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4 Effective Ways To Convert Numbers To Words In WPS Spreadsheet

October 23, 2023

Working with numbers in spreadsheets and struggling to make sense of all those digits? Converting numeric values into written words can significantly improve readability and understanding.

Using simple built-in functions, this guide will show you how to turn numbers into spelled-out text within your WPS Spreadsheets quickly. Read on to learn how to Convert numbers to Words In the WPS Spreadsheet.

Using Format Cells Option To Convert Integers To Words

Step 1: Highlight the numerical values in the spreadsheet that you want to change from numbers to text words.

Tip: Double-check that you have selected the correct cells before applying the format change. Converting numbers to text is permanent, so you want to be sure.

Step 2: Right-click the highlighted cells and select the Format Cells option from the menu.

‘Convert Number To Words In WPS Spreadsheet’

‘Convert Number To Words In WPS Spreadsheet’

Step 3: In the Format Cells window, click the Number tab and choose the Text category.

Convert Number To Words In WPS Spreadsheet’

Convert Number To Words In WPS Spreadsheet’

Tip: The Text option may be under General, Number, or Custom categories in some versions of Excel. Look around if you do not see it under Number.

Step 4: Click the OK button to apply the text format to the selected cells. The alignment of the cells will switch to left-aligned, which indicates they now contain text.

Tip: If the alignment doesn't change to the left, the format change may not have been appropriately applied. Try again.

Step 5: The numbers will automatically convert to their word versions once the text format is applied. This method quickly transforms the integers without needing to adjust any number formatting.

Using The Text To Columns Wizard

Step 1: Highlight or select the Excel spreadsheet column containing the numbers you want to convert to text.

Step 2: Go to the Data tab at the top and click the Text to Columns button, which looks like two columns with an arrow.

Convert Number To Words In WPS Spreadsheet

Convert Number To Words In WPS Spreadsheet

Step 3: Click through the first two screens of the Text to Columns wizard without changing anything.

‘How To Convert Number To Text

‘How To Convert Number To Text

Step 4: Choose the Text radio button under Column data format on the third screen. This tells Excel you want to convert to text.

Step 5: Click Finish. The numbers in the selected column will now be converted and displayed as text strings instead of number values.

The Text to Columns wizard is straightforward for simple text conversions like this. I find it faster than creating formulas to convert numbers to text.

One thing to watch out for is if you have any formatting applied to the numbers, like currency symbols or decimal places. The text conversion will remove all formatting, so be aware of that.

Adding An Apostrophe (If Only 2 Or 3 Cells)

Step 1: Select the cell you want to convert to text.

Step 2: Type an apostrophe (') before the number in the cell.

Step 3: Press Enter after typing the apostrophe and number.

How To Convert Number To Text

How To Convert Number To Text

Step 4: The number will change to left alignment, indicating it is now text. And the leading zeros will appear for the number since it is stored as text


Step 6: Repeat Steps 1-4 for each cell you want to convert to text by adding an apostrophe.

Step 7: The apostrophe tells Excel to treat the number as text instead of a value.

Step 9: The text numbers with apostrophes cannot be used in calculations.

Step 10: Remove the apostrophe to convert text numbers back to values.

‘How To Convert Text To Number

‘How To Convert Text To Number

Reminder: The apostrophe tells Excel to treat that number as text instead of a value. This is evident by the left alignment and any leading zeros displayed. Once converted to text with an apostrophe, you cannot use those numbers in calculations or math functions.

It is best practice to highlight or distinguish these text numbers in some way for your reference. Be mindful that copying or sorting these text-number cells retains the formatting. To convert back to regular number format, just remove the apostrophe prefix.

Applying Functions

WPS Text Function

The Text function in WPS Spreadsheets converts numbers into text with custom formatting like Excel. It takes a number and format code as inputs. The format code controls how the number is displayed, such as decimal places, commas, currencies, etc. Text converts the value to text while applying the format code. This is useful in WPS to format numbers as text without affecting calculations.

Step 1: Enter the number you want to convert in a cell.

Step 2: In another cell, enter the TEXT formula. The basic syntax is =TEXT(value, format_text). For example, =TEXT(A1, "0") to display the number without formatting.

