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Version #: - February 1 2018

  • Added a PDF batch export feature
  • Added a Backup Center module for backup management
WPS Spreadsheets
  • Supports exporting pictures
  • Supports date format “dd/mm/yyyy” for India, Indonesia, and Malaysia
  • Improved localized matching of thousands separator and currency symbols
  • Fixed some bugs on formats of date, currency, and thousands separator

Version #: - November 10 2017

WPS Writer
  • Improved Page Numbering: Integrated “Insert Page Numbers” and “Format Page Numbers” . Page number insertion feature follows the original textbox design
  • Header and Footer: Removed grid and hint when clicking header/footer
  • Numbering Levels: When there are multiple levels in a list, pressing Enter twice now promotes the paragraph’s level instead of deleting it
  • Paragraph: When increasing/decreasing line space, if it is not a multiple of 0.5, it will first change to a multiple of 0.5 and then increase/decrease by 0.5
  • Improved Mouse Scroll Display
  • Better acceleration/deceleration of screen display when scrolling with mouse
  • Printing: Supports printing background color
WPS Spreadsheets
  • Smart Paste: Added icons for options in smart paste list
  • PivotTable View: Supports new PivotTable View
  • Filter: Supports generating charts with filtered data
  • AutoFilter: Supports exporting filtered item count
  • Table Styles: Supports option “Do not convert to list” when applying table styles

Version #: - August 29 2017

  • Added a What's New entry on help menu
  • Added a feedback entry on task pane side bar
  • Improved auto association after PDF has been upgraded
  • Version number in help menu can be copied
  • When feedback jumps to webpage, version number is filled in automatically
  • Fixed the open and save problem of Cloud files for multiple language version
  • Bug Fix: Overflow vulnerability (CVE-2017-12914). Learn More
  • Bug Fix: Overflow vulnerability (CVE-2017-12915). Learn More
  • Bug Fix: Overflow vulnerability (CVE-2017-12916). Learn More
  • Bug Fix: Overflow vulnerability (CVE-2017-12917). Learn More
  • Bug Fix: Overflow vulnerability (CVE-2017-12918). Learn More

Version #: - July 26 2017

  • Newly added SmartArt organizational chart feature
  • Newly added a ”Show Windows in Taskbar” option in Options
  • Newly added a “PDF Split” option for PDF, on the right of document area
  • Supports saving and applying chart templates
  • Newly added font preview
  • Supports remembering line weight last set in screenshot
  • Bug Fix: fixed the missing status bar in the Classic skin
WPS Writer
  • Newly added Page Borders feature in the Page Layout tab
  • Supports showing both the resulting and the original documents in Compare feature
  • Added options “Mark Entry”, “Insert Index”, and “Update Index” in the References tab
  • Supports exporting document to picture
WPS Spreadsheets
  • Added count for items in filters
  • Supports sorting on cell icon
  • Supports filter by cell icon
  • Newly added Slicer feature for PivotTable
  • New PivotTable core which supports features such as grouping, calculated item, calculated field, table styles, etc.
  • Supports custom number formats
  • Newly added features “Trace Precedents” and “Trace Dependents”
WPS Presentation
  • Merged the entries for Audio and Background Music.
  • Added an Audio Tools tab with new features of Fade In/Out, Play across Slides, Play in Background, etc.
  • Improved audio/video floating toolbar
  • Supports inserting mp4 video

Version #: – May 14 2017

  • Newly added a "Convert PDF to Word" option to the right-click menus of PDF files
  • Bug fix for Dropbox account sign in
  • Bug fix for crash problems caused by shortcut keys under certain circumstances
  • Improvement on PDF to Word interface
  • Bug fix: fixed the unresponsive "Feedback by Email" button on the upper right menu under Win10 system

Version #: – January 23 2017

  • Improved the tooltip in the "Special Features - Share File" entrance
  • Updated the copyright dates in "About WPS Writer/Presentation/Spreadsheets"
  • Updated multi-language versions

