The Best Way to Convert HTML to PDF Mac

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HTML is the acronym for Hypertext Markup Language, and also the standard web language that creates documents that are displayed over a web browser. When browsing these webpages on Mac, you may want to share this webpage with a friend or store it for future reference. This is made possible by converting HTML to PDF on Mac, which is also an easy method to manage, save, store, and share documents.

There are several free methods available nowadays to convert an HTML file to PDF format. The easiest among them is by using WPS Office tools. Using WPS Office Tools ensures that the projects are all completed quickly and the results are up-to-date. While users’ needs are met, sharing is also easier.

This article discusses different methods for converting HTML files to PDF format.

1. Using PDFelement

PDFelement is vastly considered the preferred tool for converting HTML format to PDF on Mac. Let us go through a step-by-step tutorial to accomplish the same.

Start by downloading and installing PDFelement on your Mac. The installation package can be derived from the PDFelement website. Then undertake the following steps to convert HTML to PDF on Mac.

a. On your Mac, open the program.

b. Click the “File” button on the home window.

c. From File, select "New" > "PDF from File."

d. A popup window now appears where a user will browse and choose the HTML file that he intends      to convert to PDF.

e. Click “Open”. This converts the file to PDF automatically.

f. Now, we’ll save HTML as PDF on Mac. Select "File", then "Save." This can alternately be accomplished by pressing "Command + S".

g. Now, one selects the destination folder where the file is to be stored. Rename the file in case required.

h. In case you intend to edit the file, open it in PDFelement.

2. Using the Acrobat PDF Converter Tool

Adobe PDF converter tool is one of the most preferred methodologies for converting HTML to PDF on Mac as this delivers essence to sharing, sending, and reviewing websites. The PDF files in the output are easy to print and no coding is required for the processes.

An important advantage that comes into the picture by using the Adobe PDF converter tool is that HTML to PDF conversion in Mac can be accomplished right from the browser. One can convert an entire web page or just a part of the web page into PDF, based on one’s requirements.

Adobe PDF converter tool delivers precise results and the output PDF looks the same as the page that you converted, in the terms of formatting, layout, and links. Other parameters that are easy to accomplish by using the Adobe PDF converter tool is that it combines multiple web pages into a single PDF that is sharable and printable while being easy to review and store.

Let us take a look at the procedure for converting HTML pages to PDF files:

a. First, on your Mac, use Firefox to open an HTML web page.

b. In the Adobe PDF toolbar, click the “Convert to PDF” button. This starts the PDF conversion.

c. To save the new PDF file in the desired location, enter a file name.

3. Save a Webpage as PDF on Mac Using Safari

Apple Safari is the inbuilt HTML to PDF converter for Mac users. Safari is a browser that aids with opening all webpages on Mac. Alternately, Safari is also utilitarian for performing high-quality webpage to PDF conversions. Let us take a look at the steps to go about the same.

a. Open Safari.

b. Open the webpage that you intend to convert to PDF.

c. On the top toolbar, click “File”.

d. From the drop-down menu, choose “Export as PDF…”.

e. A dialog box now appears where you set the new name for your file. Also, choose the saving path for the PDF file.

f. Click the “Save” button after the step above is through.

In merely a few seconds, you obtain a PDF file from a specific webpage.

4. Exporting PDF from HTML Webpage Using Google Chrome

Another way to go about it is to use Google Chrome. The browser makes a straightforward method available to save a webpage. Let us consider the method to go about it.

a. Open Google Chrome

b. Go to the webpage that you intend to save as a PDF file

c. Click on the burger icon towards the top and select “Print”

d. Now click “Change”

e. Under the Local Destinations, locate and click on the “Save as PDF” option

f. When you click on the “Save” button, the conversion starts

5. Convert HTML to PDF Mac with WPS Office

WPS Office tools feature a range of PDF-related utilities. But HTML to PDF conversion is probably the most important among them, as it renders access to professional documents that are print-friendly. Let us see how we use WPS Office Tools for HTML to PDF conversions.

a. Use your word processor to open your HTML file.

b. From the File menu, select Save As.

c. Visit the Save As dialog box.

d. From the Format drop-down menu, select PDF.

f. Now click Save.

You have now saved the file using WPS Office tools. From your preferred PDF browser, open the saved PDF file.

WPS Office Tools: Your Preferred Alternative for HTML to PDF Conversion

When seeking to find the most preferred HTML to PDF converters, WPS Office tops the list. Merely by copying the URL from this website, getting a quick conversion becomes possible. Another prime attraction of the WPS office website is that it renders utilitarian browser add-ons for the benefit of users. This ensures that it takes merely a click to convert HTML to PDF online.

Another advantage of using WPS Office is the useful browser add-ons that it makes available. The conversion tool becomes easy to add to websites via API code integration made available by WPS Office.

API code integration made available by WPS Office makes it possible to easily add this highly practicable document conversion tool to websites. A range of factors makes WPS Office the ultimate PDF solution. Its PDF Editor for Mac is affordable and easy to use and covers macOS 11. The interface of WPS Office is inspired by MS Office and brings forth a collection of advanced features, including:

  • Edition and annotation of PDFs

  • Creation and conversion of PDFs from images, HTML, and other text file formats

  • Full compatibility with macOS 11 Big Sur

  • Password protection secures the PDF files

  • Footers, headers, backgrounds, and watermarks are easy to add

  • Access to hundreds of PDF templates

Convert HTML to PDF with WPS Office

In this article, we have discussed a few of the top and finest methods to convert HTML files to PDF format. The first method used, which is the WPS Office suite, is the ideally suited method for your requirements, primarily due to low project turnaround times and the quality of work. WPS Office Suite is an advanced suite of tools that is 100% free to use. Download it today, as the functionality of the tools is elaborate and outstanding.Effective filling and signing of forms

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