How to sort with a custom list

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A free Office suite fully compatible with Microsoft Office

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How to sort with a custom list

How to sort with a custom list

How can we sort the table with a custom list when designing a report? Today, we will learn how to create a custom list for sorting.

For example, we want to sort this table by position. Click Custom Sort in the Data tab to pop up a dialog.

By default, the system sorts letters and integers in ascending or descending order on their values.

Click the drop-down list at Order and select Custom Lists.

Custom lists on the left tell the built-in sorting rules. We can customize the sorting rules at List entries on the right.


In the List items box, we can input the contents in order of the position level. For example, managing director, vice president, etc.

Entering each position requires us to press the Enter key to wrap.

After finishing, click Add. Congratulations on adding the sorting rules to WPS Spreadsheet.

If you want to delete them, select the rules and click Delete.

Finally, click OK. In this way, the data in the table will be sorted according to the position.


Similarly, this custom list also holds true for the filling function. For example, click Managing Director in the cell. Then click and drag the small cross in the lower right corner to activate the custom list that we set.


This is all about creating a custom list. Did you get it?

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