Step 3: For the format_text parameter, enter the formatting you want to apply to the number. Some examples:

  • "0" displays the number with no formatting

  • "0.00" indicates the number to 2 decimal places

  • "$#,##0" shows the number with comma formatting and a dollar sign

  • "0%" displays the number as a percentage

  • "0.00E+00" displays the number in scientific notation

How To Convert Text To Number’

How To Convert Text To Number’

Step 4: Press Enter to complete the formula. The number in cell A1 will be converted to text with the specified formatting.

Step 5: You can drag the formula down to apply it to other cells. The text function converts the numbers while maintaining the formatting.

Convert Number To Words Formula

Convert Number To Words Formula


The WPS DOLLAR Function converts a number to text formatted as currency. It adds a leading dollar sign and comma separators to the number.

The function has two arguments - the number to convert and an optional decimal place parameter. Omitting the decimals will default to two decimal places.

DOLLAR helps format financial data and currency values in a spreadsheet. The text output makes it easy to display currency numbers.

Here are the steps for using the WPS DOLLAR Function to convert a number to text:

Step 1: Enter the number you want to convert in a cell.

Step 2: In another cell, enter the DOLLAR function '=' followed by DOLLAR(A1,2) to convert the number in A1 to text with two decimal places.

Convert Number To Words Formula

Convert Number To Words Formula

Step 3: Press Enter. The number in A1 will be converted to text as $1,234,567.89

Step 4: To change the number of decimal places, simply change the second argument in the DOLLAR function. For example, DOLLAR(A1,0) would convert the number to text without any decimal places, displaying it as $1,234,568.

Step 5: Replace A1 with the desired cell reference to reference a different cell. For example, DOLLAR(B5,1) would convert the number in cell B5 to text with one decimal place.

Step 6: The DOLLAR function converts the number to text, applying currency formatting with the $ symbol and comma separators. That makes it easy to display currency values in Excel.

Convert Number To Words In WPS Spreadsheet’

Convert Number To Words In WPS Spreadsheet’

WPS FIXED Function

The WPS FIXED function converts numbers to text. It rounds numbers to a specified decimal place. Commas can be added or omitted in the text format. The FIXED process helps format numbers for display or printing.

Step 1: Enter the number you want to convert to text. It is the required number argument.

Step 2: Optionally, enter the number of decimals you want to round to. If not documented, it will default to 2 decimals.

‘Convert Number To Words In WPS Spreadsheet’

‘Convert Number To Words In WPS Spreadsheet’

Step 3: Optionally, enter TRUE for the no commas argument if you don't want commas in the number or FALSE if you want commas.

Step 4: The function will return the number converted to text, rounded to the specified decimals.

Step 5: Commas will be added or omitted based on the no-commas argument.

Convert Number To Words In WPS Spreadsheet

Convert Number To Words In WPS Spreadsheet

So, for example, if you entered =FIXED(123.456, 1, TRUE), it would return "123.5" as text without commas. But if you entered =FIXED(1234567, 0, FALSE), it would return "1,234,567" with commas.

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How To Convert Text To Number In WPS Spreadsheet?

Select the target cells to convert text to numbers in the WPS Spreadsheet. Look for a yellow diamond icon with an exclamation point near your selection. Click on it to open the error-checking menu, and from there, choose "Convert to Number." This simple process will swiftly convert your text into a numeric format for easy calculations and data manipulation.

How Do I Convert Numbers To Words In Excel?

Excel's "SPELLNUMBER" function can convert numbers to words. For instance, if you input "=SPELLNUMBER(1234.56)" into a cell, Excel will display "One Thousand Two Hundred Thirty-Four Dollars and Fifty-Six Cents." This function is a handy tool for converting numerical data into a more human-readable format, particularly useful for financial and document preparation tasks in Excel.

Can I Customize The Currency Or Language Of The Converted Words?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to customize the currency or language of the converted words when using the "SPELLNUMBER" function in Excel. This function is limited to the default currency, USD, and relies on the language settings configured in your Excel software.


The article outlines how to convert numbers to text in WPS Spreadsheets using built-in functions like Text, Dollar, and Fixed. It provides step-by-step instructions for applying text formatting to cells, using the Text to Columns wizard, adding apostrophes, and leveraging formulas to convert numbers to spelled-out words or custom currency and decimal formats.

WPS Office is highlighted as a compelling free alternative to Microsoft Office, offering a full suite of apps including Writer, Spreadsheets, Presentation, and PDF editor. With over 500 million users globally, WPS Office offers robust capabilities rivaling Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Acrobat but completely free.

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