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1. What can WPS 365 do for enterprises?
To deal with the problems faced by enterprises, for example, chaotic company document management, difficulty in staff management, forgetting to bring materials during customer visits, disorganized enterprise document versions, information leakage after resignation, and low work efficiency, WPS 365 provides the following solutions:
① centralized management of enterprise documents;
② efficient online collaboration with multiple partners;
③ automatic data synchronization on all platforms for working anytime and anywhere;
④ guaranteed document security and permissions and easy enterprise management.
2. What are the benefits for members who join an enterprise team?
3. How do I configure the operation permissions of folders and documents?
4. How do I create a new team?
5. How do I add a member?
6. Is there a limit to the maximum number of co-authors and document size when working with WPS 365?

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