WPS Writer VS Microsoft Word | Which One is Better?

July 31, 2023 2.8K views

Nowadays every office worker needs to produce an editable text document. Creating a word document is an easy option since you can edit and change its formatting later. On the other hand, notepad's text document can only help you with basic typing, so you need a professional word text editor for this. 

A wise choice matters, especially with the WPS Writer vs Microsoft Word comparison since they are relatively similar editors. But which one is best: WPS Writer or Microsoft Word? This blog will enable you to match WPS Writer and Microsoft Word and quickly evaluate their distinct features. For this, we will check their functions, supported devices, level of support and prices.

Microsoft Word and Its Features

Microsoft Word is a built-in app in MS Office that serves as a text editor along with several other softwares by the same brand for your benefit. Microsoft Word has a user friendly interface to quickly type and edit content. In Microsoft Word, you have three major options that help you enjoy the features: 

  1. The elements to save and manipulate the activities you have performed. 

  2. Tools that can alter the formatting, editing text, inserting multimedia and many other devices. 

  3. Range of tools to modify content.


  1. Simple interface to insert images and other addons without adjusting complex formatting.

  2. Thesaurus feature assists you by giving suggestions during your typing activity.

  3. You can format different parts of your content accordingly, helping you work on your text faster.

  4. A lot of formatting options to set your content for easy readability.

  5. Proofreading feature allows you to correct all grammatical errors that you make in the entire article when typing.


  1. You cannot enjoy the full features that the desktop application offers in the mobile version.

  2. Proofreading feature is not accurate compared to other grammar-checking software.

  3. Requires payment before you use the software.

  4. Many features are pretty technical and will be confusing for newbies.

  5. The software is not available on apple stores, so you can only use it on android and windows devices.

WPS Writer and Its Features

Everyone wants a high-end productivity office suite with a friendly user-interface, so they find it on any platform such as Windows, iOS and Android and can use it seamlessly. One of the Office applications that people resort to is the WPS writer. It comes with a similar interface to that of Microsoft, giving you features of other services too. WPS products offer a better mobile experience and give you more options to handle documents.

You can use it on any device since it doesn't have any operating system restrictions, making it a better choice. In addition to this, it also gives you the freedom to convert your documents into PDFs. Asides from that, you can even compress the Word documents without losing quality by just drag and drop feature. Click here to know the Details about WPS Word Editor App.


  1. The most affordable MS Word alternative for anyone that needs to do a quick text-based edit.

  2. No device restrictions, compatible with operating systems on all android, windows, and apple devices.

  3. Consumes less space on your devices.

  4. WPS writer offers you multi-tab modes for just reading and editing.


  1. Sometimes this application tends to crash on smartphones, especially devices with low storage space.

  2. No autosave feature; you might lose your files if not saved before switching off.

  3. You need to pay for advanced editing features.

  4. WPS writer contains several ads which are pretty distracting, especially if you are rushing to edit some documents. You need to pay to get rid of them.


This blog has discussed the detailed comparison of two best document editors available in the market: WPS Writer vs Microsoft Word, to help you choose the best. You can find the better one by looking at the pros and cons listed above. If you have enough money to spare, go for the Microsoft word  but WPS Writer will be the best choice if you can't afford to pay just to edit documents.

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