Top 7 PDF Drawers For Any Device With Drawing Tips (2024)

August 4, 2023 838 views

Do you want to enhance your monthly reports with cool visuals by using a free PDF drawer that you can download for free? There are many options available to you, but this article can help you to sort out which one is right for you. We'll guide you on how to pick the best PDF drawer for your Windows computer. Get ready to add charts, mind maps, and more to your PDFs - and all with ease. Let's make your PDF work simple and fun!

How To Find The Best Free PDF Drawer?

Finding the best PDF drawer free isn't as difficult as you may initially think, especially with the rise of advanced online tools that require no download or signup. An excellent option for drawing on PDF files is the PDF drawer online web app, which provides a highly functional and user-friendly platform for users to draw on PDF files using a mouse, stylus, or trackpad.

This free PDF editor proves particularly useful in numerous life and work situations. For instance, designers can illustrate their ideas on PDF drafts, teachers can provide annotations and feedback on student assignments, business professionals can highlight crucial points in PDF reports, and students can make notes directly on PDF textbooks or lecture slides.

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#1 WPS PDF Drawer (Windows / Mac / Linux / iOS / Android)

WPS PDF Drawer, a top-tier tool of WPS Office suite, is an intelligent technology invention designed to transform the way you interact with your PDF files. Aimed to enhance your productivity, it brings the convenience of editing right at your fingertips. With it, you can effortlessly draw on PDF files to highlight, annotate, or simply jot down your thoughts. Available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android, this multi-platform software offers a seamless user experience, ensuring you have a powerful tool to aid your business and personal needs anytime, anywhere.

WPS PDF Drawer

Among the many benefits of the WPS PDF Drawer on Windows is its high level of security. You can set passwords for your files, providing an additional layer of protection. It's a feature not commonly found in other PDF editing tools. Moreover, with its user-friendly interface, you'll find that drawing on your PDFs is as simple as pie, making it an essential tool for anyone needing to express their ideas or mark key points directly on their documents.

Key Features

Cross-Platform Accessibility

WPS PDF Drawer is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android, making it accessible no matter which operating system you're using.

Graffiti Tool

This feature lets you freely draw on your PDF, making it easier than ever to mark important sections or make visual notes.

Color Customization

Choose from a variety of colors for your markings, enabling better organization and readability.

Line Width and Opacity Settings

Adjust the width and opacity of your lines for precise and personalized marking.

Password Protection

Safeguard your sensitive documents with password protection, ensuring your PDFs are opened only by those with the correct password.

Simple Steps to Start Drawing

  • Launch the WPS PDF Drawer and open the PDF file you want to draw on.

  • Navigate to the Comment tab and click on the Graffiti dropdown button.

  • Choose your preferred color, line width, and opacity for your markings.

WPS PDF Drawer

  • Begin drawing on your PDF file. Express your thoughts, highlight important sections, or annotate where necessary.

WPS PDF Drawer

  • For further customizations, simply click the Graffiti button again.

WPS PDF Drawer

#2 Drawboard PDF (Windows)

Drawboard PDF is a cutting-edge PDF software specifically designed for free PDF drawing and markup. Exclusively developed for Windows, this powerful PDF drawing tool lets you add shapes, lines, arrows, and other drawings onto your PDF files as effortlessly as if you were drawing with a pen on paper.

Drawboard PDF Editor

Whether you're using digital pens like the Surface Pen and HP Elite Pen or your mouse or finger, Drawboard PDF creates a seamless drawing experience on your PDF documents. The user-friendly interface is intuitively designed to allow you to quickly add notes, images, highlights, and other annotations to your PDF files. Enjoy the basic drawing functions at no cost, or upgrade to the premium version to gain access to advanced features like PDF merging and splitting.

Key Features

PDF Drawing

Drawboard PDF allows you to freely draw lines, shapes, arrows, and more on your PDFs with the feel of pen on paper. The software supports erthe use of digital pens, like the Surface Pen and HP Elite Pen, providing an authentic drawing experience.

Annotation Tools

Beyond drawing, you can easily add text notes, images, and highlights to your PDFs. You can annotate important sections or add supplemental information to your documents.

Customizable Tools

The pen tool in Drawboard PDF is highly customizable. Adjust the color, opacity, or thickness of your pen according to your preferences.

