Unlocking Secured PDFs: How to Editing PDFs Without Passwords

July 31, 2023 1.1K views

In many instances, we encounter PDF files that are password-protected, limiting our ability to edit or extract information. This can be a challenge, especially when time is of the essence. Knowing how to edit secured PDFs without passwords can come in handy in situations where you need to make urgent changes or extract important data. Unlocking secured PDFs can be crucial for businesses, academic research, and personal use.

How to Edit Secured PDF without Password

Step # 1: Download and install WPS Office on your computer if you haven't already done so.

Step # 2: Open WPS Writer and create a new document.

Step # 3: Click on the "File" menu and select "Open" from the drop-down list.

Step # 4: Browse and select the secured PDF file that you want to edit and click "Open."

Step # 5: WPS Writer will prompt you to enter the password to unlock the PDF file. Since you don't have the password, click on "Cancel."

Step # 6: The secured PDF will be opened as a read-only file. However, you can still copy and paste the text or images into your new document in WPS Writer.

Step # 7: To edit the PDF document, select the text or image that you want to modify, copy it, and then paste it into your new WPS Writer document.

Step # 8: Once you have finished editing the PDF, click on "File" and select "Export as PDF" to save the changes made to the new PDF file.

Editing secured PDFs without passwords can be done on desktop, mobile, and online tools across various operating systems, such as Windows, iOS, Mac, Android, and Linux. Users can access the PDFs on popular browsers, including Chrome, Edge, Safari, Android Web, Firefox, and Opera, making it a convenient and accessible process. However, it is essential to note that the steps and tools used may vary depending on the device and browser.

Edit Secured PDF without Password Using WPS PDF Tools

  1. WPS Writer: This word processor tool can be used to edit secured PDFs without a password by copying and pasting the content into a new document. It also allows you to export the new document as a PDF file.

  2. WPS PDF Editor: This tool is designed specifically for editing PDFs and includes features such as adding text, images, and shapes to PDFs, as well as merging and splitting PDF documents.

  3. WPS Cloud: This online tool allows you to convert PDFs to editable formats such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, enabling you to edit the content without the need for a password. The edited file can then be converted back to a PDF and saved or shared as needed.

When editing secured PDFs without a password, both online and offline tools can be used. Users can copy and paste content such as text, links, and images from the secured PDF into a new document or use PDF editing software to modify the PDF directly.


WPS Office offers both free and premium versions, including a free trial for its premium features. The premium version provides advanced PDF editing tools and features, including the ability to edit secured PDFs without passwords. A subscription is required to access these features.

Advantages of Editing PDF without Password

  1. Convenience: By editing secured PDFs without a password, users can avoid the hassle of requesting or resetting passwords, making it a convenient process.

  2. Time-saving: It saves time as users can quickly edit and modify the PDF without the need to go through lengthy password recovery or reset procedures.

  3. Flexibility: Editing secured PDFs without a password provides users with the flexibility to make necessary changes and modifications, regardless of password restrictions.

  4. Accessible: It makes secured PDFs accessible to users who don't have the password, allowing them to work with important documents without any restrictions.

Tips to Edit Secured PDF without Password

Here are some tips for editing secured PDFs without a password:

  1. Use a reliable PDF editing tool that can remove password protection from the PDF file.

  2. Copy and paste the content from the secured PDF into a new document if you are unable to modify the PDF directly.

  3. Be careful when using online tools to edit secured PDFs, as they may not be secure and could compromise sensitive information.

  4. If possible, always obtain the password for the secured PDF file to ensure that you are authorized to make changes to the document.

FAQs on How to Edit Secured PDF without Password

Is it legal to edit a secured PDF without a password?

If you have permission from the owner or creator of the secured PDF, then it is legal to edit the document.

What if I can't edit the secured PDF without a password?

If you don't have permission to edit the secured PDF, then you will need to contact the owner or creator of the document to obtain the password or permission to make changes.

Download WPS Office for a Free Trial

In conclusion, WPS Office provides a comprehensive set of PDF editing tools for users to edit secured PDFs without passwords. With its user-friendly interface, affordable pricing options, and advanced features, it is a reliable choice for users looking to modify secured PDF documents. I recommend WPS Office for editing secured PDFs without a password due to its user-friendly interface, advanced PDF editing tools, and the ability to remove password protection from PDF files.

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