How excel recover files that are unsaved

July 25, 2022

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Consider working on the critical report or dashboard where you did an outstanding job. Because of all the hard work you've put into it, you are very much satisfied. But you are not aware of that you missed the crucial step and forgot to save the excel file.

Excel recover files are your sole choice in such a situation. All you need to know about excel recover files is included in this article. There is a chance that the Excel Gods will look favorably upon you and grant you access to the file, but there is also a chance that you will not.

How excel Recover files that are New Unsaved Excel Files (that has never been saved)?

Even if WPS spreadsheet or your whole system crashes while you are working on anything, you may still retrieve the file you were working on since it was not saved.

1. Open a new WPS spreadsheet. Click on the menu, which will be on your upper left, right below the WPS office.

2. Now click on the backup and recovery option from the option bar, which will be open after clicking on the menu. And choose the auto backup option.

3. Now select the local backup from the window which will pop up following the auto back up. All of the documents you were working on are listed in the local backup window which are shown with numbers, and you can recover any of them.

4. Once you recovered the document you missed to save, now you have to save it. Just click on the menu and go to the save as option so that you can save your document.

How excel Recover files that are Updated (the previous version was saved)?

When you were working on a file and WPS Excel crashed (or the machine crashed, or the power went out), you may use this way to recover it. This method can be used for files that you have already saved. You still have the file that was saved before, but none of the modifications that you made are there.

1. Open a pre-existing WPS Excel spreadsheet of your choice.

2. You will notice a document recovery bar as soon as it opens, which will ask if you want to recover the data or the modification you missed saving. Just click on view more backup option.

3. When you will click on the view more backup option it will open the local backup option now you have to click on the plus sign which will be on the left side of the file of your choice. After clicking the plus sign you will get more option of your file now you can open the latest file.

4. Once you recovered the modification now you can save the new file with save as option to save the file with changes.

Another way how excels Recover Files that are unsaved

You can also recover your spreadsheet file in another way. You can just open the WPS office and you will get recent opened files. You can open the file you missed to save from here.

This article has described the procedure on how WPS excel recover files that are unsaved or save but the update was not saved. However, if you want to know more about WPS office, please visit the official website of WPS Academy You can also download WPS Office for free to edit Word/Excel/PPT/PDF from here.