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How to Change X Axis Values in Excel

August 9, 2022

Often when we are working in Excel/Spreadsheet WPS, we have to make graphs of the data in order to have a clear depiction of the data and to understand the data more easily. Graphs in Excel/Spreadsheet WPS are made with the selected data. Sometimes, when we are shared some excel/spreadsheet files, we have to make changes to the graphs. Changing the graphs involves changing the values of X-axis and Y-axis in Excel/Spreadsheet WPS. Most people do not know how to change the values of X-axis of graphs in Excel/Spreadsheet WPS. It is very easy to change the values of X-axis in Excel/Spreadsheet WPS.

In this topic, we will discuss different methods by which we can change X-axis Values in Excel/Spreadsheet WPS (2016/2019/Mac/Online).  It is very easy to change X-axis values in Excel/Spreadsheet WPS (2016/2019/mac/online) and then you can easily change the graphs as per your requirements.

Different Ways to Change X-axis Values in Excel/Spreadsheet WPS

Change X-axis Values in Excel/Spreadsheet WPS Using Right Click

1. Open Excel/Spreadsheet WPS which contains the graph whose X-axis values you want to change. 

2.Right Click on the X-axis of the graph. A menu will open.

3.Click on Select Data option. A new window will open.

4.Under the Axis Labels (Category), click on the Edit button. A small window named Axis Labels will open.

5.Click on the highlighted button to select your desired range of data (values) for the X-axis. 

6.After selecting the values, again click on the same button or press Enter.

7.Now click on OK and then your graph’s X-axis values graph will change based on the X-axis values.

Change X-axis Values Interval (Text Based) in Excel/Spreadsheet WPS

In case the data on X-axis is based on text then they can be changed by the following method.

1.Open Excel/Spreadsheet WPS which contains the graph whose X-axis values you want to change. 

2.Right-click on the X-axis and then click on Format Axis. 

3.Now click on Axis Options button and in the Labels option, under Interval between labels, select Specify interval unit and type your desired interval value in the box next to it.

4.Close the window and the desired changes will be made to the X-axis values.

Note: This method only gives the options of text to be displayed on the X-axis and does not change the value of X-axis.

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How to Edit the X-Axis?

You can customize and optimize the presentation of your chart in Excel by editing the X-axis, which enables you to draw attention to important data points and more clearly communicate insights.


Step 1: Let’s revisit the previous graph which contained Sales over the years.

Step 2: We will add another column “Year #”, this column will tell us the sales generated by Brightsfield since it started its operations.

New column added to the table

Step 3: Move your cursor towards the X-Axis of your graph

X-axis of graph

Step 4: Right click on the X-Axis to open the right click menu and click on Select Data

Select Data option

Step 5: On the Edit Data Source dialog box, click on “Add” under “Legend Entries” to add our new column.

Edit data source dialog box

Step 6: Select the new column. This will add the new series to our graph.

Select new data column

Step 7: Our new series will be added. Make sure the “Year #” checkbox is checked and “Month” is unchecked.

New values for graph

Step 8: This will generate a new graph of Year # on the X-Axis.

Graph with new edited X-Axis values


Q1. How To Change Y-Axis Values in Excel?

The method of changing the Y-Axis values is very straightforward on WPS Office. Here’s how to do it:

  • Move the cursor towards the Y-Axis of your graph and right click on it.

  • On the right click menu, click on Select Data.

  • On the Edit Data Source dialog box, click on “Add” under “Legend Entries”.

  • On the Edit Series dialog box, select the new range for Y-Axis values and click “OK”

  • Under “Legend Entries” make sure the new Y-Axis label is checked and the old Y-Axis label is unchecked and click “OK”

  • Graph, with new Y-Axis values, will be displayed.

Q2. How to add axis labels in excel?

To add Axis labels in excel, follow these steps:

  • Go to excel, click on the chart

  • Click on the “+” at the top right corner of the chart and then select Axis title

  • Users can now add Horizontal and Vertical Axis titles.

Add Axis title on excel

Q3. How to Add a Secondary Axis in Excel Charts?

To add a Secondary Axis in Excel charts, users can follow these steps:

  • Select the Data set


  • On the ribbon menu, go to insert tab and then click on Recommended charts

  • On the list of chart types, go to Combo chart.

  • We will select ROI as our Secondary Axis

Chart type on excel
  • Our chart with ROI secondary axis will be displayed

Chart with Secondary Axis

Exploring X-Axis Control in Excel: Elevate Your Data Visualization Skills

Changing the X-Axis value in Excel can be a difficult task, especially if you're not tech-savvy. However, with the right guidance, you can easily change the X-Axis range, edit the X-Axis, and change the intervals on an X-Axis in Excel. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can make your Excel experience smoother and more efficient.

Additionally, if you're looking for an alternative to Excel, WPS Office is a great option that offers similar features and functionality. So, whether you're a student, business owner, or just someone who likes graphs and charts, mastering Excel is a valuable skill that can help you in many aspects of your life. Let WPS Office be your trusted companion on this Excel journey.

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