Want to Know How to Save Outlook Email as PDF? Let’s Learn

July 31, 2023 891 views

Oh, my heavenly being! Please...please! I am in a bind right now. I am unable to convert emails from Outlook to pdf format. What action should I take? My goodness! Okay, I see that the light is starting to dawn on you. Can your device help you open the PDF file you want to work with, and if so, how? Outlook is essential for professionals because office workers frequently mail documents. The most important emails sent from Outlook that contain text should be saved as PDFs. Since you switched from Gmail, you cannot convert messages in Outlook to PDF format.

Emails cannot be saved directly in Outlook as PDFs for some reason. Simply selecting an email and then clicking the print button will convert it to PDF format. Converting emails from Outlook to other formats relies on your computer.

Printing an email begins like this. You will figure it out relatively quickly, given that you are familiar with the printing process on your computer. Outlook mobile does not support PDF email storage. You'll need a laptop or desktop computer to save emails in Outlook.

How do I save an email message as a PDF using Outlook? Continue reading if you want to save emails from Outlook as pdfs.

Convert Email to PDF with Adobe Acrobat

  1. Start Outlook, then go to the toolbar and select Adobe Acrobat. The submenu on your device will show four tabs: Selected Messages, Selected Folders, Change Conversion Settings, and Setup Automatic Archival.

  2. To PDF selected messages, click the tab. Select "new PDF" or "append to existing PDF."

  3. Right-click on the email you want to convert to PDF after selecting it.

  4. After that, select "Convert to Adobe PDF," give your file a name, and hit "save." Because of this, your email and attachment will be automatically converted to PDF format by Adobe Acrobat.

Convert Email to PDF With Outlook

Follow these steps if you already have Outlook installed.

  • Open the mail that you want to convert to PDF in Outlook.

  • Click "File" and then "Print."

  • Click the drop-down menu next to Printer and choose Microsoft Print to PDF.

  • In the Save Printout As dialogue box, find the folder where you want to save the PDF file.

  • Just edit the name in the File Name field and then hit the Save button to apply the changes

  • The file is held in the selected folder.

Convert Email to PDF with WPS Office

  1. Open Outlook and go through your email.

  2. Select Tools from the top menu. Click pdf export.

  3. Click the menu bar directly to export to pdf. Just click pdf export. Directly convert email to pdf.

  4. You can also save it as a pdf file instead of these two options. Converting email to pdf is next.

Using Guide about WPS Office

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FAQs about WPS Office

  1. Does the WPS Office charge any subscription with new users?

  2. The use of WPS PDF is completely free. It can be downloaded from the WPS office. PDFs can be read, opened, and edited with this software.

  3. Does WPS Office upgrade cost something?

  4. WPS Office provides free upgrades to the PDF reader. WPS can edit PDF, PowerPoint, Excel, and Word files. Download WPS Office to access all of its premium features.

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