Version #: – December 16 2016

  • Added support for the WPS Premium subscription service. Purchasing one account activates the premium features across your Android and Windows PC devices.
  • Added the brand new WPS Cloud feature, providing an online service for previewing, editing, saving, and sharing files, which automatically syncs on all of your devices running WPS Office.
  • Improved the File Open and Save dialog boxes, making it easier to access your files stored locally and on the WPS Cloud.
  • Optimized the File Roaming page for a better user experience.
WPS Writer
  • Bug fix for the PDF to Word feature.
WPS Presentation
  • Bug Fix to repair the crash problem caused by using shortcut keys under certain environment conditions.
WPS Spreadsheets
  • Added a Custom Error Bars feature.

Version #: – December 08 2016

  • Bug fix for upgrading under certain environment conditions.

Version #: – October 31 2016

  • Added a clipboard entry (Home->Copy; shortcut: [Ctrl+C]×2).
  • Added entries for customizing chart elements (Select a chart->Chart Tools->Add Chart Element->Axis, Axis Title, Chart Title, Data Labels, Data Table, Error Bars, Gridlines, Legend, Lines, Trendline, Up/Down Bars->More Option).
  • Bug Fix: Incorrect display of words after changing language in Russian version.
  • Bug Fix: Incorrect spelling in file recovery settings in English version.
WPS Writer
  • Added a "Phonetic Guide" for Russian version (Главная->Фонетическое руководство).
  • Bug Fix: Heading styles font will now use default theme font.
  • Support for entering non-break spaces by shortcut key [Ctrl+Shift+Space].
WPS Presentation
  • Bug Fix: Crash problem under certain environment conditions repaired.
WPS Spreadsheets
  • Bug Fix: Decimal point preference (period or comma) will now follow system settings.
  • Bug Fix: When editing cells, the auto complete list will now show recommended words in both upper- and lower-case.

Version #: – September 14 2016

  • Support for customizing the Quick Access Toolbar, allowing for more convenient access to commonly used tools
  • Support for switching between open documents by pressing Ctrl+Tab.
  • Better picture preview: support for both full-screen and standard previews.
  • Support for compound type in WordArt.
  • Added backup interval settings. (Main Menu -> Options -> Backup Settings).
  • Bug fix: Icons no longer appear too small on high resolution screens.
WPS Writer
  • Added vertical alignment settings for vertical textbox.
WPS Presentation
  • Support for exporting to video. (Special Features -> Export to Video)
  • Support for converting to Word document. (Special Features -> Convert to Word Document)
  • Support for exporting to images. (Special Features -> Export to Image)
  • Added two Smart Guides: Border/Center alignment line and Equal Distance line for easier object positioning.
  • Improved video insertion and playback, added "Video Tools" tab.
  • Bug fix: crash problem under certain environments.
WPS Spreadsheets
  • Conditional Formatting now supports more than 3 simultaneous conditions, adding rules such as Data Bars, Color Scales, and Icon Sets.
  • Support for directly showing comments, editing comment box size, font, and font size.
  • Support for printing comments.
  • Support for Document Slimming, allowing users to reduce document size. (Special Features -> Document Slimming)
  • Bug fix: currency format in cells failed to display correctly under certain zoom scales.
  • Bug fix: Auto fill cells when entering duplicated values (#260736).

Version #: – August 9 2016

  • Added "Eye Protection Mode" option to the classic interface of WPS Writer and WPS Spreadsheets.
WPS Writer
  • Support for converting PDF to DOC/DOCX (Special Features -> PDF to Word), plus split and merge PDF files.
  • Support for showing and hiding crop marks (Options->View->Show crop marks).
  • Added a "Phonetic Guide" entry.
  • Bug Fix: Quotation marks no longer counted as words by the Word Count feature.
  • For languages other than English, changed the default web page encoding to UTF8.
WPS Presentation
  • Ruler measurement units now use system settings.

Version #: – July 23 2016

  • Bug fix for activation failure when setting the internet connection of WPS Office as Automatically Detect Proxy Settings in IE while the proxy settings in IE is null.