Free Access

Access all the essential tools of Drawboard PDF for free. For those who require more, an upgrade to the premium version offers advanced features.

Best Steps To Start Drawing

  • First, download the Drawboard PDF software onto your Windows device or use the web app.

  • Open the PDF document that you wish to draw or annotate on.

  • Select the pen tool from the toolbar.

  • Customize the color, opacity, and thickness of your pen according to your needs.

  • Use your finger, mouse, or stylus to start drawing anywhere on the document.

#3 Adobe (Windows / Mac / Online)

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, developed by Adobe Systems, the original creators of the PDF format, is a globally recognized, free PDF tool for Windows and Mac. Renowned for its excellent range of features, the software provides robust capabilities for drawing and annotating PDF files, making it an excellent choice for users seeking to work on their PDF documents interactively.

Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF Drawer

Key Features

Intuitive Drawing Tools

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC comes equipped with an array of drawing tools such as a pencil, eraser, and connected lines accessible in the 'Comment' section of the toolbar. These tools allow users to draw, erase, and connect lines effortlessly on their PDFs.

Straight Line Drawings

The software provides a "Line" tool for drawing straight lines in the document. By holding the Shift key, users can draw the line horizontally or vertically.

Text Box Addition

Beyond the drawing capabilities, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC also allows users to add text boxes to PDF files. This feature enhances the flexibility of the tool, enabling users to add text alongside their drawings.

Management And Organization Of Drawings

The software includes an impressive feature of managing and categorizing all the drawings and markups, offering a systematic approach to handle annotations on the document.

Digital Signature

It allows users to digitally sign their PDF documents, providing an added layer of authentication and credibility.

Easy Steps To Start Drawing

  • Launch Adobe Acrobat Reader DC and select 'File > Open' to access your PDF file.

  • Select 'Comment' from the menu bar on the right.

  • To activate the Draw Free Form tool, select the marker icon in the Comment toolbar.

  • Start drawing on the PDF. You can change line color, thickness, and opacity in the Comment toolbar to customize your drawings.

  • Once you're finished, save your PDF to keep all changes and drawings.

#4 Foxit PDF Editor (Windows / Mac)

Foxit PDF Editor is a premier tool that sets the standard for PDF file development and enhancement. It encompasses a variety of features, each crafted to simplify and beautify your work process. Notably, the program emphasizes its built-in spell checkers, ensuring your written content is free from spelling errors, elevating the professionalism of your work.

PDF drawer on Mac

But what truly distinguishes Foxit PDF Editor from other PDF tools is its exceptional drawing functionality. This tool allows users to craft unique, visually engaging documents, from detailed reports to impressive photo albums. Drag and drop images, then seamlessly blend them into your documents using a palette of vibrant colors.

Key Features

Pdf Drawing

Draw any design directly onto your documents. Whether it's diagrams for a report or doodles for a personal touch, Foxit PDF Editor provides the tools you need.

Color Selection

Choose from a wide array of colors to bring your drawings to life and make your document stand out.

Image Integration

Drag and drop your images onto your PDF. Arrange them as you see fit, adding a personal or professional touch.

Familiar Interface

If you're comfortable with Microsoft Word, you'll find Foxit PDF Editor easy to navigate. The layout is designed to mirror that of Word, providing a seamless transition for new users.

High-Quality Conversions

Convert your PDFs into various Microsoft Office formats without compromising on quality.

Best Steps To Start Drawing

  • Open your desired document in Foxit PDF Editor.

  • Select the 'Drawing' tool from the toolbar.

  • Choose your preferred shape or freehand option to start drawing.

  • Select your desired color from the color palette.

  • Draw on your document. You can place your drawing anywhere that is suitable.

  • Save your document to ensure your drawing is securely stored.

#5 PDFelement Pro (Windows / Mac)

PDFelement Pro is a robust and flexible software that runs efficiently on both Mac and Windows operating systems, designed to manage and manipulate PDF files with a special focus on PDF drawing. It provides you with an innovative platform to draw complex images, mark up, and annotate your PDF files. With the advanced PDF drawing feature, users can create, modify, and customize their documents to fit their specific needs. The software also ensures the safety of your PDF files with its password protection feature.

PDFelement Pro PDF Drawer

Key Features

Advanced PDF Drawing Tools

PDFelement Pro offers an exceptional suite of drawing tools that allow you to add intricate images, shapes, and notes to your PDF files. You can draw and sketch directly onto your document, offering a unique level of customization.

