How to insert footer in excel

July 25, 2022

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A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

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In Excel spreadsheets, you can also insert footer in Excel to place dates, names, etc. Another option is to use the Page Setup dialog box to insert the headings you need into your text box. In this way, you can identify your work so that the other person considers the purpose.

It is always necessary to have a good title in all your content. In this way, you will not waste more time. By insert footer in excel, you will be able to identify them, and you will see that it will be much easier to find your documents, both for you and other users. Headers are made up of footer, page number, date, time, sheet name, etc.

How to insert footer in Excel?

You can add or change the headings with the Excel program's page layouts. Insert footer in Excel, it will not take much time, and you will also be able to organize your work more easily.

1. Go to the spreadsheet and click where you want to place the header or footer.

2. In the Insert tab, go to the text, and you will see Header and Footer. Click to add it (Excel will show you in Page Layout, the spreadsheet preview).

3. You can add or edit the header or footer by clicking the left, right, and center header text box.

To close headers or footers, you can click anywhere in the text box or make changes without saving press Esc.

How to insert footer in Excel online?

When insert footer in Excel, you can have a title, dates, or names to identify the document.

1. Open the Excel spreadsheet and click on the Insert tab.

2. Enter the Texts – Header and Footer session.

3. Click the left, right, or center cells to customize or edit the header.

4. Repeat step 3, but on the bottom side of the left, right, or center cells. You can use the Header and Footer Elements settings.

You benefit from using this setup as it gives you a high variety of predefined elements. For example, Page number, Filename, current date, file path, sheet name, etc. Once you insert the footer in Excel, you will be able to use any of those elements.

How to insert footer in Excel Mac?

Excel 2011 on Mac computers has been a success since you can use it to do all kinds of work and use headers. That is why they provide you with information on how insert footer in Excel tool, with basic and easy-to-use tips.

1. When entering the spreadsheet, move the cursor to the top or bottom to add headers.

2. Double click on the blank cells. You can be in any three regions, left, right, or center.

3. In the header or footer, you can write the text. You can press the keyboard button Esc to close or through the header dialog.

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