What is WPS AI

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The WPS AI tool is the ultimate AI assistant that can be used for various writing, editing, and other content-creation-related projects. The built-in tools of WPS AI allow you to improve your content and modify things when needed.

The common benefits of WPS AI include that it can save your time and effort. It can also help you improve productivity and the quality of the output content. WPS AI can also help you collect information and give you a different perspective.

This article will guide users about what WPS AI is and explain its features and functions.

What is WPS AI?

Before we get into the details of WPS AI, you should know that WPS Office is an all-in-one Office Suite that enables you to create, edit, and manage documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and PDFs. WPS Office and WPS AI is compatible with Windows, Mac operating systems, Linux, Android, and even iOS.

WPS is also compatible with the common document formats that you have in Microsoft Office Suite, including Word, Excel, PPT, and many more. WPS Office also supports online documents and collaborative editing.

Now, when it comes to what is WPS AI, you will want to see it as a generative AI Tool that comes with enhanced features, enabling users to simplify time-consuming tasks, such as the following:

  • Content Generation

  • Document Summarization

  • Data Analysis

  • Outline Generation

  • Creating Meeting Drafts

  • Generating Events Plans

These features are powered by the WPS AI assistant. It is available in WPA AI Writer and WPS AI PDF Office Solutions.

Features and Price of WPS AI

WPS Office offers a range of price plans for WPS AI, including a free version that can help you produce high-quality content.

When it comes to WPS AI, along with its price and features, there is a free trial for everyone with limited functionality. You can get the premium version for $29.99 a year. And you can get the professional version of WPS AI for $80 a year.

Follow us, you will find WPS AI as an ideal tool for online content collaboration and editing, as it will massively improve content productivity while enabling users to handle work and personal life scenarios smoothly.

Here are some of the best features of WPS AI:

Make the Most of WPS AI Writer

display image of WPS AI Writer

You can use the WPS AI Writer tool to generate content in text files. All you need to do is to respond to AI Prompts and instruct the WPS AI tool to assist with your required tasks, such as brainstorming ideas, writing blogs, creating emails, and even solving a math problem.

Make the Most of WPS AI PDF

display image of WPS AI PDF

If you are still confused about what WPS API is, you can simplify your PDF workflow with your AI assistant. You can use WPS AI PDF to summarize, create, and rewrite PDF. The AI assistant can help you with PDF-related tasks regarding text recognition, formatting, conversion, and getting useful insights.

Create Summaries/ Assessments

With WPS AI, you will never have to worry about information overload again. The advanced algorithms of WPS AI can help you instantly generate summaries and assessments of lengthy documents, which can help you stay ahead of the game and save time.

Use AI for Creativity

You can use WPS AI to generate high-quality content with the help of a few clicks and voice commands. When it comes to creativity, you can create documents, presentations, letters, resumes, lyrics, blogs, and even translate documents.

Extract Insights from PDFs

With WPS AI, you can extract innovative insights and inquiries from your PDFs like never before. You can also engage in seamless chats with WPS AI PDF and gain new perspectives while streamlining and improving your workflow.

Download WPS AI now, as the following features are coming soon:

AI Picture Generator: This powerful AI tool will help you transform text into visually appealing images.

Data Genius in Spreadsheet: Users will soon be able to make the most of innovative Spreadsheet functionalities, including the effortless management of data, creation of intricate formulas, and create insightful visualizations.

WPS AI vs Microsoft Copilot – Why Choose WPS AI

Microsoft Copilot is a popular AI-powered tool that helps people work smarter. Essentially, Microsoft Copilot is an AI-powered chatbot that collaborates with human abilities and automates routine tasks.

Microsoft chatbot product

One can use WPS AI and Microsoft Copilot as their AI partners and improve their office and document-related handling tasks.

However, Microsoft Copilot isn’t available for the general population, which is where WPS AI comes in. WPS AI is a great free AI assistant that is based on a grand language model.

WPS AI is a better option than Microsoft Copilot based on the following aspects:

User-friendly Interface: The interface of WPS AI is user-friendly, which means that even a non-tech person won’t have an issue navigating the user interface.

Generate Any Topic: WPS AI can help you get high-quality content on any topic in the world. This AI tool can help you with writing in various formats, including plain text, tables, and bullets.

Get Versatile Output: WPS AI can generate versatile output on anything that you might need, including blogs, poetry, and the solution to mathematical problems.

Cost-Effective AI Tool: Microsoft Copilot is more expensive than WPS AI as it costs $35 per month.