Markup And Annotation Tools

Enhance your PDF files by adding comments, notes, highlights, and other markups to provide extra information or emphasis.

Password Protection

Safeguard sensitive information by setting passwords and permissions on your PDF files, ensuring they can only be accessed by authorized individuals.

PDF Conversion

Convert PDF files to a variety of formats, including images, Word, Excel, PPT, EPUB, and many more, ensuring compatibility and ease of use.

File Organization

You can freely combine multiple files into a single PDF or split a single PDF into multiple files, ensuring efficient document management.

Built-In OCR Tool

PDFelement's in-built OCR tool lets you convert and edit scanned PDF files easily, giving you the freedom to digitize and manipulate physical documents.

Best Steps To Start Drawing

  • LStart by launching the PDFElement Pro application on your device.

  • NIn the PDFElement Pro application, navigate to the file menu and select "Open". Choose the desired PDF file that you wish to draw on.

  • LOnce your PDF file is open, look for the "Comment" menu at the top of the screen. Click on this menu to open the commenting tools.

PDFelement Pro PDF Drawer

In the comment menu, locate and select the pencil tool. This tool will allow you to draw or write directly onto your PDF file.

  • After selecting the pencil tool, move your mouse to the PDF document. You can now draw or write whatever you need on your document.

  • TBesides the pencil tool, there are also tools to draw regular shapes such as rectangles, ovals, lines, arrows, and more. You can select these from the comment menu if you need them.

  • You can alsoIf you're not satisfied with what you've drawn, there's no need to worry. Simply select the eraser tool from the comment menu and use it to remove your previous drawings or writings.

PDFelement Pro PDF Drawer

  • Save your work Once you're done with your drawing or writing, remember to save your work. You can do this by clicking "File" and then "Save".

#6 Dochub PDF Drawer (Online)

DocHub is an innovative platform that has revolutionized the way we work with PDF documents. With a key focus on drawing on PDFs, DocHub allows users to edit, annotate, highlight, and draw on their documents seamlessly, preserving their original quality. This powerful tool is an integral part of businesses and teams working together on documents. Not only can you draw on your PDFs from the convenience of your desktop, but also from your mobile device, making DocHub a versatile, go-to PDF editor.

Dochub PDF Drawer

Key Features

Seamless PDF Editing

DocHub offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface that makes drawing on PDFs as simple as working in a Word document. No rasterized text or removed fields, ensuring the quality of your document is never compromised.

Real-time Collaboration

Team members can view, edit, comment on, and sign your documents online. You can draw on a PDF and share your work with your team instantly, making collaborative work a breeze.

Mobile Accessibility

With DocHub, you can draw on PDFs from anywhere at any time, without the need to install an app. It works seamlessly on both mobile devices and desktops.

Google Integrations

DocHub integrates with Google Workspace, allowing users to import, edit, and draw on their documents directly from Gmail, Google Drive, or Dropbox.

Secure Sharing and Storage

DocHub enables secure document sharing with password protection, encrypted folders, and recipient authentication.

Best Steps To Start Drawing

  • Visit the DocHub website and click on 'Sign up' to create your free trial account. Provide your email address and create a strong security password.

  • After verifying your email, access the document editing features. Follow the link from the email to open the editor.

  • Click 'ADD NEW' to upload the document you need to edit. The intuitive interface makes it easy to navigate the available tools to draw on your PDF.

Dochub PDF Drawer

  • When you are finished drawing on your PDF, click the 'DONE' button.

#7 Pdfliner (Online)

PDFLiner is a dynamic, online service, engineered for managing, editing, and drawing on PDF documents. The platform focuses on providing a variety of tools to enhance your PDFs, with an emphasis on its drawing capabilities. This feature makes it possible to personalize files to your style, whether you're a company seeking to tailor documents to your brand or an individual wanting to add a personal touch to your PDFs. From developing gift certificates to adjusting official IRS documents, PDFLiner caters to a wide range of needs.

Pdfliner PDF Drawer Online

Key Features

PDF Drawing Tool

PDFLiner allows you to make your mark on any document with a variety of drawing tools. Use ready-made shapes or create your own custom drawings directly onto your PDFs.

