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How to use the batch delete function

September 8, 2022

Have you ever encountered the following problem with the writer?  There are always inexplicable blank lines and blank pages cannot be deleted in the document; while typing words, it suddenly jumps to the next page; multiple text formats look visually cluttered, and you want to delete them in bulk.  

Now, you just need to clickBatch Detele(in the right navigation bar)to delete text content in bulk.  You can batch delete all kinds of blank content and separators, remove text formatting, and inserted objects to adjust the layout.

Operation method: Click theBatch Delete in the right navigation bar

Delete Blank Content

Faced with a very long article, if you want to delete the blank pages in it, still flipping through page by page to check?  It's too inefficient!  Take the following case as an example, just select the whole article and click Blank Page to eliminate blank pages with one click!

In this module, you can batch delete varieties of blank content including space, empty paragraph, space at paragraph beginning, and a blank page. 

Delete Separator

There is blank content between pages?Perhaps it's the Page Break! Click the Home tab>Show/Hide editing marks to see if there are some separators you carelessly added.  Of course, you can press the Delete or Backspace keys to eliminate them, but it may be too slow.

This module will help you deal with deleting separators.  Page breaks, column breaks, line breaks, and section breaks are all separators we meet in daily work.  Take the case below as an example. Just select the text area containing the separators you want to delete and click the corresponding Page Breaks button!

Delete text Formatting

Believe you are also disrupted by deleting different text formats in the document, which we once set but don't want to keep in the end.  Take the following document as an example. This is an article with many different formats. How do we delete the unwanted Bold formats as soon as possible?  Click the“Bold” in the“Batch Delete.” This smart tool lets you batch delete various text formats including Bold, Italic, Underline, Strikethrough, Script, Hyperlink, and Comment.

Delete Objects

When it comes to objects like images, charts, or attachments, batch deletion will be much easier!  Look at the following case with various attachments and images.  Select the Images and Attachments, click the Delete Selected Format and the pop-up dialog box will show you the item quantity. Before clicking the Confirm Deletion, check if the quantity is right!

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