Top 10 Brochures Template: Designing Tri-Fold Brochures with Google Docs

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Are you on the quest for the perfect tri-fold brochure template for your project? Dive into our curated list of the top 10 Google Docs templates that not only cater to your design needs but can seamlessly integrate with WPS Office. Join us on this creative journey, where we prioritize your brochure-making experience.

Part 1: Top 10 Google Docs Tri-fold Brochure Template Recommendations

For those who appreciate elegance in simplicity, the Simple Tri-fold Brochure template is your go-to choice. This clean and straightforward design ensures that your message is delivered with clarity and a touch of sophistication.


  • Clean and elegant design, ensuring a professional appearance.

  • Easy readability, making it suitable for conveying essential information clearly.


  • May lack intricate details, which might be limiting for more elaborate or creative projects.

  • The simplicity may not stand out in visually competitive environments.

Best For: General use, conveying essential information with clarity.

Why: The clean and elegant design ensures a professional appearance, making it suitable for a wide range of purposes where simplicity and readability are key.

Unleash your creativity with the Creative Layout Tri-fold Brochure template. Its dynamic and innovative layouts provide the perfect canvas for projects that demand a unique and eye-catching design.


  • Dynamic and innovative layouts offer a visually engaging experience.

  • Provides a canvas for creative projects, making it ideal for showcasing imaginative content.


  • The visually engaging design may not be suitable for more formal or corporate occasions.

  • The creative layouts might distract from the clarity of the information presented.

Best For: Creative projects, showcasing imaginative content.

Why: Dynamic and innovative layouts provide the perfect canvas for projects that demand a unique and eye-catching design, allowing creativity to shine.

Add a playful touch to your content with the Shapes and Layout Based Tri-fold Brochure template. Diverse shapes and layouts bring personality to your brochure, making it ideal for projects that require a bit of flair.


  • Playful and engaging visual appeal adds a touch of personality to the brochure.

  • Diverse shapes and layouts allow for a unique and customized design.


  • The playful design might not be appropriate for more serious or professional contexts.

  • The diverse shapes could lead to a more challenging layout for information organization.

Best For: Projects requiring a playful and vibrant aesthetic.

Why: The playful and engaging visual appeal, along with diverse shapes, adds a touch of personality and flair suitable for lively or unconventional themes

Elevate your brochure with artistic flair using the Abstract Design Tri-fold Brochure template. This template introduces abstract elements, creating a visually striking and unique presentation.


  • Offers a unique and visually striking presentation.

  • The abstract elements add an artistic touch, making the brochure stand out.


  • The abstract design might be overwhelming for more formal settings.

  • It may be challenging to convey specific information with abstract elements.

Best For: Artistic and creative projects, expressing uniqueness.

Why: Offers a unique and visually striking presentation with abstract elements, making it ideal for projects where artistic expression is a priority.

Stay ahead of the curve with the Modern Tri-fold Brochure template. Embracing contemporary design, this template is perfect for conveying a sense of sophistication and relevance in various settings.


  • Presents a sleek and up-to-date appearance.

  • Conveys a sense of sophistication and relevance in various settings.


  • The modern design may not suit every occasion or project theme.

  • It might lack a timeless quality if design trends change rapidly.

Best For: Corporate presentations, events requiring a modern touch.

Why: The sleek and up-to-date appearance conveys sophistication, making it suitable for corporate or modern-themed projects.

Less is more with the Minimalistic Tri-fold Brochure template. Keeping it simple yet elegant, this template focuses on essential elements, ensuring a clean and sophisticated look for your brochure.


  • Promotes simplicity, ensuring an elegant and uncluttered look.

  • Facilitates easy information absorption with minimal distractions.


  • May lack detailed visual elements, limiting its suitability for more visually intricate projects.

  • The minimalistic approach may not resonate with audiences seeking a more elaborate design.

Best For: Elegant events, conveying information with a touch of sophistication.

Why: The minimalistic approach promotes simplicity and ensures an uncluttered look, making it suitable for projects that prioritize elegance.

Align your brochure with your brand identity using the Brand Color Based Tri-fold Brochure template. This template emphasizes brand colors, ensuring consistency across your corporate materials.


  • Reinforces brand recognition by emphasizing consistent brand colors.

  • Enhances brand cohesion across corporate materials.


  • May limit flexibility for diverse projects that require a broader color palette.

  • The template's dependency on brand colors might restrict its use for certain themes.

Best For: Corporate materials, ensuring brand cohesion.

