How to make a resume in WPS Office Word

March 11, 2022

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· Steps to make a resume in WPS Office Word

Without a professional resume, you may be eclipsed by your competitors for the same job opportunity. For those novice job candidates, however, it seems difficult to take the first step. Don’t fret! Read this free tutorial on how to make a resume in WPS Office Word, and you are sure to master the exact skills!

· Steps to make a resume in WPS Office Word

Step 1: Think about how to make a resume of your own style.

1. First of all, you need to know about yourself. Make a list of your basic information, work experiences, and outstanding advantages.

2. Then surf the internet to learn more design skills to form your own design ideas.

Step 2: Make your resume organized.

1. Set the margin of the page. To input more information, we can set Narrow. Head to the Page Layout tab > Margins > Narrow.

2. Head to the Insert tab > Shapes > Lines.

3. Insert lines to organize each part of your resume.

4. Format the lines to make them more aesthetic.

Step 3: Input your basic information in the resume.

1. Input your information in the appropriate position of the resume.

2. Format the text as needed. For example, you can make the important text bold, and change the font color.

Step 4: Insert your photo to your resume.

1. Head to the Insert tab > Picture.

2. Click Wrap Text > In Front of Text.

2. Adjust the size of your photo and place it to a proper position.

These are the simple steps to make a resume in WPS Office Word. The key to mastering a skill is to practice it by yourself. Act without delay!

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