How to Insert a Checkbox in Word Document on Mac or Windows

April 20, 2022

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How to Insert Checkboxes in Word with Forms Button
How to Insert Checkboxes in Word with Symbol Button
How to Insert Checkboxes in Word Using the Developer Tab
How to Insert Checkboxes in Word with Bullet Button
How to Insert Checkboxes in Word Online
How to Delete Checkboxes in Word
Use WPS Office to Insert Checkboxes, This is Why
Final Words

It is more than common to insert checkboxes in word document when we need to do application forms, tick boxes, and to-do lists in word document on Mac or Windows. You can click or fill in the checkboxes. It is a good choice to insert checkboxes in Microsoft Office or WPS Office Writer.

There are two main types of checkboxes: the first one is the interactive checkbox that let a user check the box while in the Word document on their computers, and the other one is not interactive that you'd use if you were printing something for people to fill out. Today, this article will introduce to you how to insert a checkbox in word document on Max or Windows.

How to Insert Checkboxes in Word with Forms Button

Checkboxes lead to a clear representation of short yes/no or wrong/right options. In the following way, you can insert checkboxes in Word through WPS Office with the Forms Button.

You have to open the WPS Office and open your document that needs checkboxes to start following the steps shown below.

Step 1: Go to “Insert” on the toolbar

In the insert on the toolbar, you will see Forms when you go to the extreme right of the drop-down menu or it will be the last on the drop-down menu if you have a vertical drop-down.

Step 2: Choose “Forms” on the Insert drop-down menu

When you click on Forms, another drop-down menu will pop up on your screen to choose from.

Step 3: Go to “Checkbox from Fields” on the drop-down menu of Forms

When you click on the Checkbox form field, a checkbox will appear on your Word document on WPS Office.

Now that you have put the Checkboxes on the Word page, then you have to set the tick boxes or the checkboxes. This is how you can set the tick boxes.

Step 1: Double-click the checkbox to open another menu

A menu similar to the one shown in the image above will pop up on your Word screen when you double-click the checkbox that you have inserted on your Word page on WPS Office.

Step 2: Make the changes you require

You can change the size of the checkbox, tick it or make entries on the tick box. This menu will be the result of the checkbox and what you want to enter in the checkbox. You can tick it or cross it or do the required editing of the check box.

How to Insert Checkboxes in Word with Symbol Button

How to insert a checkbox in Word with the Symbol button is easy to understand through the images given below. It is a simple process that will take only a few seconds of your time to insert checkboxes in Word documents if done the right way.

Step 1: Go to the Symbol button on the toolbar of your Word document

The symbol button in WPS Office Document is used to denote many different types of symbols used for documents. These symbols are related to mathematics, algebra, and even common symbols like checkboxes.

Step 2: The symbol drop-down menu will have a lot of symbols. Choose the checkbox and click on it

It is an easy way to insert a checkbox into a Word document, however, one drawback in this is that you cannot change or adjust the size and enter details as you can in the checkboxes added on word through the Form button.

How to Insert Checkboxes in Word Using the Developer Tab

This method is for MS Office Word only. By using the Developer tab you can insert checkboxes on the Word Document only by editing on MS Word and no other forums like WPS or Google Docs, etc.

You can add checkboxes and also edit the checkboxes like putting a tick on it or making a cross using the same tool on the toolbar.

Step 1: Go to “File” on the toolbar

Step 2: Go to “Options”

When you click on “File” a drop-down menu will open. Then go to the “Option”.

Step 3: When you choose “Options”, a dialogue box will open. Go to the “Customize Ribbon” in the Dialogue box

Step 4: In the “Main Tab” Click on Developer to enable it on your toolbar

Go to the Main tab and then choose Developer to add developer to your toolbar.

Step 5: Click “OK” and you will see the “Developer” on your Word page ribbon

Step 6: Now click on “Developer” and add checkboxes to your Word

In the Developer tab on the ribbon, go to the controls section and click on the checkbox to insert checkboxes to your Word document.

You can also edit the checkboxes by clicking on the checkboxes. You can also change the size, shape, tick, etc on your checkboxes.

Click on “Properties” in the “Controls” Section of the “Developer” tab on the ribbon. In the “Properties,” you will be able to completely customize the check boxes according to your choice and preferences or requirements.

How to Insert Checkboxes in Word with Bullet Button

You can learn how to insert checkboxes in Word with bullet buttons, which will come in handy in MS Word and WPS Office.

Step 1: in your Word or WPS Office document, click on the bullets on the ribbon

Step 2: You can customize the Bullets and make the bullets into checkboxes to be printed and used as your to-do list, a survey form, or any other form.

Step 3: You can choose any symbol in the bullets character to be used as the check box on your Word document

Go to windings2 in the font and there you can find multiple checkboxes to select from

This is a great method when you need multiple symbols to be used as checkboxes or create lists that need to be ticked. However, this is not for clickable tick boxes. You can not change the size or font of the tick box. So it is a good option for printable forms but not for online surveys or documents that need feedback through checklists.

How to Insert Checkboxes in Word Online

This is the best method for Google Docs or online documents. This method is not useful for documents other than online documents. The checkboxes will disappear if you change the document from an online document to a downloaded or Word document.

When you go to Google Docs and choose a new document, you can apply checkboxes from the toolbar ribbon on the top.

The Google Docs present a checkboxes option under the bullets. You can choose and insert the tick boxes to your documents from there.

How to Delete Checkboxes in Word

If you change the scenario, you might have to delete instead of insert checkboxes from your Word document. Here is how you can delete the checkboxes from the Word document.

If you don’t want the data or the checkboxes, place the cursor in front of the checkbox and press backspace, it will erase the checkboxes and then you can press save to save the edits you have made on your Word or WPS document.

Use WPS Office to Insert Checkboxes, This is Why

You should look into installing or downloading the WPS Office for several reasons. You are going to simplify your office documentation through this simple Office app.

  • You can insert checkboxes to Word documents in three easy steps compatible with Word.

  • Insert checkbox in Word through Bullet

  • Insert the checkbox in Word through the Symbol button

  • Insert Checkbox in Word by Forms button

  • WPS is free to download and you can have a free trial for advanced functions. You can buy the premium advantages and tools of WPS Office Software once you have tried how easy it makes your work and you can wrap up loads of work in a matter of minutes, thanks to the easy processes and easy-to-use tools of WPS Office.

  • WPS is compatible with Windows, MAC, Linux, and several other online tools including MS Office. You can edit PDF, Word documents, etc on WPS Office.

  • WPS Office provides features that are comparatively more productive and efficient.

  • WPS is as easy as MS Word. you will find a lot of similarities between the two programs, so it won’t be difficult to use WPS Office if you are already familiar with MS Office.


Q: Can the size and shape of the checkbox be customized?

A: Yes the size and shape of the checkbox can be customized through a few methods. Not all methods are clickable so not each method will provide customizable options. The ones that allow you to customize the size are:

  • Insert checkbox in Word with Bullets

  • Insert checkbox in word with symbols

  • Insert checkbox in Word with Forms

Final Words

You have now learned how to insert checkboxes in Word. There are five easy and quick methods through which you can insert clickable and non-clickable checkboxes to your document. Depending on your requirement and preference you can choose any method discussed above, from adding a checkbox with forms to adding a tick box to online documents, all situations have been mentioned.

WPS Office is a great program if you have to insert a checkbox to Word for printable documents or even for normal Word documents that need to be clicked on the computer. WPS Office will make editing and inserting checkboxes easy for you.