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Like Adobe Acrobat Reader, Xodo's PDF tools offer complete editing and collaboration and are accessible on various platforms, including web-based apps and mobile devices. Xodo PDF free download has a well-designed user interface that functions as a reader and an editor, is quick to use, and fully supports styluses. Xodo also has a premium or pro version to download but there’s no trial to use free.

Features of Xodo PDF Reader

The Connect function of the Xodo PDF platform, which promotes collaboration, enables you to share documents with colleagues rapidly. You can add collaborators through email using your Google account or a Xodo account to get started. A free program with many functions, especially without advertisements, is unexpected.

Since Xodo generates its income by creating customized versions of its tools for corporate clients, there are no plans to charge for the cross-platform version.

Xodo free download is a robust PDF editing tool that may be used independently of collaboration. All standard components are supported, including form filling, annotations, and signatures. Rearranging papers and adding pages are both possible with the use of readily available tools.

Why Download Xodo PDF


Because of the breadth and depth of its feature set, Xodo PDF Reader stands out from the weak crowd. Despite its name, the app isn't just for reading PDFs; you can also use your camera to produce new PDFs from pictures or Office documents. PDF forms can be filled out, saved, and sent. You can even highlight text and make your additions. Even better, you may use Xodo's connect function to invite people to work with you on your project (no registration required).

Smart Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive integration are one of the supporting features. The File Manager on Xodo free download has one more useful feature. You can quickly access the documents you need thanks to thumbnail previews and a Recent Files list, and you have the freedom to rename, copy freely, transfer, and delete any document.

However, the main PDF viewing engine is what is important, and Xodo's innovation performs admirably in this regard. High zoom factors, page cropping, and a full-screen mode assist you in concentrating on the information. Night Mode makes reading comfortable in low light conditions, and flexible search options and support for a table of contents let you dive down to important sections of the file.

  • Download Xodo to Clearly Annotate

    It's not always enough to leave scattered comments throughout the paper to make your point. You don't need to limit yourself with Xodo. Instead, you can use a variety of tools to annotate pages. Pages can be highlighted, underlined, and struck out. You can also insert various forms, such as arrows or circles, or, if necessary, draw freehand. When finished, you can even alter the color, opacity, and size of every annotation you make!

  • Multi-file management made simple

    You can combine multiple files into one document using the merge feature of Xodo PDF Reader, which is available for free download. Choosing is also made simple because these files are presented as thumbnails.

    The application also has a built-in file manager that you may use to copy, move, rename, and remove files as needed. Additionally, you can import or export files directly from your cloud account using the manager.

  • Work Together Online

    A browser extension provided by Xodo enables users to convert their PDFs into an online whiteboard. The best thing about this is that no sign-up or download is necessary because you can invite users using their email addresses. Once online, several users can work together on the same document and instantly see all annotations. Only the host needs to register for Xodo Connect; everyone else can join by clicking a PDF link.

Xodo Premium download

The first goal has always been meeting the users' requirements, and Xodo wants to keep doing so. However, it takes a lot of time and works to integrate these functionalities. Since version 7, they've added additional Xodo Premium or Pro features download while keeping all of the current features free to support the development costs. They do not have a free trial. You can also download the Xodo APK for Android for free.

WPS PDF: an alternative for Xodo PDF.

The free WPS PDF downloader can be used to alter graphics, text, and page layouts. WPS Premium Free Trial enables you modify PDF files while it's running in the background as a Word document. A variety of useful options are available to you when you get the program. 7.6-1-Easy Way To Convert Word To Pdf Online Without Changing Format.jpeg

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