Version #: – July 14 2016

  • Added support for changing measurement units in Spreadsheets and Presentation.
    (Option->General and Save->Measurement units).
    Default unit now follows the system settings.
  • Added ability to switch between Simple Chinese and Traditional Chinese in the English version.
  • Fixed the bug that prevented enterprise users activating WPS Office if they used a proxy server for internet connection.
    (WPS Office Configuration Tools ->Update Settings ->Internet Connection)
  • Fixed the application window bug that prevented window from being adjusted to a minimum size.
  • Fixed the temporary file cleaning bug in Writer and Presentation when saving files to the Egnyte Drive folder.
  • Fixed the bug that caused Endnote and OpenXML/ODF Translator Add-ins for Office to not be loaded correctly.
WPS Writer
  • Fixed the bug that caused Writer to sometimes crash when users created or printed an envelope.
  • Fixed the bug that prevented three dots (...) from being automatically replaced as Horizontal Ellipsis.
  • Fixed the bug that automatically capitalized the first letter of a word next to ellipsis.
WPS Spreadsheets
  • Fixed the bug that caused Russian letters to overlap when the font is set to italic Calibri.
  • Fixed the malfunction of Subtotal feature in Spanish, French, German and Russian version.
  • Fixed the bug where under English (United Kingdom) setting, Spreadsheets did not show the English Pound mark ₤ when setting the cell format to default currency format.
  • Fixed the bug where under Vietnamese (Vietnam) setting, if users first input the date as day/month/year, date format would change when users edited the cell again.

Version #: – June 2 2016

  • Bug Fix: In new blank documents, Line Spacing cannot be changed to Single when setting the text font of a paragraph to 14pt or above.

Version #: – May 5 2016

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Version #: – April 13 2016

  • Improved WPS Office stability and fixed a bug that caused a crash when opening some documents.
WPS Writer
  • Supports correcting and formatting text as you type (Options->Edit->AutoCorrect->Replace text as you type->Option)
  • Supports select text font for Delivery and Return Address.
  • Supports align text to the left by default for all new blank documents.
WPS Presentation
  • Bug Fix: Slide show issues resolved when opening a PPS/PPSX/PPSM document.
  • Bug Fix: Background pictures can be applied/changed, included GIF support.

Version #: – March 3 2016

  • Added support for Spanish, French and Portuguese.
  • Fixed the bug that text font is changed after inserting special symbols (Insert -> Symbol).

Version #: – February 2 2016

  • Added support for Russian.
  • Fixed the bug that WPS cannot automatically upload files to cloud after File Roaming feature is enabled.

Version #: – January 27 2016

  • New Feature: Added stylistically rich 2D and 3D text effects.
  • New Feature: Added a Paste Link feature.
  • New Feature: Added new document themes (including colors, fonts and effects) to easily change the overall design of current document.
  • New Feature: Redesigned WordArt to be more compatible with Microsoft's SmartArt.
  • New Feature: Introduced new charts with new colors and effects to be more compatible with Microsoft.
  • New Feature: Added compatibilty for SmartArt.
  • New Feature: Added new 2016 White interface options.
  • New Feature: Added a Picture Preview feature.
  • New Feature: Added a Color Picker feature.
  • New Feature: Added a Compatibility Mode feature.
  • Optimization: Improved compatibility for switching between DOC/XLS/PPT format documents and DOCX/XLSX/PPTX format documents.
  • Optimization: Changed default settings to automatically create and save documents in DOCX, XLSX and PPTX file formats.
  • Bug Fix: Overflow vulnerability (Bug Id:#236479). Learn More
  • Bug Fix: Overflow vulnerability (Bug Id:#236468). Learn More
WPS Writer
  • New Feature: Introduced a new Drawing Canvas for inserting objects and drawing flow charts.
  • New Feature: Now capable of opening, viewing, and printing PDF documents.
WPS Presentation
  • New Feature: Additional text directions options in text boxes (horizontal, vertical and rotate).
  • New Feature: Added a Reading View function.
  • New Feature: Added new features: Handout Master, Notes Master and Notes Page to meet different printing needs.
  • New Feature: Added support for adding audio, video, and background music.
  • New Feature: Added the ability to use the toolbar to control audio, video and background music (Play, Pause, Move forward or backward).
  • Optimization: Added the ability to create, edit, and save documents in PPTX format.
WPS Spreadsheets
  • New Feature: Additional text direction options in text boxes (horizontal, vertical and rotate).
  • New Feature: Added an Insert Table feature.
  • New Feature: Added support for XLTM and XLTX formats.

