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How to recover unsaved excel files in windows and mac

February 13, 2023

All of us have been there. Imagine, you have spent a lot of effort on a document and you thought you were done for the day. But, suddenly you are forced to shut down without saving it, you ran out of the battery, power outage or the application closes on its own. It is a scary feeling. Now your only way out is to try and watch tutorials on how to recover unsaved the excel files.

Thankfully, WPS office have backup that you can use to recover unsaved excel files. All these methods to recover unsaved excel files are applicable on all WPS versions (2016,2019,etc). Here is how you can recover unsaved excel files on windows, mac and android devices.

In order to avoid data loss due to WPS application or computer crashes, formatted drives, virus attacks, or other circumstances, WPS office is built with an Auto Backup feature that makes backup files automatically whenever it is needed. You can attempt to make the recovery through it when you would like to recover unsaved excel files from a WPS Office. This method works in both windows and mac.

You have the option to restart your WPS application to access the auto-backup files if you lost a WPS document that was not saved. You should stay patient and wait up to a minute, pop-up prompt will appear when you reopen WPS. Unsaved files in WPS documents can be readily found and recovered there.

How to recover unsaved excel files from backup management

When you restart the WPS programme and still can't find anything, you don’t need to worry as you can opt to restore the lost WPS files from a local backup file. You can use backup management option both on windows and mac.

Open your WPS programme, and from the drop-down menu, select the Backup Management tab. Now, using the Backup Management panel on the right, you may locate your missing data. These WPS documents may be opened and saved here. This method is compatible with both windows and mac.

How to recover unsaved excel file in android

When working on a WPS Office file on an Android device, if the document is lost or erased, you can attempt professional Android recovery tool to get it back.

A excellent option is MobiSaver for Android Free, which can recover any common data kinds like documents, photographs, audio, messages, excel files and more. It is available for free download, so you can try it whenever you need it.

Here is how to recover unsaved excel files in android.

  1. Launch MobiSaver for Android Free on your computer, then use a UBS connection to connect your Android phone to it.

  2. The lost WPS files will be immediately extracted once the connection is established.

  3. All of your Android files will be listed in specific data kinds after the scanning is finished. To access the specific information of each file, click Documents, and then look in the right window.

  4. In order to save all of the WPS documents you want to recover, select them all before clicking Recover.

Did you learn about how to recover unsaved excel files? You can follow WPS Academy to learn more features of Word Document, Excel Spreadsheets and PowerPoint Slides.

You can also download WPS Office to edit the word documents, excel, PowerPoint for free of cost. Download now! And get an easy and enjoyable working experience. 

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