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How to Recover Unsaved Word Document [For Office Workers]

May 8, 2024

As the author of this website, I understand the frustration and panic that ensues when hours of hard work vanish into thin air due to unexpected computer errors. For office workers, a lost document isn't just a setback; it's a nightmare. But fear not, as I unveil the secrets to reclaiming your valuable work effortlessly.

Common Issues with Recovering Unsaved Files

When it comes to recovering unsaved files, office workers often encounter several common hurdles that can impede the retrieval process. Understanding these challenges is crucial for devising effective solutions. Here are three prevalent issues:

1. Sometimes when you lose a file, you may not be able to retrieve it from the recovery place.

The recovery place

You head to the recovery spot, brimming with hope, only to find your precious file absent. This can happen for various reasons. Sometimes, the program might not have created a temporary backup, or the system might have overwritten it with newer data.

2.After reinstalling the system, you may wonder if you could recover unsaved files.

Reinstalling the system

After a fresh system reinstall, you realize you have unsaved files you desperately need. Unfortunately, reinstalling the operating system typically wipes your slate clean, making data recovery highly unlikely.

3.You may also feel frustrated when you can’t recover the latest version of your document.

You manage to recover a file, but it's not the latest version. This can be incredibly frustrating, especially if you've put in significant work since the last saved point. Automatic backups often occur at set intervals, so you might only recover a version from a while back.

3 Ways to Recover Unsaved Word Documents

Recover Unsaved Word Documents

Even with autosave features, there's always a chance of losing unsaved work. Luckily, WPS Office offers a few methods to get your precious documents back. Here are three ways to recover unsaved Word documents in WPS Office:

Use local backup to Recover Unsaved Word Documents

WPS Office creates temporary backup files in case of unexpected program termination. If you experience a power outage or a sudden application crash, these backups can be your lifesaver.

Here's how to recover unsaved documents using local backups:

Step 1: Restart WPS Writer: Launch WPS Writer again.

Launch WPS Office

Step 2: Look for the Recovery Prompt: Upon restarting, WPS Writer might prompt you with a "View Backup" option. Click on it to recover your unsaved file.

Note: If the prompt doesn't appear automatically, proceed to the next steps.

Step 3: Manual Backup Retrieval: If there's no automatic prompt, you can manually access the backups.

Click on the Writer tab.Navigate to Menu > Backup and Recovery > Auto Backup.

Manual Backup Retrieval

Step 4: Browse Backup Files: A backup management panel will appear. Click on View Details.

Browse Backup Files

Step 5: Find Your File: This section displays all your recovered files. Look for the document you want to retrieve based on its name or modification time.

Step 6: Recover and Save: Click "Open All" to open all recovered files, or select the specific file you need and click "Open". Remember to save the recovered file as a new document to avoid losing it again.

Click "Open All"

Use cloud backup to recover unsaved Word documents

In an era defined by digital connectivity, cloud backup emerges as a reliable solution for safeguarding your work. Here's how to utilize cloud backup with WPS Office:

Step 1: Access your WPS Office account and navigate to the cloud storage section.

the cloud storage section

Step 2: Locate the backup file containing your unsaved Word document.

Locate the backup file

Step 3: Select the file and choose the option to restore it.

Step 4: Follow the prompts to complete the restoration process seamlessly.

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Fix using documentation to recover unsaved Word documents

When conventional methods fail, turning to documentation can provide a viable solution, especially when utilizing the File Repair function. Here's how to employ this feature effectively:

Step 1: Launch WPS Office and locate the File Repair function within the application.

Step 2: Follow the prompts provided by the File Repair function to select and repair the unsaved Word document.

File Repair function

Step 3: Allow the software to scan and repair any corrupted or damaged files associated with the unsaved document.

the unsaved document

Step 4: Once the repair process is complete, ensure to save the recovered document promptly to prevent any potential data loss.

By following these instructions and utilizing the File Repair function as outlined in the documentation, you can effectively recover unsaved Word documents and reclaim your valuable work with confidence.