How to Download WPS AI

To understand better what is WPS AI, you will want to follow the below-given steps:

Step 1 To download WPS AI, you can visit the WPS AI website:

Step 2 Click on the Free Download button

Click Free download

Click Free download

Step 3 Select the operating system that you are using.

 Choose your option

Choose your option

Step 4 The file will be downloaded automatically

Downloaded file

Downloaded file

Step 5: Successfully launch WPS AI and enjoy its amazing features.

display of WPS AI features

WPS AI Uses in the Real World

When it comes to what WPS AI is and its uses in the real world, you can currently benefit from the two features of WPS AI Writer and WPS AI PDF Reader.

WPS AI Writer and PDF

To use both WPS AI features. You will want to go to the homepage of WPS and explore both WPS AI features.

Starting with the WPS AI Writer, you will want to follow the below-given steps. It is important to mention here that WPS AI Writer enables you to interact directly with the Artificial Intelligence incorporated in WPS.

This aspect indicates that you can ask anything in the WPS AI Writer interface.

How to Use the WPS AI Writer Interface

Step 1: Enable the AI Writer by clicking “WPS AI” at the top-right side of the page.

WPS AI Writer  Page

Step 2: Go back to the page and write “@” followed by “ai” and click enter.

typing @ in WPS Writer

Step 3: You will have various options to choose from the pop-up AI Write platform.

WPS AI Writer platform options

Step 4: As an example, give the command of writing a “blog post about the solar system” and press enter.

giving commands for writing blog

Step 5: The result will be that the WPS AI will write a comprehensive blog post about the solar system.

Step 6: On the right side of the page, you will find various options that you can use to improve the content further.

display of WPS AI Writer options

Step 7: You can also type mathematical questions, and the WPS AI will give you an accurate answer to the mathematical question.

WPS AI Writer math question

Step 8: You will get the answer instantly.

Step 9: You can try asking WPS AI to write a simple Python code and hit “enter.”

WPS AI Writer python code

Step 10: After a few seconds, you will have the code written on the page for you by WPS AI.

WPS AI Writer python code answer

How to Use the WPS AI PDF Reader Interface

To use the WPS AI PDF Reader, you will want to go to the homepage of WPS Office and follow the below-given steps:

Step 1: Click on the “AI PDF Reader.”

WPS AI PDF Reader option

Step 2: Clicking on the option will take you to the WPS AI PDF Reader page.


Step 3: To access the AI tool, you will want to click on “WPS AI,” located at the top-right side of the page.

enabling WPS AI in PDF

Step 4: Check out the options that are given in “Insight.”

WPS AI PDF insight options

Step 5: All you need to do is to click on “upload” and upload your respective PDF file to start using the WPS AI Reader tool.

PDF uploading option on WPS AI PDF Reader

Step 6: Suppose you want to generate a summary for an entire PDF file. After uploading the file, click on “WPS AI.”

Step 7: In the “Insight” section, you will get the summary of the entire PDF file in brief, easy-to-read sections that you can copy with one click.

PDF summary

Common Benefits of WPS AI

Amazing Features: WPS AI offers comprehensive features, such as content generation, data analysis, summarization, and interactive chats with PDFs.

WPS features AI

Affordability: Compared to other AI tools, WPS AI is affordable, and you can make the most of amazing features.

Boost Productivity: Enables PDF mastery by unlocking innovative insights with your PDFs.


Disadvantages of WPS AI

  • Still in BETA, which leads to limited integrations, capabilities, and customization.

FAQs about what is WPS AI

Question 1: Where can I learn more about how to use WPS AI?

Answer: To learn more about how to use WPS AI, you can check out their website at WPS.Com, where you will find plenty of blogs, tutorials, and other resources.

Question 2: How is WPS AI different from other AI tools?

Answer: With WPS AI, you can avail amazing features for free. As the software is still in BETA, many more features will come. WPS AI stands out from other AI tools in a way that it is user-friendly, comprises advanced features, and helps you streamline and improve workflow.

WPS AI – Your Exclusive AI Tool

WPS Office Suite has launched the perfect AI assistant that will save you time and effort in the long run and boost your productivity level.

To answer the question of what WPS AI is, you should know that WPS AI is your exclusive AI tool that is the ultimate game-changer as it allows users to assess trends and seamlessly collaborate on documents, extract insights, generate reports, and speed up the entire writing and content-generation process.

You can expect many more amazing features with WPS AI as this AI tool is still in the making. The WPS Office Suite supports. Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS systems mean that you can log into the same account in different systems and find all of your files synchronized.

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