving great reputation and users’ support. But in the recent years, some rival office software sprung out, among which WPS Office Writer could be described as the best free alternative to Microsoft Office Word.

  • Brief introduction to the best alternative to Microsoft Office WordWPS Office Writer.

WPS Office Writer has nearly the same functions as Microsoft Office Word, which indicates that you are free to create, edit, typeset, comment, save and share documents by the basic office functions provided.

Similar to Microsoft Office Word, the alternative software WPS Office Writer displays a ribbon on the top of the screen, with different tabs of functions collected. Learning cost is hardly needed even though you’re an absolute  beginner in office skills, since WPS Office Writer is easy-to-use and user-friendly.

  • WPS Office WriterA free alternative to Microsoft Office Word.

Microsoft Office users know that MS Office requires payment for use of any version, which may be a great factors taken into consideration by some users.

The good news is, WPS Office Writer is free to download, edit and save for all users around the world. It also supports different systems, namely, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and Linux. You would not be limited by the devices and systems any more because all the data can be synchronized to different devices through WPS Cloud, which enables users to switch between devices quickly and easily.

WPS Office suite is a four-in-one office software. That means you can enjoy altogether four modules(WPS Writer, Spreadsheet, Presentation and PDF) by one download.

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  • The special features of WPS Office Writer, the best free alternative to Microsoft Office Word.

As the best free alternative to Microsoft Office Word, in addition to the must-have functions, WPS Office Writer is also optimized for some special features to provide better user experience. Here we’ll introduce you to some of them:

>> Click to know more about: Unique features in Eye Protection Mode. You can relieve tired eyes by adjusting the theme or colour of the document.

>> Click to know more about: Unique Features in File Collect. A file folder is used to collect what we need by simply sending a sharing link to others.

>> Click to know more about: More features in Encryption. By encrypting a document, we can protect it from reading, editing or commenting.

>> Click to know more about: More features in Export to Picture. To avoid document modification, we can take measures to limit the document's editing, one of which is to export a document to pictures.

You don't have to worry about having difficulty in learning WPS Office Writer skills since we have prepared thousands of tutorials for you. All users are welcome and have access to these free and professional tutorials. Download the best free alternative to Microsoft Office Word and start your journey in exploring WPS Office Writer right now.

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