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Business becomes ten times easier when employees do everything with effort. Employees and workers are the backbones of any business and workgroup. A knowledgeable worker is not too easy to find. And even if someone found one, they still need to understand the work to enter the system. Skillful and talented employees need their skills to be polished to make them work easily.

New employees in any business, company, or workgroup must be trained first to make things easier. Training is a tough job, but more complexion comes in when the trainer can’t manage their training schedule properly. For these reasons, Training Plan Template was developed.

The training plan template helps the trainer to help in the training of all the employees of the place. The employee training plan template manages the ways of training and instructions of the instructors and different worker groups. It also helps in keeping check of a variety of areas that need to be properly managed other than the actual training.

What is the Training Plan Template?

Giving training is a hard job to do. But it is also an important part of the job to make the newcomers understand the main standards of the area of their work.  Polishing the skills of new workers carries the main benefits in favor of the company. But trainers also have to keep check about the courses and updates. He also needs to arrange the training areas he gives to others. With the help of the trainer, this template was created.

The Training Plan Template merges every area of training under one roof. The trainer that requires the assessment of the areas can easily use these templates to arrange his content correctly. The training plan templates are of a variety of types, and the trainer can easily choose one or more than one according to the situation and scenario he is facing. The availability of different templates makes it easier for him to choose accordingly.

WPS Office is a complete platform that offers thousands of different templates for free and paid versions. The template available are divided into different categories, such as downloadable employee training plan templates in excel and employee training plan templates; the word format also makes it quick for trainers to access the one that is readily available and feasible for them.

Why to Use Training Plan Template?

The training Plan Template is unique of its kind that it covers different areas that are required to keep a check while training. This template gives a complete demo of how to manage things efficiently. Not only this, but it also gives complete access to edit, change and make it different wherever the user needs to. The training plan template also includes:

  • The flowcharts.

  • Different facts and figures.

  • Diagrams.

  • Graphical illustrations help make things easy for the user and those who see them.

There isn’t just a single template to use. There are many different templates, each of a different design with different information-carrying and different illustrations used. Those multiple options, all in one space, make it a spoon-feeding for the user while using it.

How to Use Training Plan Template?

Accessing Work Plan Template and then using it is a secondary task. The first one is to access the WPS Office Templates and download them. To download the WPS Office Templates, here’s a complete step-by-step guide you need to know.

Step No 1: Open your browser and visit to access here.

Step No 2: “Free Download WPS”, on the top-right corner will make this software download in your device when clicked.

Step No 3: WPS Office Extension will e downloaded it in your device’s “Downloads” folder. Open it.

Step no. 4: Click on “Install Now” to make WPS Office installed in your device. The dialogue box opened after you click “Install Now” will show the installation progress.

Step No. 5: Once the download has been completed, you will be notified with the dialogue box. Click on “Get Started” to run WPS Office on your device.

Step No. 6: After clicking on “Get Started”, this screen will be opened in your device.

Step No 7: By clicking on “WPS Template” located in the bottom-right, a new tab will open with a lot of templates in it. Welcome to the world of templates in WPS Office!

How to Download Training Plan Template?

Now, as the WPS Office has been downloaded to your device, you can free access many templates while making your time flexible. This site has a bunch of different templates. From work plan templates to weekly meal plan templates, from communications plan templates to Training Plan templates. The WPS Office indeed is a big templates platform, even for a small template.

Similarly, to look for your Training Plan Template, you have to search in the top right corner search bar according to your specs, and WPS will show you different templates all available at the same point; you can easily choose any one of them and can work on it accordingly.

1. Fresh Project Planning Timeline Template:

Have difficulties in progressing and managing too much stuff all at a time? This basic Planning Template is a life savior. It manages everything perfectly, dividing every task with the dates accordingly, which helps keep in touch with all the categories at a glance.

This template is created to check different work schedules and courses running in a single training plan. This template also keeps updated day-to-day and every month too. The courses can easily be split into different categories and arranged accordingly. Not only different courses, but it provides you access to move along with different targets too.

Users can easily edit the details according to their own feasibility. Download this now and make your work easy with this template.

2. Green Simple Training Presentation:

This Training Plan Template is based on a presentation basis. This is a bit advanced level training plan template as it is used to train every employee and make every progress with the help of presentations. All the courses, candidates’ names, targets, and dates can be managed whole using this planning template.

