How to insert page break in the WPS document

July 21, 2022

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Page break also known as hard page break is a command inserted by a software program telling the printer where to end the current page and begin the next page. Page breaks are inserted where one ends a page without filling it with text, hence they are highly important in thesis/dissertation or reports writings or also used in the formating of a document into different sections. Following are the types of page breaks:

  • Simple page breaks

  • Columnpage breaks

  • Text wrapping page break

  • Section Break

How to insert a page break in the WPS document? 

In order to insert page breaks in the WPS word document follow the following steps:

1. Open the WPS word document and put the cursor at the part of the document where you want to insert the page break.

2. Navigate to the menu and click insert.

3. On the insert tap, select the  page break option

4. From the page break option select the type of page break you want to insert in your WPS Word document.

5. Select the type of break and insert the page break in the selected WPS word document part and then press ok after that all the text on the right side of your document will move to the next page.

How to insert a section break in the WPS document?

To change the layout or formatting of pages in all sizes of documents, section breaks are used, for example, you can break down a document into chapters and add formatting such as columns, page borders, header, and footer. Hence to change formatting in the document section breaks are used.Insert any type of section break at the part where you want to change.Depending upon your requirement you can add  even section breaks, odd section break or next page section breaks

To insert a section break follow the following basic steps:

1. Click on part of the WPS word document where you want to insert a section break.

2. Go to layout and select breaks.

3. From section breaks, select the type of section break you want to apply.

How to apply page break in WPS word on Mac?

1. Place the cursor where you want to apply page break.

2. Click  insert tap in the ribbon and select the page breaks from page group.

3. The content after the break would move to the next page in your document.


Insert page breaks and section breaks in your WPS word document to allow you to personalize your document better and faster. These both are highly useful features in controlling page layout. So no need to be a worry during any documentation. By watching the article on how How to insert page breaks in WPS word document you can easily insert any type of page and section breaks in your document and soon you will be an expert, just you need to visit and subscribe to WPS academy. You should also download and use WPS office to edit Power point, PDF, Excel, and Word documents. This is highly useful for beginners.