Version #: – January 22 2016

  • Fixed the bug that lines break in the middle of Russian words (Cyrillic).
  • Fixed the bug that lowercase “i” is auto-corrected to uppercase “I” when inputting non-English text. Users can change the settings in Options->Edit->AutoCorrect->Replace text as you type.

Version #: – December 25 2015

  • Fixed the bug that messy codes appear when first enter numbers using Croatia, Romanian, Hungarian or other keyboard.
  • Fixed the bug that users cannot disable “Capitalize first letter of sentences” feature under “AutoCorrect” option.

Version #: – October 15 2015

  • Added support for customizing shortcuts (Options -> General and Save -> Shortcuts)
  • Bug fix for ‘Activate Software’ notification on already activated copy of WPS.
  • Bug fix for blurred icons on some high DPI display screens (such as 15.6-inch 1080P full-HD screen).
  • Bug fix for oversized Options dialog box on some small-size screens.

Version #: – September 22 2015

  • Thesaurus support for English, French, German, Spanish and Russia
  • Added supports for inserts and print envelopes.
  • Now supporting Polish language.
  • Bug Fix for Windows 10 systems, WPS Office shortcut in Start Menu after installing.
  • Bug Fix for multi-language version of Spreadsheets that can now recognizes and/or load macro functions (like YIELD).

Version #: – August 20 2015

  • Supports popup Touch keyboard for entering under touch mode
  • Supports Russian and Brazilian Portuguese spell check
  • Solved the problem of the garbled “Upload to WPS Office Cloud” on File Explorer right-click menu
  • Solved the problem that setting “Use small taskbar buttons” in taskbar properties after opening WPS Office would crash the program
WPS Writer
  • Supports Smart Document, can add and attach XML expansion packs
  • Supports AutoCorrect lowercase “i” to uppercase “I”
  • Supports entering the quotation marks in Russian, German, and French
WPS Presentation
  • Supports entering the quotation marks in Russian, German, and French
WPS Spreadsheets
  • Functions have been localized to Russian, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Brazilian Portuguese
  • Enables “Ctrl+Shift+Number 1-7” as shortcut keys to quickly set the number format of cells
  • Enables “Alt+Shift+Right” as the shortcut key for “Group”, and “Alt+Shift+Left” for “Ungroup”
  • Supports importing igy file exported by SharePoint

Version #: – July 17 2015

  • Update maintains the selected UI language.
  • Supports check and download new language packages through “Choose Language” dialog box
  • Supports Touch Mode (Customize Quick Access -> Touch Mode) for better using on touch-screen and 2-in-1 devices
  • Fixed the problem that DMY date formats such as “dd/mm/yyyy” could not be used in WPS Spreadsheets for some regions (India, Indonesia, Europe, etc.)
  • File extensions visible on “Save As” menu

Version #: 9.1.5106 – June 15 2015

  • Russian support
  • Improved translation for multi-language versions
  • Better display on high resolution screens
  • Supports one PC device active once, all users are available

Version #: – May 23 2015

  • Allow users to access premium features 3 more times after expiration
  • Improved translation for multi-language versions
  • Fixed issue with Writer restricting saving Office Open XML files as other formats after expiration

Version #: – April 28 2015

  • Scrolling on touch screen
  • Zooming on touch screen

Version #: – April 16 2015

  • Portuguese (Brazil & Portugal) and Spanish (Mexico & Spain) support
  • Improved French and German translations