How to Obtain Weekday Name from a Date in Excel (3 Easiest Ways)

July 22, 2022

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A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

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Excel is powerful spreadsheet software that is used for data analysis and management. Excel is a great tool, mainly because it has so many different functions that can be used to manipulate your data. But the best part is that you can use Excel spreadsheets to create automated processes. One of the most common tasks that people perform using Excel is the creation of a report that shows the day names for each week. This is commonly seen in some companies where employees take turns in reporting for example on Fridays.

For that, we need to extract weekday names from a data set because we want to present weekdays in the excel dashboard., This article will provide you with an efficient way to obtain weekday names from a data set in an excel sheet for making various calculations on them.

How to get a weekday name in excel from a date: Formatting method

Formatting method involves the use of different date formats and converting them back to the day of the week, there are many different formats available when it comes to writing what date it is , we can make our own custom one and convert it into the day

  1. Select the cell having date input

  2. Left-click and select the optionformat cell

  1. Now select the option custom

  2. And type dddd in the column

  1. Click okay, and this will get converted to the day

How to get a weekday name in excel from a date: Text Function

The Text Function is one of the most useful functions that can be used in Excel. The Text Function allows you to convert text into a number, currency, date or time. The Text Function also enables you to apply formatting and conditional formatting to the converted text.

The syntax of text function is

Text (Value,Format)

Value represents the cell number which we want to convert into day

Here’s how we do this

1.Name the text in which date is placed and type “dddd” as format in text function like the example given below.

2.This will automatically convert it to the day of that date as shown below

3.Now you know how to convert a date into day using text function

How to get a weekday name in excel from a date: WEEKDAY Function

The WEEKDAY function returns the name of the weekday that contains a given date.For example, to find out what day of the week a given date is on, use the following formula:

WEEKDAY (Value, number)

1.It functions same as the Text function but the change here is that we use number instead of using “dddd”

2.Select the cell you want your output as

3.Type the function.

4.And here the results we get is 1, as you see 1 stands for Sunday ,that means it was Sunday on that date.

Now you know how to obtain weekday name in excel using WEEKDAY function

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