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5 Simple Ways to Delete a Blank Page in Word 2016

July 22, 2022

How word delete a blank page 4 simple ways? Managing the word pages is challenging for those who are just starting to handle all the written work in documents. In short, an experience-level person makes mistakes more often and wants a solution to get rid of blank pages. If you're one of them you faced the same challenges in your early days by using 4 simple ways that word deletes blank pages easily. In this article, you're going to learn all the step-by-step procedures of how to remove blank pages in word 4 simple ways.

1. Using the Delete Key

Follow the procedure of the given instructions to remove the blank page in word. All the steps with visuals are based on facts and give a clear understanding of the fact.


1. Open your document in word and click on the Backspace at the start of the page.

2. Click on the view tab and select the navigation pane option.

3. Now click on pages from the navigation pane.

4. Select the pages and press DELETE to remove the blank page.


  • Simple and quick solution

  • The beginner to advanced level people could easily understand it.


  • Multiple presses of the Delete key may be required for longer blank pages

2. Using Keyboard Shortcuts


Hold down the Ctrl key while pressing the Backspace key. Continue pressing the Backspace key until the empty page is removed.


  • Convenient and fast method

  • Easy to execute by holding down Ctrl and pressing Backspace.


  • Multiple presses of the Backspace key may be needed for longer blank pages.

3. Using the Find and Replace Feature


Click the "Edit" button in the Word menu bar, then pick "Find" (or press Ctrl + H), put “^m^p” in the Find box (represents finding a blank paragraph), click the "Replace" button, leave the Replace field empty, then click the "Replace All" button to eliminate all empty pages.


  • Can delete all blank pages in the entire document at once.

  • Offers a comprehensive solution for removing blank pages.


  • There is a risk of accidentally deleting other unintended blank paragraphs.

4. Adjusting Page Margins


Click the "Layout" option in the Word menu bar, then "Margins," and then alter the margin settings in the Page Setup box to merge the empty page with the preceding page or delete it.


  • Provides flexibility to merge the blank page with the previous page or adjust margins for removal.

  • Allows customization of page layout to eliminate blank pages.


  • Manual adjustment may be required to maintain consistent margin settings throughout the document.

5. Using section breaks for deletion


In the Word menu bar, Select View pick "Draft" view, find the section break for the empty page, and select and delete it to eliminate the entire empty page.


  • Precise removal of the section break containing the blank page.

  • Enables targeted deletion while preserving other content.


  • Requires locating and deleting section breaks in Draft view, which may involve additional steps.

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How Word Delete Several Blank Pages in Word 2016

Simple is always best than complicated and for removing several blank pages in word 2016 everyone should prefer the easy way. Follow the step-by-step instructions given below and remove blank pages.

1. Start to click at the beginning of the blank pages.

2. Hold the shift button and drag to click at the end of blank pages.

3. Select all the blank pages and make sure all of them are selected.

4. Hit the Backspace or Delete button to remove the pages instantly.

You've to use these 4 steps to remove blank pages in word 2016.

How Words Delete the Blank Pages by Removing Paragraph Marks on Mac

Read the given instruction below to remove the blank page in word on Mac.

1. open your document on Mac from the menu.

2. Press option+ command+ G to open find and replace.

3. Open the home tab and click on the paragraph icon.

4. Highlight all the paragraph marks and press DELETE to remove all the blank pages in word.

Once all the paragraphs are deleted your word page is automatically removed with the paragraphs from the word document.

How Words Delete a Last Blank Page Free

The last page appears at the End due to any page break or other issues that impact it. Read the instructions that are given below to remove the last blank page for free.

1. Open the Home tab and click on paragraph sections.

2. Place your cursor at the End of the word document.

3. Now go to the Spacing section and Select Exactly 1pt line spacing.

4. Setting line spacing on 1 and last blank page removed freely.

How to Delete a Blank Page in WPS


Step 1 Highlight and select all of the material on the blank page, including any blank lines or white spaces.

Step 2 To delete the chosen content, press the "Backspace" or "Delete" key.

Step 3 Examine the manuscript for any more blank pages. If this is the case, repeat steps 1 and 2 until all blank pages have been erased.

Step 4 Save and close the document, then reopen it to see if the blank page has been removed properly.


  • Step-by-step advice for typical problems and activities.

  • Different WPS Office packages may have their own sections.


  • There is little user involvement and community support.

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How do I Delete an extra blank page in Word?

To delete an extra blank page in Word, you can follow these steps:

Step 1 Select the View tab > click the Navigation pane in the Show group.

Step 2 In the Navigation window, select Pages.

Step 3 Click on an empty page, then press the Delete key.

How do I Delete a blank page in Word that won't Delete?

If you have a blank page in Word that won't delete using the regular methods, you can try the following solutions:

  • Select and delete content: Place your cursor after the blank page and select all the content using the Shift key + down arrow. Press Delete to remove the content and the blank page.

  • Adjust page margins: Reduce top and bottom margins in the Page Setup window to make the content fit on the previous page. This may remove the blank page.

  • Check for section breaks: In Draft view, locate and delete any section breaks on the blank page. Press Delete after placing the cursor before the break.

  • Remove manual page breaks: Switch to Draft view, find and delete any manual page breaks before or after the blank page.

How do I Delete an extra blank page in pages?

In the toolbar, then Page Thumbnails, then choose the page you need to delete, and finally press Delete on your keyboard.


You've to follow the step-by-step instructions on How words delete a blank page in word documents.

In simple words, most peoples are struggled to find the perfect guide that solves their problems in minutes but moves back with confusion by scrolling through a lot of material.

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