Why: Reinforces brand recognition by emphasizing consistent brand colors, making it suitable for corporate materials where brand identity is crucial.

Prioritize information with the Information Based Tri-fold Brochure template. Designed for educational or informative purposes, this template organizes content effectively for clear communication.


  • Excellent for conveying detailed information logically.

  • Organizes content effectively, ensuring clarity in presenting information.


  • May lack a decorative flair, potentially making it less visually appealing for creative projects.

  • The emphasis on information might overshadow design aesthetics.

Best For: Educational materials, presenting detailed content logically.

Why: Excellent for conveying detailed information logically, making it suitable for educational or informative purposes.

Dive into a world of harmonious colors with the Color Palette Based Tri-fold Brochure template. This template offers a pleasing color scheme, creating a visually appealing brochure that captures attention.


  • Offers a pleasing and harmonious color scheme.

  • Enhances visual appeal by incorporating a well-chosen color palette.


  • Requires careful selection of colors to match specific themes or branding.

  • The reliance on color aesthetics might overshadow other design elements.

Best For: Projects where color aesthetics are crucial, such as artistic or visually-oriented content.

Why: Offers a pleasing color scheme, enhancing visual appeal and making it suitable for projects where color plays a significant role.

Let your visuals take center stage with the Image Centric Tri-fold Brochure template. Ideal for projects heavily reliant on visual impact, this template ensures your images speak louder than words.


  • Ideal for visually-driven content, making a strong impact.

  • Allows images to take center stage, conveying messages effectively.


  • May not be suitable for text-heavy materials, potentially limiting information conveyance.

  • The emphasis on images might detract from the importance of textual content.

Best For: Projects where images play a central role, such as photography portfolios or product showcases.

Why: Ideal for visually-driven content, allowing images to take center stage and make a strong impact.

Part 2. Free Download, Edit, and Print Your Brochure using WPS Office

WPS Office is a powerful office suite that offers a wide range of services for free. It is compatible with common office suites like LibreOffice, MS Office, and Google Workspace. It is also compatible with Windows, Linux, and MacOS.

I have been using WPS Office for several years and I have found it to be a very capable and user-friendly office suite. It is a great alternative to Microsoft Office, especially if you are looking for a free option.

How to Get, Edit, and Print Your Template using WPS Office

Adding, Editing, and Printing a Spreadsheet Template in WPS Office

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to add, edit, and print a spreadsheet template in WPS Office:

Step 1: Open WPS Spreadsheets.

Step 2: Click on the File menu and select New.

Step 3: In the New Template dialog box, select the Spreadsheet category.

Step 4: Select the template you want to use and click OK.

Step 3: In the New Template dialog box, select the Spreadsheet category.

Step 5: Add your data to the spreadsheet.

Step 6: Click on the File menu and select Print.

Step 7: In the Print dialog box, select the printer you want to use and click Print.

I found WPS Office to be a very user-friendly and powerful spreadsheet application. It was easy to add, edit, and print a spreadsheet template. I was also impressed with the wide range of templates that are available.


  • Clean and simple interface

  • Free

  • DIY service

  • Printable

  • More templates in the WPS Office App

Additional Tips:

  • You can also create your own templates in WPS Office.

WPS Office is a great free alternative to Microsoft Office. It is a powerful and user-friendly office suite that is compatible with common office suites like LibreOffice, MS Office, and Google Workspace. I highly recommend WPS Office to anyone who is looking for a free and easy-to-use office suite.


How can I customize the text and images in the Google Docs tri-fold brochure template?

Edit text and images in the Google Docs template by clicking and dragging. Google Docs' user-friendly tools make customization easy.

Are the recommended Google Docs tri-fold brochure templates compatible with other office suites besides WPS Office?

Yes, these templates work with various office suites, ensuring flexibility for users of Microsoft Office, LibreOffice, and more.

Can I use WPS Office on different operating systems?

WPS Office is compatible with Windows, Linux, and MacOS, providing a consistent experience across different platforms.

How do I access more templates on WPS Template for my brochures?

Visit for a variety of brochure templates. Download and use them in WPS Office or other compatible suites.


This article is your guide to creating tri-fold brochures with Google Docs, focusing on the user-friendly features of WPS Office. It starts with a user-centric intro, explores the top Google Docs templates, and emphasizes their seamless use with WPS Office. The second part gives a step-by-step tutorial on editing and printing brochures in WPS Office. It wraps up by pointing users to WPS Template for more options. In a nutshell, it helps you easily design brochures, highlighting WPS Office's convenience in the process.

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