This template use various illustrations that can be use to compare different things together that make the employees make the training process to understand in a more efficient way. This template also allows the making of webs and picking up different ideas with the brainstorming illustrations.

This template is also available on WPS Office. WPS Office also gives full access to download tis template and edit it whether its illustrations or wordings. So, what are you waiting for? Rush to WPS Office and access this.

3. Simple Red Employee Training Report:

This presentation template is finest when it comes to manage things using employees training methods and stuff related to it. This allows the user to enter different courses title that will be instructed through put the training sessions.

This new employee training plan template is easily useable and can be accessed freely from the WPS Office platform. The visuals and graphics used in this template make it interactive for the employees in learning.

4. Employee On-The-Job-Training Form:

Employee On-The-Job-Training Form is employee training plan template excel in a tabular form sheet help to remind the trainer of different courses that are been conducted all at the same time. The training positions are followed by training course name and course code. Other columns include hours, Accumulative Hours, Scores and Assessment records that easily make sure to make every relevant information available to the manager and trainer at the same paper.

This template to be used, can be download freely from WPS Office.

5. Employee Training Feedback Form:

Training is a good step in every organization’s history, but it is more important than taking the feedback report about the training instructor and his training skills. This form asked about the relevant information, such as training name, period, method, and instructor’s profile.

The feedback form asks about the training experience employees feel while having the training and any advice they want to give. The organizer that organizes every part of that training program also adds up his opinion in the last.

6. Employee On-The-Job Training Table:

This table helps the training instructor keep an eye on different employees concerning their training courses, hours, remarks, and scores. This form helps in telling the training instructor about the detailed inspection of every employee. The scores in relevant courses are offered according to the employee’s dedication to the course, and it makes the training instructor keep a check on the employees easily.

This editable template is freely available on the WPS Template and can be easily downloaded and used according to the requirements.

7. New Employee Training Score Evaluation Form:

The New Employee Training Score Evaluation Form is a comprehensive form that inspects the different areas of employees' training sessions. The first part of the form covers the essential information regarding the employee. Then other areas are examined through the question-answer format.

The evaluated fields ask for the employees' understanding regarding the training and expertise offered to them. New employee training is carried out in the same format. This form also evaluates the different abilities of the employees and asks for new suggestions from them too. Employees' strengths, weaknesses, threats, advice, and recommendations are drawn with the help of this form. It also covers the training lectures and comments about the different areas of interest.

8. Training Effect Comprehensive Evaluation Statistical Analysis Chart:

Employee training program requires evaluation accordingly. The assessment comes from a brief statistical analysis, and grades are assigned to the individuals according to their performance in the training as well as performance after the training.

This brief chart defines different evaluation fields for every person, and the trainers assign the points. The individual having the most score will be awarded good grades. This ranking system makes people conscious of their performance too.

9. Training Attendance Form:

Corporate Training is an essential step in every organizational phase but more important is to maintain the presence of the employees there during different training sessions, whether new candidates or old ones; the organization, management, and trainer must always be strict in the attendance of the training employees.

To make it easier and more comfortable, the Training Attendance Form was introduced. This form can be used for a single training session as well as can also be used for training courses having multiple classes. The training form can also be used for those sessions with people from different departments as this form includes a departmental column in it too. This attendance form can be extremely useful for maintaining the employee's presence and keeping up an eye on them.

10. Useful Employee Induction Training:

Last but not least, this PowerPoint presentation template about employee training is among the most useful ones. The interactive blue background with the visual graphics about the corporate training and analysis of their workers shows every detail briefly in a more organized and summarized form showing the corporate class in an elegant way for the undertraining employees.

The contents, time, period instructions, training course, and each detail can be shared in this presentation with just a few clicks. This will also help and allow the employees to take a keen interest in it and learn peacefully.


Above are the top 10 free templates one can easily use when training new employees of any corporate, NGO, or organization. These templates are accessible, downloadable, and easily editable per the requirements.

All these templates and even more are available on WPS Office hassle-free. WPS Office also has a wide variety of different templates reflecting every situation. The WPS Templates are easily accessible to everyone, and anyone can choose different templates to cater to their needs. These templates are available in every format, including Excel, PDF, Word, and Spreadsheets. WPS Office brings down all the templates in one place to make it easy for the users. So, just download WPS Office now and plan your strategies accordingly to make the most of these templates for your business and organization.

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