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How to insert pictures in Document

Uploaded time: August 26, 2021 Difficulty Beginner

How to insert pictures in Document

How to insert pictures in Document

When we are using WPS Document, we often encounter situations where we need to insert pictures into the document. So, how can we insert pictures and set images in the Document?

Take this speech draft as an example.

1. Click the Insert button on the tab of the upper side of the screen.

2. Then select the drop-down button of Picture.

3. Click From File in the popup window.

4. Select the image you want to insert, and clickOpen.

We can now see that the picture is inserted into the document successfully.

After inserting the picture, we can see that there are eight small dots around the picture, then we can drag the dots at the four corners to zoom in or zoom out the picture proportionally. We can also drag the four small dots up and down, or left and right to set the length and width of the pictures according to actual needs.

For instance, select the text wrapping layout so that we can wrap the text around the picture. To know more about text wrapping, we can enter WPS Academy to search and learn.

If the picture is too small to see clearly, we can click the Picture Preview button. There we can view the original ratio of the picture, or click Window Size to view the selected picture.

The Crop picture function can crop the selected area of the picture. There are two ways to crop a picture: crop by shape and crop by scale. For example, if we want to crop this picture into an oval shape, click Crop by Shape and select Oval. In this way, the picture will be cropped into an oval shape.

What a practical feature! Perfect your work with WPS Writer like Microsoft word.

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