Top 10 Best Free Cover Letter Templates in Google Docs for 2024

January 15, 2024 1.3K views

A well-designed cover letter is part and parcel of all the job applications. A cover letter helps the applicants to create a positive first impression on the potential employers. Every person applying for a job is not skilled enough to write and design a professional cover letter from scratch. Therefore, using a cover letter template can be a game changer for job seekers as it will help you score your dream job. The article will present the top 10 best free cover letter templates in Google Docs for 2023. You will find these templates perfect for your job application as we have covered a wide range of free templates, including simple, classic, modern, and creative cover letter templates.

Top 10 recommended cover letter templates:

Choosing the right template for a cover letter before applying for a job is crucial to stand out among all the applicants. The following article will present the ten best cover letter templates in the WPS office. These templates are based on cover letter google docs templates. All the templates on the WPS office are free and can easily be modified as per the user's requirement.

1. Marketing Cover Letter – Free Word Template:

As a sales and marketing professional, this personal cover letter with a crisp appearance and easily customizable format will help you target the job that you are looking for.

2. Cover Letter for Salesperson – Free Word Template:

This cover letter, with to-the-point information and engaging content, can best serve as a guide for job seekers. A brief reference to the relevant experience makes it a perfect template for a salesperson.

3. Researcher’s Cover Letter – Free Word Template:

The template provides a concise and structured method to apply for various research positions. You can easily showcase your skills and experience in a compelling manner through this free cover letter template.

4. Cover Letter for Trade Personnel – Free Word Template:

As trade personnel, you can use this well-designed and pre-formatted cover letter to grab the attention of employers. This free template is perfect if you are targeting a specific organization for work.

5. Translator’s Cover Letter – Free Word Template:

If you are looking for a translator’s role, this free template will give an ideal and creative look to your cover letter. The detailed explanation of the experience will highlight your strengths relevant to the position.



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6. Cover Letter for Secretary Position – Free Word Template:

This cover letter template for the position of secretary will save you a lot of time and effort with its clear and concise structure. The template is totally free and easy for employers to read.

7. Cover Letter Blue Simple – Free Word Template:

If you want to sell your solution to a company, this simple and versatile cover letter template will ensure that your offer stands out. You can also add your logo and company details in this free template.

8. Cover Letter for Video Editor – Free Word Template:

As a video editor, this formal yet modern cover letter will be useful for you to apply for multiple video editing jobs. The free template is valid for both entry-level and senior positions.

9. Cover Letter for Financial Staff – Free Word Template:

The customizable and clean cover letter template for the financial staff will enable you to highlight your strengths in a professional way. The straightforward structure of the free template will create a positive impression on potential employers.

10. Cover Letter for Medical Staff – Free Word Template:

If you are linked to the medical field, this cover letter template with appropriate sections of introduction, qualification, and closing will enhance your chances of scoring a job. Using this free template will save you a lot of time and effort.

How to use a cover letter template in google docs:

The cover letter templates are available in Google Docs and can be utilized in several ways. Following are the two commonly used methods to use cover letters in google docs:

Method 1: Built-in stationery template in Google Docs:

The first method to use cover letter templates on google docs is to use the pre-designed templates available on google docs.

Step 1: Go to Google Docs by accessing the following link

Step 2: Click on the templates gallery button to view all the available templates

Step 3: Select the required cover letter templates in the section of letters.

Step 4: Edit and modify the template as per your requirement.

Method 2: Upload the downloaded template in Google Docs

The second method allows the users to upload their own template on google docs and modify the template.

Step 1: Download WPS Office to access various templates for free

Step 2: Select a cover letter template that you want to download and use in google docs

Step 3: Download the selected cover letter template from WPS Office

Step 4: Click on the plus sign to open a blank document in google docs

Step 5: Click on the Open button by going into File on the menu

Step 6: Go to browse to upload your favorite template to google docs

Step 7: Edit and modify the template in google docs


Cover letter templates in Google Docs allow job seekers to quickly structure, format, and customize their cover letters for a job application. These templates are useful for job seekers who are not familiar with how to structure a cover letter or who want to save time in creating a customized cover letter for each job application. However, it's important to tailor the template to the specific job and company by highlighting relevant experiences and skills and addressing the specific requirements of the job posting.

The top ten free cover letter templates of the WPS office shared in the article can be very helpful for you to score your desired job. The article also highlights the key steps to using cover letters in google docs.

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