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How to remove hashtags in WPS Office Excel

January 21, 2022

Welcome to WPS Official Academy to check the contents of How to remove hashtags in WPS Office Excel.

WPS Spreadsheet could be an alternative to Microsoft Office Excel. Includes hundreds of built-in formulas, pivot tables and more. Studying this tutorial can make your work easier with WPS Spreadsheet like Microsoft Excel. It supports xls, xlsx, and csv file formats.

What is Hashtags in WPS Spreadsheet?

Hashtags (#####)sometimes annoyingly occur in WPS Office Spreadsheet  when there isn't enough space for the content. To get rid of hashtags, we should judge on a case-by-case basis.

· Narrow column width to remove hashtags

This is the most common case. If the width is not wide enough to accommodate the content, ##### will be found in the table.

For example, if a long date format cannot fit in the cells, the ##### will appear to suggest you that the width of the cell need to increase. How can we fix it?

You can either widen the column or shrink the font.

1.  The easier way is to make the column wider by double-clicking the right edge of the column A.

By doing so, hashtags are removed because column A is automatically adjusted to fit the contents.

To make the font smaller is also easy to achieve. 

Select the column that has hashtags. Head to the Home tab, then hover over Font Size to preview the effect of different font sizes and choose the right one.

By doing so, you can find the hashtags disappear because smaller font size can be displayed in the column.

· Change negative number in dates to delete hashtags

When the value(often dates and time) you enter is negative, hashtags error will appear.

All you need to do is to make sure you put the correct date and time format in cells. And you subtract the older date from the newer one.

In today' tutorials, we have learned why hashtag errors (#####) happen and what we can do to avoid or fix them.

To explore more about removing hashtags:

Adjusting the column width is a commonly used method to remove hashtags. To learn more about adjusting the column width, you can click here.

In today's free WPS Office tutorial, we have learned how to delete hashtags in Excel. Above are the easy and professional steps to get rid of hashtags in WPS Spreadsheet, similar to Microsoft Office and are avaliable for Windows, PC, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS devices.

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