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How to show ruler in Word document

December 10, 2021

Organization and efficiency are essential in our daily lives as the world grows more complex and fast-paced. The sheer number of chores we have to perform, whether at work, school, or home, can easily overwhelm us. Thankfully, technology has advanced to meet these expectations, and one gadget in particular, the Word Show Ruler, has proven to be a lifeline for many.

How Do I Show a Ruler in an Android WPS Document?

  • Option 1

1. There is a small button on the right side of the document. Click the Show Ruler button, and then the ruler will be displayed.

  • Option 2

1. Click the View tab.

2. Check Ruler. After checking, the ruler will be displayed.

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What is the Word Show Ruler?

The word processing program Word Show Ruler offers users a wide range of options to make correct and well-structured texts quickly. It aims to improve productivity for individuals and teams by streamlining the workflow process.

The tool's primary function is to allow users to precisely format text using a horizontal ruler at the top of the document. Writers may quickly manage paragraph indentation, set tabs, and modify margins with Word Show Ruler. Program users can also alter their layouts, add labels, and arrange stuff however they see fit.

Another exceptional feature of Word Show Ruler is real-time collaboration, enabling numerous users to work on the same document simultaneously.

Overall, Word Show Ruler is a flexible tool that provides a strong set of functions to assist users in efficiently managing their projects.

Word Show Ruler's Attributes

The ruler in Microsoft Word has various attributes that are useful for document formatting.

Live Collaboration

Word Show Ruler's real-time collaboration is intriguing. Collaboration on a document does not require email updates or version control. Instead, changes are saved automatically and updated instantly. This functionality allows team members to communicate and participate remotely, making it a game-changer for remote teams.

Custom Templates

Word Show Ruler has another unique feature: custom templates. These pre-built document templates make new papers faster and easier. Custom templates are perfect for regular paper writers. To keep documents brand-consistent, users can modify headers, bullet points, and tables before utilizing the included elements again.

Classifying Options

Labels and sorting in Word Show Ruler help organize large work. Labels help users find similar papers. Sorting options make organizing documents by author, latest modified date, or name easy. This feature makes finding papers easier.

Accessibility Options

Word Show Ruler's template, sorting, and collaborative features enhance its accessibility. Visual or cognitive disabilities may benefit from high-contrast mode, larger font sizes, and text-to-speech. This function ensures that each team member can perform well and meet their needs. These features make Word Show Ruler the best choice for organizations looking to increase productivity and efficiency while organizing their workflow.


  • How Should I Use the Ruler in Word?

Microsoft Word's ruler is a helpful tool that you can use to align your text and images to produce documents that seem professional. You must enable the ruler in Word by clicking the 'View' tab and choosing 'Ruler'. By clicking and dragging the necessary markers, you can change your margins, indentations, and tab settings once the ruler is shown.

  • How Can Margin Be Changed?

In Word, select the 'Page Layout' tab and then 'Margins' to alter the margins. Then, you can choose from one of the default margin selections or click "Custom Margins" to enter a custom margin value. You can change the top, bottom, left, and right margins in the 'Custom Margins' dialogue box to the desired sizes.

  • How do I convert cm to inches in Word?

Go to the 'File' menu and select 'Options' to switch Word's measurement units from inches to centimeters. Scroll down to the 'Display' options in the 'Word Options' dialogue box after choosing 'Advanced'. Click 'OK' to preserve your changes after choosing 'Centimeters' from the dropdown option next to 'Show measurements in units of'. Now, instead of inches, your dimensions will be shown in centimeters.


The game-changing word processor Word Show Ruler has completely transformed how we approach and arrange our workloads. Thanks to its incredible array of capabilities, users can simply create and manage documents, communicate in real time, and use personalized templates and sorting choices.

No matter their level of technical expertise, everyone can get started easily thanks to the user-friendly interface and intuitive design. Word Show Ruler is adaptable and adjustable enough to meet your unique demands, whether you're a solo freelancer or a member of a huge team.

With Word Show Ruler, the ultimate organizational tool immediately enhances productivity and efficiency!

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