How to insert a checkbox in word document on Mac or Windows

April 20, 2022

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It is more than common to insert checkboxes in word document when we need to do application forms, tick boxes, and to-do lists in word document on Mac or Windows. You can click or fill in the checkboxes. It is a good choice to insert checkboxes in Microsoft Office or WPS Office Writer.

There are two main types of checkboxes: the first one is the interactive checkbox that let a user check the box while in the Word document on their computers, and the other one is not interactive that you'd use if you were printing something for people to fill out. Today, this article will introduce to you how to insert a checkbox in word document on Max or Windows.

How to insert a checkbox in word document ?

1. Head to the Insert tab to click the Forms drop-down button and select the Check Box Form Field button to insert a checkbox.

2. Double click the checkbox to pop up the Check Box Form Field Options dialog box.

3. We can click the Checked button under the Default value to check the box added.

How to set the form of checkboxes?

In the Check Box Form Field Options dialog box, we can set the Check box size, Default value, and so on.

1. Choose Exactly to set the Check box size.

2. Set the checkbox of Default value as Not checked or Checked.

How to delete the checkboxes in word document?

If we don't need the checkboxes, we can position the mouse cursor in front of the text to press Backspace to delete the checkboxes.

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