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How to add footer in excel on mac

August 1, 2022

Detailing the documents is very important, giving those who will use or read them the opportunity to have elements that facilitate the search for information in them. One of the ways to do it is knowing how to add footer in excel, a tool not used as much but very functional so that the documents have relevant and helpful elements.

These procedures are applicable in the WPS Office system and common Excel documents, resulting in an immediate view of the footer after its location. Here you will know 3 different ways to do it, taking into account the application on Mac for those who work with this operating system.

How to add footer in excel without customizing it?

Knowing how to add footer in excel 2019, it is possible to find the easiest way to achieve it using standardized tools without customizing the content, being as follows:

In the Excel worksheet, select the one you want to work on by choosing it at the bottom of the document.

In the sheet, press the Page Layout option in the upper left.

Open the Page Setup dialog by clicking the small square with an arrow at the bottom of the Page Setup panel.

Click the Header/Footer tab at the top of the dialog.

In the Footer menu, you can select the layout among the presets.

Tap Print Preview to review how the footer looks as printed.

Press the Back button so that you return to Page Setup, being able to apply other changes you want if they are not the ones you wanted.

Click OK when you finish all the details, and you can see the footer at the bottom of the printed sheet.

How to add footer in excel on multiple pages at once?

When you go to know how to add footer in excel 2016 or other versions, you have the opportunity to assume the creation of a footer on all pages. For this, it is necessary to comply with the following steps:

Select the sheets where you want to add the same footer in the worksheet.

Tap Insert at the top of the document.

Tap Text and click Header & Footer.

Move to the bottom of the page and select the footer area.

Enter the footer you want to use and click anywhere on the sheet to see the final result.

How to add footer in excel in a custom way from a Mac device?

It is also possible to know how to add footer in excel Mac, as it is well known that not all operating systems have the same behavior when activating these options. For this case, you must apply the following process:

Within the View Menu, click on Header and Footer, thus finding the Page Setup box. This is where you will see the Header or Footer dropdown menu. Select Default Header or Footer and then hit OK to see the final result.

This way, you will be able to see the final results in any of the alternatives you choose, considering the one that is functional to the operating system you use, be it Windows or Mac.

Even if you search for how to add footer in excel online, you can apply the procedures that are functional with Windows, especially if you work with Google tools but remember that it is more functional with WPS Office.

At the time of how to add footer in excel with these strategies, you will be able to facilitate any work within Excel that requires using footers in all the sheets you use.

Thus, optimize your work time and learn more about other functions within the program.

You can also download WPS Office to edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents for free. Download now! And get an easy and enjoyable working experience.

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