Customizable Files

Easily tailor your PDFs to match your unique style or brand identity. This feature allows for the creation of distinct documents, from gift certificate templates to branded reports.

Vast Document Library

You're provided with an extensive collection of official IRS files and a plethora of documents spanning from school and university papers to real estate and human resource forms.

Convenient Online Editing

PDFLiner's online platform simplifies the process of editing and drawing on your files, making it an enjoyable and hassle-free experience.

Best Steps To Start Drawing

  • Begin by logging in to PDFLiner using your email and password. Alternatively, you can use your Gmail or Facebook account for easy access.

Pdfliner PDF Drawer Online

  • Go to "My Documents" and click the “Add document" button located in the upper right corner. You have the option to upload an existing document or create a new one.

Pdfliner PDF Drawer Online

  • Open your document and click on the “Insert” button. Select the appropriate tool you'd like to use to draw on your PDF online.

Pdfliner PDF Drawer Online

You can opt to use a ready-to-use shape such as a cross, check, circle, arrow, or line. If you're feeling artistic, click on the “Draw” button and create a custom pattern or design.

When And Why Need To Draw On PDF Files?

Drawing on PDF files may seem like a superfluous action, but in reality, it is a practical tool used in various contexts. Here are some instances when and why it becomes necessary.

Online Teaching And Learning

The advent of digital learning tools has made it imperative for both teachers and students to engage with content beyond just reading. Drawing on PDF files is an excellent method of engagement during online classes. Teachers can underline, highlight, or mark areas of interest, while students can annotate important parts, making it a dynamic and interactive study tool.

Collaboration And Feedback

In professional and academic environments, drawing on PDF files can be a great way to collaborate and exchange feedback. It helps team members, coworkers, or classmates to make quick comments, annotate changes, or suggest edits directly on the document.

Review And Editing

Proofreading or revising a document can be made more straightforward by drawing on the PDF. Editors can use this feature to highlight areas that require changes or improvement. It is a transparent method that clearly communicates areas of interest to the author or any other involved parties, ensuring smoother revisions.

Assessment And Grading

Educators find drawing on PDFs particularly helpful when grading assignments. It allows them to underline key points, circle mistakes, and provide personalized comments directly on the student's work.

Digital Signing

In today's paperless world, the necessity to sign documents has not disappeared, but the method has been transformed. Drawing on a PDF is an efficient way to add a digital signature, authenticating the document without the need for printing, signing by hand, and scanning again.


Q1: Why can't I draw in PDF?

You might not be able to draw in a PDF because your device is set to use a Bluetooth stylus or Apple Pencil in scribble mode. This setting prevents finger input from being registered. Therefore, if the stylus is unavailable or not in use, drawing in the PDF won't work. Adjust the settings to allow finger input or use the designated stylus to solve the issue.

Q2: Can I draw on a PDF in Microsoft Word?

  • Initiate a right-click on the file and choose the 'Open With' option.

  • From the provided list, select 'Microsoft Word'.

  • Microsoft Word will now transform your PDF into a modifiable Word document.

  • Navigate to the 'Draw' tab in the toolbar.

  • Opt for a drawing instrument. For alternative colors or line widths, click the tiny arrow adjacent to the tool.

  • Begin sketching on your PDF document.

Q3: How can I draw on a PDF in Chrome for free?

  • Launch your PDF document.

  • Navigate to the "Annotate" option, typically located in the upper right corner.

  • Upon accessing the toolbar that appears, choose among the subsequent options:

  • Draw lines of varying thickness, Highlight specific parts, Use the Eraser, Implement Undo or Redo operations.


The article provided an overview of the best free PDF drawer tools available, with a range of features designed to make editing PDFs straightforward and efficient. The piece highlighted WPS PDF Drawer's comprehensive, user-friendly toolset, offering the ability to draw, annotate, and edit PDFs across various platforms.

For those who frequently work with PDF files, WPS Office with its integrated PDF toolkit, WPS PDF Drawer, is a highly recommended solution. Not only does it allow you to draw and highlight on PDFs, but it also provides tools for annotating, signing, and even batch processing for heavy users. WPS Office is an all-in-one productivity suite that offers seamless functionality across Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android devices, ensuring you can work effectively anytime, anywhere. Try WPS Office now to experience the powerful versatility and user-friendly interface it provides for handling PDF documents.

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