Fastest way to design a simple title slide in powerpoint

March 4, 2022

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Are you still not a confident WPS Spreadsheet user and take title slide designing as a tricky matter? Don't worry. To help out, we've prepared this tutorial just for you.

· Example of creating a title slide in WPS Presentation

This is the final image we made:

The title slide does not require much information. If you are new to making slides, just remember a ground-rule: the simpler, the better.

To create a title slide, you need to insert a new slide first.

1. Click the Home tab, and then click New slide to insert a slide. As you can see,the default format is Title and Content, which is not suitable for a slide title.

2. Click Layout to select Title Slide, thus turning the slide into a blank slate.

3. Before we insert the text box into the title slide, lets add View Gridlines and Ruler to the slides so as to make the layout adjustment easier and more accurate.

4. Its time to add text to it. Click Insert > Text Box > Horizontal Text Box, and then drag to create your boxes and put text into them. In this case, we want the following information to display on the title slide: WPS OFFICE, Brief Introduction by WPS Academy, Learn office suite tutorials.

When you copy (Ctrl+C)and paste (Ctrl+V) the text into WPS Presentation, it will automatically generate a text box.

You can also click Insert > Text Box > Horizontal Text Box, and then drag to create your boxes and put text into them. Dont forget to set them white.

5. You can arrange elements in parallel, and then distinguish the primary and secondary by font size, like this:

6. Or, you can improve your sense of design.

     Here are some tips to gain it.

lUse different font colors to break tedium.

lApplydifferent font sizes to get the point.

lApplysimilarfont types to achieve harmony.

lChoose diverse arrangements to create a sense of hierarchy.

So, lets make an arrangement for this title slide.

Break WPS OFFICE into two parts (Ctrl+X and Ctrl+V) to create the sense of hierarchy, and give WPS another color.

Note: The remaining elements color should be unified so as to grab and keep peoples attention.

Align the elements with the help of Ruler and Gridlines.

Then, change the font sizes and types as you like.

In todays free WPS Office tutorial, we have learned a simple yet useful way to set a title slide in powerpoint. Similar to Microsoft Office, WPS Presentation is available for Windows, PC, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS devices.

WPS Office provides simple and professional tips to walk you through user-friendly presentation tools featured with clean and nice templates. Presentation is connected with other WPS Office functions.

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