100% Compatible With Microsoft® Excel
SPREADSHEETS supports XLS, XLSX and CSV files. This means you can open and edit spreadsheets from others, and then save them right from WPS office knowing others will be able open them without any issues.
Formulas And Functions
SPREADSHEETS includes hundreds of commonly used formulas and functions organized by dozens of categories, making it easy to analyze complex data.
Table Formatting
With SPREADSHEETS it’s easy to organize and present data so it looks great. This includes built-in table and cell styles, advanced formatting tools, support for freezing columns and rows, a library of over 230 fonts and much more.
Built-in Charts
SPREADSHEETS includes dozens of customizable charts including column, line, pie, bar, scatter and more.
Pivot Tables*
SPREADSHEETS fully supports advanced pivot tables, allowing you to easily analyze and summarize large amounts of data.
Advanced Modeling*
SPREADSHEETS comes with what-if analysis functions including Goal Seek and Solver, allowing users to better forecast and find solutions for complex, data-driven problems.
1 Million Rows
SPREADSHEETS now supports 1048576 rows and 16384 columns.
View Multiple Documents
Exclusive to WPS Office! With our Tabbed View feature, you can open, edit and manage multiple documents at the same time.
Keyboard Shortcuts
WPS Office goes way beyond copy and paste. Enjoy over 50 pre-defined keyboard shortcuts for WRITER, PRESENTATION and SPREADSHEETS. For a complete list visit this link
Collaboration Tools *
WPS Office supports track changes and comments allowing you to easily collaborate with both WPS Office and Microsoft® Office users.
Save To PDF
With WPS Office’s built-in Save-To-PDF tool you can make documents smaller, more secure and easier to share.
* This feature or some of these features are only available with the purchase of WPS Office Business Edition
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