Tips: How to Avoid Losing Word Documents

Office workers understand the anxiety that accompanies the risk of losing files during their daily tasks. Fortunately, with the right tools and practices, you can minimize this risk significantly. Here are some tips, including examples of utilizing WPS Office features:

1. Automatic Save Function in WPS Office

WPS Office offers an automatic save function, which serves as a safeguard against unexpected circumstances that could lead to file loss. Here's how to enable and utilize this feature:

Step 1: Launch WPS Office on your device and open a new or existing document.

Step 2: Navigate to the settings or preferences menu within the application.

Step 3: Locate the "AutoSave" or "Backup" section and ensure that the automatic save function is enabled.

Locate the "AutoSave

Step 4: Set the frequency at which the application saves your work automatically, such as every few minutes or upon specific actions.

Set the frequency

Step 5: Once configured, WPS Office will continuously save your document in the background, minimizing the risk of data loss in case of unexpected events.

2. Utilize WPS Cloud for Secure Storage

WPS Cloud icon

For an extra layer of security, consider using WPS Cloud Storage, a premium feature. With cloud storage enabled, your documents are automatically synced to the cloud. This allows you to access and recover them from any device with an internet connection, providing peace of mind in case your primary device malfunctions.

Note: Using WPS Cloud Storage requires a WPS Office Premium subscription. The steps for enabling cloud storage might differ slightly depending on the WPS Office version.

Bonus Tip: Save Early and Often!

Developing the habit of saving your work frequently is a vital practice, regardless of automatic backups and cloud storage. This ensures you don't lose significant progress even if unexpected situations occur.

By following these tips and utilizing WPS Office's built-in features, you can significantly reduce the risk of losing your valuable documents. Remember, a proactive approach is always better than scrambling to recover lost data!


3. Enhance Efficiency with WPS AI

WPS AI logo

In addition to file security features, WPS Office offers AI-powered functionalities to enhance your productivity. Explore WPS AI to:

  • Organize file data with ease, allowing you to locate information quickly.

  • Beautify file content by leveraging AI suggestions for improved formatting and style.

These AI features empower you to work smarter, not harder, maximizing your efficiency in WPS Office.

By implementing these tips and utilizing WPS Office features such as the automatic save function, WPS Cloud, and WPS AI, you can significantly reduce the risk of losing Word documents and enhance your productivity in the workplace.

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FAQs about How to Recover Unsaved Word Document for Office Workers

Can I recover a Word document that I clicked and didn't save?

Yes, it is possible to recover a Word document that you clicked but didn't save. Microsoft Word often creates temporary files known as "AutoRecover" files while you're working on a document. These files serve as backups in case of unexpected interruptions or crashes.

How to Recover Unsaved Word Documents on Android

1. Check for App Autosave: Some apps, like WPS Office, might autosave even for unopened docs. Look for an "Auto Backup" option within the app.

2. Look at Recently Opened Files: Many apps have a "Recent" list. The document you clicked might be there even if unsaved.

3. Search for Temporary Files (For Tech Savvy): This is tricky! Use a file explorer app to search for hidden files with extensions like ".tmp" or ".docx" created recently in your main storage.

Can I recover a Word doc that I didn't Save Mac?

Yes, you can recover a Word document that you didn't save on a Mac using several methods:

  • Check the AutoRecovery Folder: Microsoft Word for Mac creates temporary AutoRecovery files while you work on a document.

  • Search for Temporary Files: Sometimes, Word creates temporary files while you're working on a document. These files might contain unsaved changes.

  • Check the Trash: If you accidentally deleted the document, check the Trash on your Mac to see if it's there. If you find the document, restore it to its original location.


In conclusion, mastering the art of recovering unsaved Word documents is a game-changer for office workers worldwide. With WPS Office by your side, you can bid farewell to the fear of lost work and embrace a future filled with productivity and peace of mind.

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